Reminder that if you claim to be anticapitalist and work in a capitalist system you're a LARPer...

Reminder that if you claim to be anticapitalist and work in a capitalist system you're a LARPer. Being a NEET is essential leftist praxis, by letting yourself be exploited you are contributing to the system of mass human exploitation. Even volunteering is unacceptable, as you are doing work that contributes to the system. How you survive in a capitalist system is entirely up to you, but if you aren't willing to even be homeless in the name of freedom from wage-slavery you're still a wagecuck.

Exception: you can position yourself to do more harm to the capitalist system than you contribute, while still getting paid for it.

All accusations and questions about myself will be ignored as trolling.

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I wish I could afford to be a NEET

Death is preferable to slavery.

I need to earn money so that I can do the things I enjoy. It sucks and I wish I didn't, but that's the way it is right now. Besides, you think guns, ammo, clothes, gear, food, medicine, water is free? Mounting a resistance and an insurrection costs money. Funding was a big problem for Bolsheviks. How will you organise if you don't have a telephone, or access to other forms of communication? Everything costs money. Unless of course you advocate stealing, but that is risky and you're no good to anyone behind bars.

Post-leftists confirmed for not wanting to change things, but happy to eat out of garbage cans of capitalism, surviving like rats.

Yes, actually. Do YOU think that if you walk out into the deep wilderness and start handing paper currency to bears, trees, rocks, etc, that magic things will happen?

Why even post just to intentionally miss the point?

I'm pretty sure most leftist do not own a means of production. I certainly don't, but I still need to be a wagecuck in order to survive.

Guess what? That's what you're doing, it's just that the effects are delayed. Capitalism is a doomsday device that will inevitably collapse with the death of billions. Either you contribute to the building of this, or you don't. Homelessness is far preferable to contributing - as is death. Doing what you must to survive is acceptable as long as you don't contribute.

And I suppose you're homeless then?

Capitalism doesn't need to be built, it is the dominant form of production and the free market is the dominant form of distribution.

And what constitutes 'contributing'? Working for a bank is obvious, but what about serving drinks in a bar? Or cooking food in a restaurant? What about massages, do they contribute to capitalism?

Friendly reminder that Bob Black was an FBI informant. I guess that's one way of not contributing, huh.

Not being born is the best possible fate


Selling your labor for money primarily or performing labor that sustains the system secondarily (such a volunteer work.)

wigga you have to get money to get the tools to become autonomous in nature is not like these people have a choice. Thats why the capitalist system sucks, because it's forced upon you, your family, etc regardless if it's advantageous or oppressing to your will.

Only the rich enjoy freedom in Capitalism, the poor can't afford such freedom.

Dumbass.I'm saving for autonomy, thats what I'll keep doing better than not working at all.

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anarcho-primitivists are retards. enjoy your 30 yo life span in the wild nerd.

If I face the wild I'll come prepared & I'll build a proper long lasting shelter, a fucking bunker if possible.

You should change your flag.
Again, m'spooks.
You… could get money to buy the tools. In fact, let's break this down; you could get money to buy the tools under capitalism, you could get money to buy the tools under agorism, you could get money to buy the tools under market socialism, you could get money to buy the tools by begging in a gift economy.
You could also manufacture the tools, without buying anything. You could beg for the tools directly in a gift economy, without the intermediary of money. You could borrow the tools temporarily. And so on.
"omg u have to support capitalism" is a minority of these cases, and there are probably others unlisted. It is, however, your treasured spook.

I'm not advocating for anarcho-primitivism, though it certainly is a valid option. I'm arguing for unconditional anarchy, which isn't merely an "ideology" but a way of living which requires removing one's self from wagecuckery. There is no anarchist who has a job or owns a business - only LARPing anarchists that pay lip service to anarchy while submitting to capital.

ok Bob Black. don't wanna be homeless there, chap.

A lifestylist is more of a LARPer since you are doing nothing to advance the cause you claim to represent.

It does little good for individuals to disappear into the cracks of the cell of this great big prison. It may make you feel good, which is fine, but the dream of changing the world, human society, for the better, is lost for such shortsightedness.

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There is no ethical Consumption or production (or lack there of) Under capitalism.

Read Marx

The modern anthropological consensus disproves everything you say. Plus, even if what you say was true (it really isn’t), I’d rather live a short, authentic life, being a real, empathetic, loving and loved human for that 30 years than spend 30 years being alienated by postmodernism, time, capitalism and technology, then spend the rest of my life (70 years) hooked up to IV bags, demented by Alzheimer’s, and suffering every single second of life.

Bob Black- Abolition of Work