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RIP Wikileaks.

I hope he has a deadman's switch to have the final laugh in the entire debacle.

Wikileaks will continue as before, I'm sure of that.
It wasn't publishing the deep shit anyway. Probably because Assange is afraid a/f.

On that note I recommend to watch The Fifth Estate (2013) and this ABC documentary:
Also Wikipedia, the infallible trove of knowledge:

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The good guys win again, another terrorist will be brought to Justice.

Holy fuck.


This was worth that 7 years.

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Is that a magazine? Whose face is that?

So does anyone use surfraw (made by him)?

The proud bribog cop smiles smugly knowing he is defending citizens from evil.

Pic. related.

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post yfw WikiLeaks goes full nuclear and dumps fucking everything on everyone

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Does it support proxies? And is it any good?

Why haven't the others filming it been posted around yet? I saw someone with a phone there.

Its probaly on facebook somewhere. Not that journo's are eager to compile footage other than a single photo with a good headline.

They tried that with the US Diplomatic Cables. Nothing happened.
You should understand what Power is. It's not a paper label tied onto someone. Assange did not understand that.

Odds of Assange being a street begger in 5 years time: high

well it opens your browser with the search result so gotta set the proxy on your browser's side


out of the loop, got a screencap?

I thought it connects to various search engines? What exactly does it do then?

so much for kill switch. it was just a larp.

Don't respond to the blackpillfag

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The last sane man is rounded up by the bongistani justice brigade.
Clown World 2019 Grand Opening.

don't make fun of other people's problems

So what are the conspiracy theories here?
Is president Dolan gonna set him free while at the same time signing some incredible surveillance executive order, like Obomber did?
Are masons launching another chao phase so they can bring some more ordo?
Is this to bring public attention to lesser known deep state crimes as in to speed up the sheeples' wakeup process?

What is the future of journalism in the 21th century now? Wikileaks was originally the idea of publishing leaks via a wiki, but eventually they decided they needed to centralize and have journalists and publishers associate with real identities. Although they did a lot of great work in the midst of constant attempts to apprehend their figurehead, we have seen how vulnerable they can still be to the forces of empire.


People can run their own server to spread news and leak through tor and bitmessage and whatnot.
Wikileaks is great because you can search everything in one place, but there's a shitton of public documents, books, photos, etc. available on the web that are even more damning to the deep state than whatever gets leaked, apparently.
WL is a good entryway into the rabbit hole though.

Also Wikileaks functionality doesn't seem to have been impaired by Assange's arrest or internet cutoff.
But fuck Ecuador's deep state. People there need to get their shit together, storm the presidential palace or whatever.
Same goes for UK residents.

the real shame of it is that you don't even know who to assassinate.
with democracy the tyrant's boot falls, but the leg is invisible.

I say we kill the muslims. They're the most culpable here.

They probably got a couple of Free* Complimentary Black Bag Operation coupons from an alphabet agency in exchange for Assange.

* Valid with the purchase of a food or drink item. This offer is only valid from April 10th through July 3rd. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

While the evidence is obvious, I disagree with your solution.

We tried that already with the crusades, and all it did was give a secret bankster cult known as the Templars all sorts of special powers which they abused to do opium trafficking and coordinated ineffective pseudo warfare with their "enemies", the terrorist organization known as Assassins.

Ofc the same could not happen again because that would be ridiculous.

Should've posted a pic. The book's really good though, like some lesser known ones of the same author too...

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Are these the leaks?


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Those are some leaks. WL frontpage doesn't say anything about a new release as far as I can see.
I wonder though why WP doesn't mention anything about how he got HIV from gay satanic child sex magick orgys

and please post the direct links to your jpgs if they are authentic.

ctrl+f steve-jobs in the archive

People claim there are new releases as was Assange promise for his looming arrest. I don't know for sure, there is a lot of stuff I never seen before like the Bilderberg transcripts, but I didn't follow wikileaks so I wouldn't know. That's why I'm asking.

Wikileaks already released some torrent long ago and they're supposed to put up the decryption keys.

inb4 the keys are hidden in the blockchain

So what?

like that matters anymore. hes just a pr dude just like the piratebay people that they arrested too but even that site is still running fine without them. idk if theres any worse way to waste tax money tho.. someone is probably already working on it

He'd have to have a very good one. Why do you think it took this long to get him arrested?
I bet the US made doubly sure they got every last guy tasked with releasing the codes before they bagged Assange. And no machine is going to cut it either, since he'd have to connect to it regularly to tell it he's still free and you bet they tapped the embassy aeons ago.

P2P stuff, most likely, same future as the pitiful rest of the free Internet still in existence.

so what? seriously. its just gossip about someone famous. who cares?


So why did Steve Jobs lie about it?
Apple users are fags anyway, they would like him even more when they'd know he suffered from the terminal dicks-up-his-ass disease.

who cares? what does it matter?

Because being gay is not okay.

its just gossip about someone famous. are we old women with those rolls in our hair babbling about some crap now?

You seem really invested into making this non-important.

how is it important? its just like when people are gossiping about royals or movie stars or something. im not interested and dont understand why anyone would be. isnt it kind of gay to be gossiping about famous people anyway?

Wikileaks publishes a deadman's switch file every month.


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At the time he was diagnosed it was still kind of uncool to be a homo.

Doesn't it shed a new interesting light on his legacy. Think different. Be innovative. Lie about having aids, instead pretend to die of cancer. It's not only a dent on his personal reputation, but on Apples reputation. Apparently being gay is not okay and having aids should be kept secret. This doesn't look great for a company which marketing focuses on the meta side of technology.
So yes, this "gossip" is big news. And you acknowledge that by making such a fuzz about it.

