Brit/pol/ #2653: He Tough Edition

Donald Trump to visit UK in December for Nato summit

May to woo Labour with law giving UK workers same rights as in EU

Brexit risk for UK aid as Swiss cut off from EU funding

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Fuck Donald's Tusk

Switzerland has open borders though



and theyre both surnames are parts of an elephant

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Daily reminder:

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misery leads to hardness, which itself leads back to warmth and ultimately back to optimism

reminder : there is a tranny cabal lurking ITT

politics is for gay nonces m8 dog posting and ngaf about stuff is the redpill

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genuinely think you should do more of these lad

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I wish I was a dog

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Finally we might see a reduction in diabetes then.

Shit memmies



It's the Follow Back Pro Europe (FBPE) brigade lad, they all follow each other.

just make a twatter and put #FBPE in your name

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swastikas are based and aesthetic
wish we could take them back from the scoobydoos and the dafties

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Not gonna lie, I kinda like that US Nazi flag tbh.

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never liked the stripes in the US flag tbh


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Muslims in China are forced to 'eat pork and drink alcohol' at Lunar New Year dinners and are threatened with imprisonment in re-education camps if they refuse to take part

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they fuck over Christians as well it's just no one cares

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you're not supposed to talk about these things in the media smh

lmao what


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They are disconnected from reality and from the 'net, it's fucking funny.

I'm considering making a post

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good lad



did you go on the subway?


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smh lad

what do you call it down there? the tube?

yeah lad, or the underground


its gonna be filled with pakis and sealed up come day of the rope tbh

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Attached: Londoners camp inside Aldwych London Underground station in an attempt to escape the constant German aerial bombardment during the Blitz. London, England, 1940.jpg (900x630, 142.24K)

SA if I make a post about poo will you ban me?

I'll just ban you now instead.


Alri lads

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alri la

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Ari lods

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Art Nouveau was the best 19th/20th century style tbh

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ar lid

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I'm not reading that smh

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I just thought I’d post a mishap for you lads to have a giggle at tbh

truly abhorrent posting today lads

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why does that dog torment me so

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It's Sepp copypasta

lad, ho is that indicative of anything to discredit his post?

Keke, he looks like a Jerry spy that is smug he's safe and comfy underground

why would you have a trip or a flag if what you have to say isn't more interesting and important than what anons say?

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Stop being a newfag la

The only good thing about pic related. What a waste of aesthetics this film was. At least anyone watching it SHOULD hate trannies, at least the tranny character. But knowing normies…

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I thought that was the point smh

A film made with the intention of being anti-trans? I doubt that, rather was probably made by amoral people and narcissistic people who won't view these as flaws in the characters, or they did just try to retell the real story as close to how it happened as possible.

Hitchens even looks like Droopy tbh

shit copypasta m7

im pretty sure we've been calling them coalburners since at least 2014 on here

yeah nah thats for easterners
across europe and ancient primitive civilizations its always been another variant of the solar cross
if a blokes putting a symbol of peace on his sword i wouldnt want him in my shieldwall

but lad to win oscars actors have to degrade themselves, either by physical transformation or playing a role that is judged in society.
Eddie Redmayne only got one for this because transgenders aren't accepted even by normies. By acknowledging with the award this the big boys who run the entertainment industry are admitting they are seen as abnormal tbh

Well yeah, they push destructive stuff they know is bad on us. And man I can never watch Redmayne in anything again smh


hanging in there lads?

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Might've memid this Imperium stuff a bit too far sorry lads.

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whyyy this is literal hell

Zig Forums getting btfo again?


kek this is hackers on steroids tier

um why don't you white boys just get girlfriends?
this but unironically

I live in a small town so most young women leave.

they have no idea what they are on about

it's been going for years now, either they've actually never heard of it before now or they are now digging it up in order to ride on the Neeson wave.

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smh architecture is so boring now

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pretty sure every female from my friend group at school has moved away most of them to london

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you might meet a cool girl at the vapeorium lad