Brit/pol/ #2648: Yeti Confirmed Edition

Rare snow rollers spotted in field near Marlborough
A rare natural phenomenon which makes it look like wheels of snow have been rolled on their own has been captured in photos.

Tory HQ Draw Up Plans to Delay Brexit and Fight June 6th Election
Conservative Party officials are reportedly drawing up plans to delay Brexit, secure support for an EU deal in April, and hold a snap election on June 6th.

21 Savage: Atlanta rapper really from UK, say US immigration
Atlanta rapper 21 Savage has been arrested by immigration officials who say he is actually from the UK, reports say.

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Very goodlad.

walk around in northern england and you see this phenotype constantly, so common. the lad with hair looks exactly like someone i used to serve. reckon that's what the stocky peasant longbowmen with henry v would've looked like, imagine them rumbling towards you with their dirks out ready to stab you through your eye slits


yeah people have been saying that for years yet fucking nothing has come of it except we have our little echo chamber to post nazi retrowave garbage

the knock down at the end was tragic, I liked biglad

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because americans are retarded at it.

what are Anglos doing?


toil loometh. I have one of those hangovers that i know isn't going to let me sleep a wink. I can only pray for 2 feet of snow overnight. toilberg knows i have a 4x4 though, fuck. smdh.

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This JF picture is my new favourite reaction image

ooOOOwweee yea n'a'that got 'em nean

It's hilarious that he muted himself to laugh

Reminder after months of teasing a debate Stefan did a non-argument to get out of it. He also jumped on another account to attack him further. Just say you don't want to do it, lad.

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So fucking funny

keeek it sounds just like donkey from shek


Do you speak like Eddie Murphy, lad?

no lad I have a midwestern accent. niggers speak with a southern dialect

niggers are actually ruining northern american regional accents

do a vocaroo lad

Do it, lad

fuck's sake. I know Stef has had such behaviour before where he doesn't stick to his own principles, but this makes him look so bad in my eyes.

Shrek 2 was a comfy movie

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Steiner, how did it feel when your cousin sucked your willy? Did you coom? Do you still speak to her?

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lad don't bully him we're trying to get him do a vocaroo so we can bully him

Don't like sequels in general. First one is good enough on its own

You're here now, lad

this happened?

If I was a mod I would've deleted one of my own posts to make room so I could post "New Thread" and then you'd have known.

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this fucking painting kek

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Thanks for the thought, lass

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Looks like a pear, and then you see his arm

his own reaction to that painting

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night lads

nigh lad


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he sounds more like a kid than I expected. I don't hear the psychopathicism, just a bit of cheek

Doesn't even really sound like a yank to me.

tbh, was it all a ruse


This tbh

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He sounds English wtf


fucking hell how do they get away relatively unharmed

We've been rused.

Steiner tbh

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smdh how do I sound english? is my patois p gud smdh

what should I say to sound more yankish?
that muskrat tough?

say the pledge of allegiance

in a minute I think mummy is listening to me talk to the gay fisting board

Read out this:

Reminder it's moonfat.

tell her your skyping your gf

I hate that feel.


Nah Moonman is seething right now because I accidentally dropped him in lava on minecraft.

That's why he's dropping the steiner ruse.

kek everything about this fucking pic

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What Jevvish thing is this?

An ad.

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Now you sound like a yank william.

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Yeah it was your computer sure lad.

I don't want to talk loud because mummy will think I am gay

We'll have to do a yank friends mock up.

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Steiner lad, did you coom in your cousin's mouth?

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*regrets and retracts bullying*

Sorry steiner friends mock up, I'm still shocked whoever that was pulled off a convincing accent.

smdh am I a william?

You have a university degree.

You kinda sound like a vally girl

In historical architecture.

*pushes steiner into a locker and locks him in*

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Let mee aaoooouttt

liek oh mio gaawd man

Leave him alone.

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