Finally the great nobel bong, seeker of truth and justice agenst evil, has released us from the clutches of mind terrorism.
Long gone are the days where we lived in fear of not living in fear!

The glows in the dark MKULTRA'd Manning into cutting off his cock, and Manning was a small fry. What nightmares could they have prepared for when the White Wolf arrives at their most advanced blacksite?

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ok so now we know why they put the rainbow colors in the apple logo and why they are so gay. its because ha was. so what?
i just dont want Zig Forums to turn into some gossip corner but whatever man.


He was blacksited years ago.

Is that going to be the new excuse that all the magapedes latch onto when Trump refuses to pardon him?

From a french perspective I say guillotine all the elected in power except mayors in small towns (500 people and less), all the people in political parties who aren't elected but very close to them, all the ceo's of companies who have more than 500 employees and of course all the private bank directors.

Extremely low, you can't do that in US federal prison

daniel_ocean_forgets_batteries_for_detonator. jpg

It's a conspiracy that's been around for years but probably. That or they'll double down on being retarded, forget how wikileaks helped reveal Hillary's shit, and go full boomer cuck and thank Trump for putting away such a dangerous anti-American hacker.

he was yelling something when they dragged him to the van. what did he say?

Subscribe to pewdiepie.

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Over in Zig Forums they believe him shouting "UK Must Resist" was the code, in a Dr. Strangelove kind of way and some user is currently working to convert the phrase into every possible thing. Donno if there's much proof to it but still worth looking into.

>>>Zig Forums13116762

Another working theory is it has something to do with the ISBN or title of the book he was carrying as he was led out. Thread is getting hit hard with spam now.

Good riddance. He was a right-wing populist and a UNIX weenie who used, promoted, and hacked weenie software. If C ever did anything good for this world, it was the unpatchable vulnerabilities inherent to all braindamaged C code that probably led to this traitor's arrest, trial, and hopefully his execution.
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They're learning

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I think he was telling us to resist. Well I will, when they drag me out of my embassy one day.
Churchdog42 has an interesting angle on this:

And as I said before, srsly watch the film about him, Fifth Estate. Not only because Assange but also because it pisses the deep state off not no end when people watch that kind of stuff.

Actually he was arrested after sleeping with two CIA shills who got their stinking shithole buttlicker country to issue an illegal europol warrant.

What I still don't know though is how the fuck he could get to the embassy while under house arrest.
Sure, the trackers only send a signal every now and then and ofc you can just put your leg in mylar but shouldn't the entire western alphabet soup combined be able to keep an eye on the world's most wanted publisher?

Wait what am I talking about, he wasn't arrested at all, he turned himself in to britfags.
But then WL got intel of the sealed indictment US had prepared and he fled, or something like that.
Sweden cancelled the rape allegations but Assange is a criminal now for violating bail.

Well, that's what happens to namefags.

Issac Asimov died from the results of AIDS fucking him up too. Magic Johnson, too.

You need to do that every 20 years for it to work though. Too many poor people just want to kill the Rich so that they can wear their skins.

Hey, when was the 'insurance file' created? When did Assange get asylum?

Zig Forumstards can't understand why that's relevant. Because they're literal retards.

Hint: you can't travel back in time and change a encryption key.

why don't you look it up or read the thread - see - instead of fearmongering or whatever it is you did on Zig Forums to get thrown out.

"A senior Ecuadorian official says a Swedish software developer living in Quito and who is allegedly close to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested as authorities attempt to dismantle a blackmail ring that in recent days had threatened to retaliate against President Lenin Moreno.

The official said Ola Bini was arrested Thursday at Quito’s airport as he was preparing to board a flight for Japan."


Assange has been dead/MIA for a while now. Someone post the video of his interview that was actually CGI.

top kek. I suppose Assange getting arrested now is more CGI?

No I didn't say that. I mentioned a video about him being interviewed that is cgi. All that means is we don't know what has been going on with assange in that embassy, if he even was in that embassy the whole time. For all we know assange had a actor replace him like the CIA did with that daily stormer host who's a fag.

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So Assange wasn't really arrested, only his CIA actor has been arrested and being deported to the US. Because we all know that the real Assange is MIA.


thanks user.

Yeah great idea mate, that's how you guarantee a white birthrate of absolutely zero.
Get rid of all the non-whites if you really want to, but reverts are the only real hope for the continuation of the white race.

Ok so in summary:
Thanks, CIA.

Talking about CIA, the ED article about them is srsly gud.

Basicly the bong goverment arrested him as he is a enamy to their police state agenda. (((Threasa May))) and her cronies celebrated it on twitter.

but why did it take so long? if they could just go and do it now then why couldnt they do the same years ago

He was in an embassy of a foreign state seeking asylum. After a long procedure the asylum was denied and he finally was asked to leave. He was then arrested the moment he stepped foot outside.

The 88gb insurance file was released in June 2016
The Vidal book came out in early 2014 from what I see.
He has been in the embassy since 2012.
So the insurance file I am referring to came after the book and while he was still in the embassy.

Ecuador got a sweet deal from the IMF to the tune of $4 Billion. Moreno wanted that payout.

Was it even a sweet deal or is that just what spindoctors claim so they can act like Ecuador is not a puppet state?
How much interest is there to pay?

Trump doesn't even know anything about it

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He must be eliminated before he reveals the plan for white genocide

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There's no deep state there. It's obvious the government is bending over for the US like every latin american government that doesn't want 3 coups per month, a invasion and a civil war has done for the past century and a half

the only country in the americas that isn't a puppet state is Cuba

This really isn't a topic you want to bring up with Assange.
See .


Imagine being literally gaslit by your president.
Seriously the US looks like a 3rd world dictatorship, except you still have to pay for medicare.

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