Brit/pol/ #2650: I Can Forge Arguments With My Power Edition

Liam Neeson in racism storm after admitting he wanted to kill a black man

Climate change: UK CO2 emissions fall again

UK carmakers allotted £150m in state aid in attempt to save jobs

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good lad show me your muscles

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Thanks lad here you go

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behold the true conservatives at TPUK

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wtf I love her now

Listening to that Dangerfield guy talk about sex tourism in Thailand now.

alri boris


No he meant the outfit

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Is he a primary source?

>Scared about taxing (((the wealthy few)))
When you're so shit scared about your shekels going missing you accuse commies of being Nazis.

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how old is the poster though


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Quick someone tell the Ancient Egyptians off, they're worshipping a terror group.

Yeah he went there for 6 weeks, fuck knows if anything he's saying happened.

The meth explains about the way he looks.

*alot about

it's a good flex

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new I think
they just added ns national socialists at the end now someone should tell the scoobydoos

Their updated webshite

Yeah he seems plastered in every video tbh

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Looks like Torquemada missed more than a few

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cheeky cunt

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Even putting aside all the other stuff, How do people who would entrust their community to a 29 year old women even manage to cross a road.


thats on par with jim bridger knife fighting a grizzly bear

bet he has a deeper voice than you though

He looks like a faggot who tf wears a white sweater

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Oxford City Council adopts APPG definition of Islamophobia

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tbf I thought it was two lasses at first

what about a wool one that is knit?

Looked like a thespian to me.

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Bet that lad has a deeper voice than you as well.

That's a bit better I guess

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yeah probably tbf, I am baritone though lad I wish I could sing higher

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You can always choke out a fox.

Hands up who thinks Liam NEETson invented a load of bollox so he could indulge in some virtue signalling

feel like my soul has been crushed

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so pic related wasn't the lowest point in your life, then?

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*sneaks up on alleged 'Barry Tone' from America

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literally me rn


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The crucifix is a hate symbol
Ban it now tbh

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I'd still smash tbh


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*revs up wacom tablet and opens leather bound tome full of inflated simbas*
mans gotta earn a days pay…

Epitomizes the West
Give the thot wealth and power for the stimulus

actual £5 rent boys make more money than me
don't care

top fucking lel my sides, this is why women need a man

smdh they all make so much more money than men but they never save anything. how is this? my mummy is like the opposite she never buys anything

That's what happens when instead of investing or saving your income you shove it up your nose as fast as you get it


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unironically kys

if I had a million dollars I would not be living in mummies basement smh. i'd get a small cabin outside of towns and then invest the rest into silver and other mining stocks and things when the markt bottoms "soon" supposedly

Tbf I know a lot of lads who just buy as well. Did your mum grow up poor lad? no bully

The animal kind or the older lass kind?

Never understood how it's possible to be that stupid, if I were earning that amount it'd all be going into savings or investments, not pissed away.

alri salty

yeah its weird because most everyone else would spend it. my mummy never spent any of her inheritance but put it into savings

If I had a million pounds I'd build a scrooge mcduck coin swimming poool

that was the joke tbh but really either or

I would also pay to have westie killed

bit rude

Hope there aren't any sweetist busters itt

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Such a powerful aesthetic.

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yank society is so disgusting, the superbowl is essentially just a giant nonce festival

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For these rich bastards it's 100% cocaine that's burning up their earnings
No other drug that's as discreet, addictive and expensive

Dunno what I'd do with a mil tbh. Buy a caravan fit for the king of gypsies and invest in east Poland with the rest is probably my best idea.

I'd buy a nice cottage in the countryside with some woodland, do it up a bit, and then invest the rest wisely.

How would you do that, contaminate every bottle of anal lube in the west country with ARSEnic and wait until he stops posting?

A lot of middle class mums I see now 'work from home'.

one of our family "friends" has spent 200k on it, don't know how he does it

bardzo dobrze


How old and wealthy is he to be able to even afford to do that.