Brit/pol/ #2651: Butthurt Eurocuck Edition

Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for Brexiteers without a plan
European Council President Donald Tusk has spoken of a "special place in hell" for "those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely".

Brexit risk for UK aid as Swiss cut off from EU funding
Some of the UK's major aid agencies may be facing a funding shortfall once Britain leaves the European Union.

European Leaders Stand by Refusal to Cooperate with PM May over Brexit
Hours before British Prime Minister Theresa May is due to travel to Brussels to meet with European Union leaders, the men she will be seeking to win concessions of went public with their determination to see no changes are made.

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how is that slag right wing?


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Unearthed Video: Corbyn Slams ‘European Empire’, Referendum Re-runs
Footage has emerged of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn slamming the “empire” of the European Union and its habit of re-running public referendums until it gets its way.

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didn't mean to threadcuck the muskrat la' sorry

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I've got myself one of these for the morning.

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I still think he voted remain.

currently playing CK2 as a crypto-scoobydoo in charge of a scoobydooish secret society and i'm slowly but surely elevating members into positions of power all across Europe

Dianne Abbot probably bullied him into it during an intense facesitting session.


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Got an ironman game going as that nestorian christian island socotra south of arabia and after a few generations building up a fleet I've carved out a small kingdom, comfy tbh. Trying to bleach my royal line because the arab portraits are ugly and all have scratchy beards smh.

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I don't know they had a really intense period of trying to get rid of Corbyn. It makes me think he's still a Eurosceptic and is reluctantly following the party line.

That must be the indian milf doctor that fondled user's balls that one time

The new Arab portraits are decent especially for the women

Do you lads think the material world is illusory.


wdym lad?

we all experience an illusion, it's called consciousness. the degree to which the phenomenal world corresponds to the noumenal world is unknowable.

Lel. That's enough to change anyone's mind and stomach.

They did but he has also picked his cabinet which are staunch remain voters who would also like a second referendum. For a euro sceptic this wouldn't makes sense and he wouldn't want to irritate his ethnic majority and Numbskull student voter base by admitting he voted to leave. What he thought in 2009 was different to what he thinks now and wants a vote on the customs union which is nigh on impossible.

Stabbings & Murders in London area in 2019 to date

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link please lad, i'm a londoner

Left my headhones at work

poor lad

It's a subscription service and I don't have one

3 day old rustlers for supper

Fair point. Though he must be aware what kind of damage he'd do if he took the party line if he got a majority at the GE.

What's the esoteric perspective on poo?

Burn the free range organic coal, pay the toll.

It's shit

His current stance is just as paradoxical as May's at this point and if he was in power the EU wouldn't accept his offer and an alternative to having a "peoples vote" would split his party and the country with up most venom and turmoil.
He's in a safe position right now. He can spout his rhetoric without consequence as long as he preaches to the gallery, it'll be May and friends who will get the blame. Labour wants a GE after march so they can try for victory and play the same old record of blaming the Tories for everything while being in power.

They can blame the tories all they like the people are tired of ineffectual party politics that's more busy with point scoring against one another and protecting private interests that getting on with the job that has been mandated to them with more democratic authority than any GE.

Fucking oxygen thieves tbh, I pity the police in a way, we all know they like the dark meat. but then again were they British to start with.

She's a libertarian so it's not surprising she was involved with human trafficking.

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Which is what lead people to vote Leave in the first place. The govt in the past 20+ years have failed to understand the concept of procrastination leads to consequence when the public are involved. Like you said, they are only in touch with the upper echelons of the global money men while trying to convince us we're better being in the EU as another family has to take the walk of desperation to a food bank.

Tbf 150 years ago they probably could have just hired a big local posse to outgun the sheriffs.

Good taste lad

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is this romanian neurotypical cutie after this lad's bennies or what?


Depends on where it is tbh.

You don't get women who look like that anymore.

Tasty bit of Italo Disco I discovered listening to a German boomer radio station doing a delivery somewhere in Poland in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Especially when she mutilates herself.

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Are all the purple icons meant to represent a murder or just those 7 captions?

still would

We Italian posting now?

I posted the Righeira album last thread you Norge nonce.


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She looks as rough a a badgers arse there. Some women are just mental and would rather grow old disgracefully and got under the knife to look even more shit.
Modern women are even worse.

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Donald Tusk: "Special place in hell" for Brexiteers without a plan^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1093112742293266435&ref_url=

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This. She looks lovely there.


literally in the OP lad, smh


oh someone got there before me

never mind then

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You are the worst poster on this site.


i still wont vote for the cunt


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The whole site?

whys charls so mad at sam

I was just looking for an excuse to shitpost tbh.



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goddess slaaay tbf

did you see your gf today lad? do a vocaroo
He had some good things to say about him here, watch the bit starting at 1:05:30 where they're chatting about the wheelchair pickup sketch

Evenin' lads

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she is not my gf * lad but yes I did see her but tried to ignore her so I could focus on my work because it was payback for her not being nice to me when I said hullo one time and she just stared at me and got red in the face. she kept walking by me talking loudly when most of the time she is very quiet. it was qt

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Talk about interdimensional vampires on vocaroo lad

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nice pic lad

is she a comely lass, lad?


idk about that stuff but I am starting to get the normie butterflies feeling smh. dionysus won in the end the evil bastard making me like women again smh, they will just hurt me I know it

Did you tell her your plans to enslave her in a brap farm?

what about them lad?

smh she would find out that I am an evil mischevious incel bigot lad



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smh you can't help it once you're there lad. Embrace it and prepare for the inevitable ego destruction or ignore it and regret it later. The choice (or lack thereof) is yours.

Can't think of a bigger mating signal than that tbh yanklad


Want a BR-2049 edit of this tbh

What the chocolate milk moustache lad talking about here?

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more like I will become beta

Wait until he takes her home to see his mother.

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I don't see you raising the wife's son.