Brit/pol/ #2646: Death to Auntie Edition

BBC Licence fee set to rise by £4 in April

'Netflix effect' sees nearly a MILLION Britons cancel their TV licence in last year as viewers ditch BBC in favour of streaming services

Tories Warn Students Away from Turning Point over ‘Links to Nigel Farage’, ‘Far-Right’

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modern art never goes beyond the idea phase. technical skill or mastery of a discipline is never present.

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2nd for Ella

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grrr muh crystals

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It's just fart-huffing "meaning"

xth for Shoegaze

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western aesthetics died with the arts and crafts movement and argueably IMO they died in the US with the mid century modern movement a bit later. but western european asethetics died certainly around the great depression

Any of you lads wanna watch some kino?

Might as well post the Joe again tbh

would literally have perferred a hillary presidency if it mean we got a second season of world peace

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I'm not going to dump images of him, lad.



What do you think of bauhaus lad? Right wing intellectuals sometimes seem to see some value in 20th century architectural movements and brutalism and stuff, and I get where they're coming from, but at this point I'm just tired of it all. It just feels like subversive pretentious soul crushing shite on the whole.



this. miss him so much. can't believe he's a "streamer" these days

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not a fan of bauhaus tbf, its too european. IMO its scoobydoos ripping off the aryan arts and crafts movement and the yank praire movement

Chin up pal looks we get some fresh sam this year at least it looks like.

everything after Wagner was pointless

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Shoegaze is an actual genre tbh

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charls seems to be a bit mentally fucked tbh what's up with him

Not even a top earner.

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Why is youtube so slow and shit all of a sudden

Yeah I know have some Japanese stuff.

why didnt i just learn flash and hot draw boobs as a kid fuck sake

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sams random prank stuff is hit or miss for me. world peace, kstv and the ones where be bullies his mum are the best tbh. him just ranting in front of a camera, especially when he went full just mode, are borderline unwatchable. early hyde wars is ok but it got worse as it went on.

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charls is of the columbine generation of yanks who are all mentalist over thinker types. I am very much like charls. I don't like his comedy because I am have the same tendencies but they don't earn me frens like him

Had a look a twine coding tbh, it doesn't look that hard.


thought it was going to be tank br*ps but it was autistic Zig Forums shite

help me out here, lads

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pretty sure sam does a run down on charls in one of the early hydewars. he never said it was charls but from the way he was talking about him seem likely that it was. he more or less said that charls was something of a pretty boy with a lot of raw talent but that this fucked him over in the long run because he never had to work for anything.

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Micks btfo tbh lads

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Most of the stuff is terrible looking 3D shit tbh.


You get the exact same type of friends that Charls gets lad, anonymous mentally ill ones on obscure north korean knit wear forums.

freckly mummy upper boob

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Feeling a bit melancholic tbh lads

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Did we win?

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you probably have depression

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Kek I know the bit you're talking about, but I've never thought he was talking about charles. Fairly sure they were still friends/colleagues then anyway.

I'm also quite a lot like charles tbh.

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Have you considered techno hyper capitalism?

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spring soon, hopefully a no deal brexit with much wailing and gnashing of teeth… plenty to look forward to

Sadly the Ghanaian Republic of England won.

Who is this fellow and what is his memi?

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Next time it's exile to the moon.

Give me the quick rundown, lad


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people should have the freedom to build or destroy their lives as they see fit, so long as it doesn't harm other people in doing so.
at the moment we only have the freedom to destroy our own lives; pornography, drugs, open relationships, etc. but little in the way of freedom to build our lives; can't realistically own guns, small business shat on, the drag net of state surveillance getting ever bigger.

Stop being a sour welsh ewe botherer.


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Well that's the air support gone.

Because the jocks are on top (until literally the next match)?

If you give them freedom they will create socialism and degeneracy. You need the force of the state to fix issues that our society has in media, economics, education and parenting people otherwise people won't do anything about it.

Lads thoughts on this advice? I know it's him but give it a chance. Seems solid tbh

Only lads who've been in a long-term relationship need reply

That's the same as telling me to stop being welsh tbh, lad. Not gonna happen.

Nick Land. Did a lot of drugs in university and wrote some weird shit about capitalism being time-cthulu and reaching back in time to ensure its own existence. Later went into exile and become a figure in neo-reactionary thought.

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Hammer nationalism.

somewhat interesting tbh

There is no emotion in his eyes, maybe thats just the drugs but I doubt it.

listen to twopac lad

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*get's shot by Mr T*

Yeah, socialism is not something that can be voted out, sadly.

iktf lass

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I'm a modern artist tbh

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internet memmies don't count as art, lad. sorry.

I'm flattered you called it a memi tbh

Yeah I would have gone with doodle.

Same tbh

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I've always liked this tbh

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Lads is the Peep Show good?

first 2~3 season are. the rest is trash. also the actor that plays jez is a massive turbo cuck irl.

It's decent until the point where Robert Webb starts to look 50 and him being a hipster 30 something in a flatshare stops being remotely believable

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how should I respond to this cheeky message on my eBay ?
(item is listed as pick up only)

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Lad I hope you have that Steiner collection insured


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backed up on mega

Imagine myths of Joe in the future. Imagine myths where the monsters or evil-doers are referred to as "scoobydoos"

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Can't say I didn't warn them

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how bad?

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how good?

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Known the cunt since school, I wish it didn't have to be this way, believe me.