Midterm Results Thread

Combat liberalism.

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When will the US die, I'm getting bored waiting.

When they lose dollar hegemony

Voting for Democrats is the true accelerationism

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The status quo might stay exactly the same, but hey, vaginism FTW

Just before it's reborn as a mighty red phoenix.

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people have been promising me this for 30 fucking years
you need a new scare tactic

So I hear the party of capital won the House. And won the Senate. And every governorship. I look forward to another two years of fruitlessly trying to explain to progressive Dem types that Congressional Democrats watering down even their mild social democratic rhetoric in legislative practice isn't a bug, it's a feature. Not because Democrats are spineless, not because they have to look mature in governance, because it's by design. But they didn't learn that lesson after the 2006 midterms, why would they learn it now.

How does global warming sound?

They don't care as long as their team wins.

I want to die

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Why isn't she dead yet?

She sucks blood out of radlib collage students.

imagine caring this much about a symbolic role in a dying democracy

We all saw this coming.

There's nothing to be done. We live under a two party dictatorship; both controlled by the bourgeoisie.

I'm moving down to Mexico. I rather live on a "shithole" country than a pseudo-fascist one. At least mexicans voted a socdem.

possibly literally

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So I'm a LARPer because I'm fed up with this bullshit?

By the way. Mexicans blow at english, JFYI

Why would you move to Mexico when you already moved to Canada when le ebil fash raycis Drumbdfdfdfdfffphff became president?

Manchin wins again because a lolbert spoiled the vote for Republicans. This happened despite half the DNC trying to fucking kick him out of the party over his vote for Kavaunaugh.

Anyway, I hope he finally sees the light and earnestly promotes a proper W.V.A because given the breadth of WV's problems they need a program of that scale to un-fuck them.

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They took a politically safe position of him. Nobody tried to kick him out of anything.
He will do whatever is most profitable for his donors as usual.

Fienstien, Pelosi and Speier all live in the same area and jack each other off. They are literally a gang, although not the feminist jew one Zig Forums imagines them to be. They're all San Francisco homeowners, and as a result everything they do is designed to benefit homeowners in California, the peninsula, and San Francisco. It's why Muni get cockblocked from rebuilding G-Geary but Caltrans got billions to rebuild a car bridge out of Chinese steel. It's also why the new Transbay Transit Center is fucked but 280 is spotless. It's also why there are no homeless people in SF's residential areas, or underneath 280 but loads of them in downtown and under 80.

It is ALL about money. These people, they represent capital. I can't make my point any clearer. It is raw, unfiltered ladder kicking.

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By the way they are all trying to convince Caltrans and USDOT to do express lanes on 280 and ban trucks like 680 has. Because they suddenly realized non-rich people now use 280 to commute into SF since 101 is such an utter mess. Because obviously they can't have poor people on their side of town and can't be fucked to sit in traffic.

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The only thing he sees is $

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It was this mindset that almost had me voting straight-ticket republican just to see the chaos ensue faster. I wanna get it over with already.

With the dollar hegemony the entire world needs to burn first.

Cuba is better