Brit/pol/ #2649: Neeson Edition

Liam Neeson: ‘I walked the streets with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by a “black bastard” so that I could kill him’

Liam Neeson reveals how he walked the streets with a weapon looking for a 'black bastard' to kill after a loved one 'was raped' as he is branded a 'racist' who 'should be banned from Oscars'

Parliament HACK attack: Dozens of MPs hit by ‘malicious hack’

Nigel Farage blasts top civil servant's no-deal Brexit bill demands

London bloodbath: Disturbing footage shows masked teenager robbing commuters at knifepoint

Venezuela’s President Maduro snubs EU - ‘I do not accept ultimatums’

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5th for Revor Plug,

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these fucking poofs

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xth for Machine Pistol 50

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is this the precursor to the P90

Nah it's just some weird gun some guy made for a vidya game tbh

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Very yum, very.

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Parts look rather similar to the P90, especially the mag location.

>"but don't pay attention to the shomrim, goy"

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How were we supposed to know there was a fresh one?

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Why is she such a bigot to the muslams?

by avin' a gander

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nobody knows

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Guinness apologizes after outcry over ‘racist’ advertisement

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Whenever people apologise I just feel like they were in on it to start with tbh

E-celeb time, lads. Think it'll be mostly boring though think they'll mostly just shill his book.

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oh god oh fuck no no no no

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They know their audience which is why they publish the ads, whatever damage control afterwards is nothing compared to the reach of the ad.

u wot

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this girls twitter

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15? I thought she looked like a prepubescent boy but I didn't realise she was that young.


really gets the noggin joggin

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i already hear the stampede of nonce hunters

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This board is off

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Mfw stepsis had a 23yo felon boyfriend and dealt speed at 15

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smh lad

You have to take into account the lack of slavic genes.


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lad it's 01.29, don't know what timezone you're in

love them so much lads

get out of here continental

Continental spotted

Love 'em just not when they say anything political or have a twitter account.

Burn the Pole.

gowno they got me

Was getting caught part of your plan?

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no but going to bed was
night lads

nigh lad check his history I don't trust this lad

Don't worry lads, apparently she's from some paid protester thing if you are to believe random FBPE accounts on twitter with no evidence.

When autistic young neocons try to sound edgy.

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They aren't neocons, they are antifa cunts that are salty that their parodies were co-opted and done better. All they've done is go "hurr tories bad"

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why would anyone pay somebody that is for leave?

projection, most of them are paid protesters at their rallies and they shudder at the idea of their being actual protesters at opposing rallies

Bongo Bongo Land looks even gayer on the inside.

10% of people find their girlfriends online

90%+ social interactions are now online so yeah

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I hope I can be one of those 10%

Get a gf SA


Nice. Just realised we had no midnight moo tonight

The demise of moo and the return of brap

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Not nice.

Very nice. Did you know there was once a big sea moo?

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make me

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I thought he was just being ironic, like those /newbrit/ lads.

*hits the wall*

Well that didn't take long.

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many such cases!

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I love ginnie lads
quick run

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It's the thought that counts lad.

How long has it been since we had a rare one?


Yeah she has that diseased look, like that tranny kid they are pushing and Owen Jones.

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I remember making that

Reminder we have audio proof steiner is real now and he's a william.

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Great image lad

we agreed not to talk about it lad. Speaking of where is he?

don't mind hair where a lassie would normally grow it but the movement makes it so much worse smh

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he's at the gym he'll be back and posting approximately 3:23

don't klnow how this was a surprise to anybody

I'm still surprised he's actually American.

Two weeks. I guess it is something

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Now she can tell all her anarchist friends she's been a political prisoner.

Deport her to Afghanistan next time.


you just couldn't let us have even a tiny victory

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smh. My life is a lie.

At least he'll be remembered as herculean in myths

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