What is the "What is Anarchism?" of Marxism-Leninism?

What is the "What is Anarchism?" of Marxism-Leninism?
I'm trying to radicalize my friend who's very new to political theory, so I want to give him a text that's very accessible with easy language and basic logical arguments.

He knows nothing about Marxism, even on the most basic level, so something that explains those fundamentals from ground level would be useful as well.

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skip Marx and go straight to Spengler, Blanqui and Sorel if you want to REALLY radicalize him

Why are you asking the Libcom board instead of the ML board?
Your pic related, Wage Labor and Capital, Value Price and Profit, Anarchy(Malatesta). For Marxism have him read Marx instead of Marxists, for Anarchism have him read primary sources first and Malatesta, Bakunin, and Kropotkin to start.

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The manifesto probably but that has little substance of its own.
Socialism utopian & scientific could be but also kind of advanced.
Shit this is hard.

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Probably "The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks)" by Stalin. Marxism-Leninism is not just Leninism, but was coined by Stalin as a synthesis between Marxism, Leninism and contribution Stalin made himself and the way the USSR constituted itself in his time.

If you want Leninism by itself, read "State and Revolution", although the differences between Leninism in itself and Marxism-Leninism as stratified by Stalin are pretty small, although there are many Leninists who are insisting on that, like Trotskysts, despite Trotsky departing from Lenin himself on several points.

If you want Marxism, get the Marx-Engels-Reader by Robert C. Tucker. Or, if you wanna dive into it, get "The German Ideology" for the philosophical part, and "Capital" for PolEcon. Don't fall for the meme about "Wage Labour and Capital" and "Value, Price and Profit", while they can be introductions, it is important to point out that Marx later corrected some mistakes he made in this in "Capital".

Oh, and there is also "The ABC of Communism" by Bukharin, which is also okay as a short introduction.

Just discard the "Leninism" part and make her read this.

or you could talk to them yourself like a fucking adult, making people do homework is not revolutionary

Perlman compared Lenin to Hitler.

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Tell him about illegalism.

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What radicalized you?

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Marxism seems jewy as hell

M-Lism and other forms of tanky are all cults. There's no need for you to bare your antisemitism here.

How is this an arguement?

democratic centralism is inherently cultish

A Christian would wonder the same thing.

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I am involved with a ML party and I've experienced way more free speech and open debate than I have seen amongst anarchists and Leftcoms where you already have to agree on some presupposed "truths".

Exception being Maoist parties in the West. Those usually degenerate into cults, with the chairman being in power for decades.

To give an example, we openly discuss the China question with nuance. Name one Leftcom or anarchist with a nuanced stance on China.


Yeah well, they are Chinese. I was talking about communists on the West, and usually their opinion about China is a cesspool of ignorance, sloganeering and dogmatism.

I don't think "What is Anarchism" is that fundamental of an introduction to anarchism to I guess you mean what's a nice intro to Marx?
The recent book "Communism for Kids" could be good, or the manga version of Capital. I don't know what book you would need to indoctrinate them with MLism, was going to say read "State and Revolution" but Lenin was not an ML and also his praxis changed a lot after that book. Parenti or something maybe?

By "with nuance" it seems that you mean "with some degree of affirmation of its socialist character", and that's obviously not going to happen. But if you mean actually nuanced then Loren Goldner is pretty informed Here's a nice video: youtube.com/watch?v=BFygYwauuYs
also the ICC have a lot of good articles about China: en.internationalism.org/tag/geographical/china

I don't see why supposed MLs have such favourable takes on China, it's not even a DotP in any sense anymore. Unless you count the fact that its ruled by a party-state and the party calls itself communist (representing the productive forces lmao, having multiple high capitalists in key positions lmao) and has red flags, but at that point you're just a tankie instead of ML.

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