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Why don't you use it, 8tards?

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Please explain.

From their official site:

I don't want to be friendly to the ecology, faggot OP, nor have any of those other things.
Jokes on you for needing it.

Is Ecosia the one with the yahoo search engines?
Can I switch it to DuckDuckGo so I get less censorship and piss off the Zig Forumstards who fell for deep state propaganda telling us not to trust the jew?

I like trees. Let's hope Ecosia is not part of some Agenda 21 Codex Alimentarius Georgia Guidestone NWO eugenics plan.

Btw you know who else planted a shitton of trees? Anthony Watts, kek.

I wonder (((WHO)))

Please explain.

Is this bait?

who cares if they plant trees if they are still being cut down

Because planting and cutting down trees is a way to produce useful resource?

(but yes, you cannot significantly reduce CO2 by planting trees in current geological epoch)

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Why would you want to reduce CO2?

but often they are cutting them down for no reason

Well the wood industry probably doesn't need adcash subsidies. I think they can afford to plant their own trees.
Is that a thing?
Anyway, I'm glad they're using a deep state search engine so I don't even have to think about this.

Also this.

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Is this chinkspeak on the signs?
Anyways I would have cut down the signs tbh.

The absolute state of bloat in 2019.

Kek, I should make a search engine too. femtopia. com: For every search query, we totally teach one girl how to code! In the about page I can pull some thots from instagram and slap their photos on bios from white male programmers on linkedin :^)



unbased and unsaged

Nice satire. However, someone will do this and will get money for it.

Just ask DDG CEO. He spoke about it to a California hearing.
Summary: they make money from ad revenue. They don't track users to deliver personalized ads, they just show contextual ads (eg. if you search for cars, you get car ads). He explains how this is still a very profitable strategy with an extra moral bonus attracting customers.

That's a great idea, but you need to go a step further. To both help people and better monetize you could message the linkedin users about how they could look like the thot in their femtopia profile, then link them to a nearby doctor who specializes in cock removal. These surgeries are of course expensive, so femtopia also collects donations in the name of the (soon to be) female devs to help pay for their surgery. Once the dev has her cock removed and shipped to femtopia H(er)Q the full amount donated is transferred to her account, minus a modest fee which femtopia uses to help more womyn.

Into the trash it goes


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it's already late to prevent ecological collapse, just enjoy life while you still can

The amount of global heating denialists here is astounding. I suggest you faggots go back to Zig Forums.

But I use multiple levels of ad blocking.

This is a board that values logic and reasoning.
unbased btw

But I do use it. Its image search gives the best results when you look for porn.

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Wait. What the fuck kind of logic is that? Who cares about raising animals or fruits if they're being eaten/harvested? Low IQ post.

So what would you prefer? American and Asian are infinitely worse, and so are African countries. What's left?

european countries not part of 14 eyes (switzerland, bulgaria, ukraine)

LOL. .Implying they aren't all U.S./U.K. client states with MLATs. Do you even into int'l relations? Switzerland, indeed. LOL.

That seems like a good idea. European data protection laws plus there's a chance NSA might have to put slightly more effort into getting the data.

Based, bumped and bookmarked. Fuck startpage and their shitty new layout that makes image search living hell.

do people really use search engines for that?

There's more than just 14 eyes.

All poor EU countries are literally owned by Germany and the corrupted EU officials (I'm living in one). Not to mention they don't have their own ISPs and the ones they "own" are just sub-ISPs of TMobile or another big ISP, so they're not independent. Also a lot of their servers are just owned/leased by Germany. Don't think for a second that some countries are safe just because they aren't 14 eyes.
As for Switzerland, they've helped USA before.

No (((country))) or (((government))) can be trusted.
Thus, the only logical solution is to make your service so that the government cannot do anything to you, since laws do not apply when no one can enforce them.
In other words, make it a hidden service. Like nanochan, for example.
However, the javashit-using eco-soyboys at Niggernesia want to make (((profits))) and "plant" trees (photos? where are these 6 gorillion trees you planted?) rather than serving the primary purpose of respecting privacy and anonymity.

so make nothing then. you have to connect to the internet to get to tor and you risk getting tracked and possibly deanonymized then.

I use a searx instance thats hosted in the Republic Of Ireland.
Outside of 14 eyes
Outside of NATO
Neutral country

where do those get the database? all that is irrelevant if it still connects to some external service to find whatever you searched for.

That's not how Tor works. But whatever, we don't need brain-dead fat amerilard white people like you on our network.

>Found in:
Nice try goy.

>Found in:
What is this? Ecosia doesn't use cloudflare (anymore?).


if the fires were started by a huge group of arsonists then that's a good argument

please share your int'l relations experience with us and tell us what country is the best for hosting

my country has shitload of wifi mini ISPs, I don't think all of them are under control of the big ones

doesn't Ireland suck big companies dick the most? It's tax haven and most US companies reside there. Also I was there for some time and when I tried to visit piratebay just for fun, site recommended me to use vpn, never happened in my country. Also cameras fucking everywhere.

Wew, I haven't seen this shit in a while. Thanks for bringing it up after red pilling normies around me about that I'll be able to do the same on this board.
This is impossible without an ID system.
So they do collect personal/private information.
Aka metadata, if there's anything to learn about the Snowden leaks is that metadata isn't anonymous.

All of these are a way to catalogue people.

After 7 days, remember to TRUST US.
Goody, exceptions.


By using computers ?
Because the EU is good ? It's becoming like the USSR.

Use searx.

We can also add that it's a centralized proprietary SaaS.

It's pretty obvious you can just fiddle the numbers to appear eco-friendly. Trees planted is not the same thing as a 10+ year old mature tree, not even close. The only real eco-friendly option is to not use a search engine, which is effectively a server farm that consumes Kilowatts of energy every hour. Write all your favorite sites down on paper or keep a bookmarks folder and bring back portal websites. Only use search engines to actually search for new stuff.

based and /thread

Switzerland is echelon partner
Check Crypto AG

Becomming? that is cute

Searx exist, why use any other meme search engine.

you seem to be a bit lost
scurry along little fella

Not everyone who still believes in manmade global warming is a redditfag and not everyone who bothered to look at the "evidence" and found it unconvincing is Zig Forums

Fun fact: Greta the climate loli has some ancestor who thought he figured out how greenhouses work and that's why climatologists call the cause for global warming the greenhouse effect, but greenhouses don't warm due to the greenhouse effect but actually due to the glasshouse effect because Greta-ancestor was fucking wrong.
His theory was not a bad one though, i don't want to diss him, in theory he is absolutely correct, just not on a relevant scale.

Don't you mean planar warming? The world we live in is flat after all. Also if one side gets too hot we can always move to the other side.

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Don't you know it is called climate change?
Because cold weather is also caused by Global warming but that confuses people so the IPCC decided to change our language, and so they did.

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UKIP, give me a wave!
UKIP, UKIP, give me a wave!

DDOS this faggot

fuck dolphins.
they can all fucking drown.

won't it tip over?

how is that a good thing?

So we're watching a mystical space monkey that can only say "yes" or "no", and sometime doesn't say anything at all. When something bad happens, we turn to the monkey for explanation: it happened because the monkey said "yes", or because it said "no", or because it didn't say anything for too long.

I both love and fear the mystical monkey.

Literally what?
Are you invested into forestry or what the fuck does this even mean?
That's obviously bullshit, but just to be sure, how does that help ecology exactly and what are exact power sources you using? Maybe your servers were produced with 100% renewable energy as well?

Fuck you and your pretend-to-care-to-milk-more-of-those-shekels-out-of-plebs attitude. You are going nowhere.


Image search is still top notch tho.




LOL, I wish I thought of doing that!


Shit thread