Brit/pol/ #2652: Austrofascism Edition

Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for Brexiteers without a plan
European Council President Donald Tusk has spoken of a "special place in hell" for "those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely".

Brexit risk for UK aid as Swiss cut off from EU funding
Some of the UK's major aid agencies may be facing a funding shortfall once Britain leaves the European Union.

European Leaders Stand by Refusal to Cooperate with PM May over Brexit
Hours before British Prime Minister Theresa May is due to travel to Brussels to meet with European Union leaders, the men she will be seeking to win concessions of went public with their determination to see no changes are made.

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The Local Party

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National Sovereignty Party (NSP might be a bit to close to a certain other group from the 30's though)

United Kingdom National Party

Since the BNP screwed the pooch on British National Party ever working

Too close to UKIP tbh

The only reason a lot of working class people have housing into old age is because maggie sold the council homes. I think a shared build by scheme could work where in order to fun construction of new affordable homes the government could have people rent for a number of years and if you rented for that period you are given the option to buy at cost. The government could even issue the loans with nominal rates of interest to help fund continued construction. Or is this all a pipe dream?

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Maybe I am misunderstanding being a dirty furriner but council houses are houses owned by the government and given out to people who can't afford one, right? That slogan was obviously not for NEETs on welfare.

goddamn it, again

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urgent message for thotposters

Top kek


That's fairly close to Fascist and a bit closer to National-Syndicalist stuff iirc, lots of loans from the government to help people get a good footing in life, issue is it saddles people with massive debt (but then again so does a mortgage), but I'm not an economist so I dunnolol

Given to people who need housing but have none available goblin

It's also Distributist tbh

What does it mean to need housing?

United Kingdom Workers Party?

British Revolution Front?

Albion Salvation Party?

English Homefront Party?

Ængland for Anglos Innit

united kingdom imperialist party (UKIP)

or english national party

The National Liberalist Party

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I mean a direct approach like we used to have were the government actually had public works offices. I'd also like to revise the private tender system to stop companies gouging the tax payer and then leaving their subbies penniless. Maybe smaller firms would be the route to go.

brythonic liberation army tbh

SA's sex den busted wide open

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Make England Great Again Party


MEGA tbh


I'm sure the loans being issued would generate a fair amount of wealth anyway wouldn't they?

The Imperium Party

This is basically common place across alot of London.

Ok well conservatives and labour kept theirs short and simple

So should we. One word to describe an entire party.

I know. Hindus and muslims build a shed in the back garden and fill them full of eastern yuropoor slaves as well
They need killing in pub..minecraft tbh

Maybe just build prefabs for young families and let them sell it off/back to the government after a few years of living there, which might've been what you were talking about before actually.

I liked British Reactionaries tbh.

All the landlords are at it mate. But I agree it's generally furriners of all types that run the absolute shitholes and I've worked for everyone from Russians to Nigerians.

Sons of Alfred

Legal requirement that every family should get a free allotment on request tbh.

That's more of a youth movement.

I just don't like it. You didn't really give an answer last time when I asked as you just quoted that slogan. Why should people be given housing, especially one that is bigger than they need. If you are a single person you don't need much room. I just see it as something that would encourage people to just be perpetual NEEThogs and breed while doing it, thus getting more and more bennies for every child they conceive. I feel like people should either stay with their parents until they can afford renting somewhere or buying a flat or house of their own.

There's laws with horrendous financial penalties against this sort of thing in some countries tbh
I think houses should be confiscated for this kind of shit

British Front?

I'd support free houses being given to all married heterosexual white couples under 25, and free university for young married men

The thing is we're in need of more permanent housing. Yes I know if we repatriated everyone new labour let in it'd be a moot issue but I'm trying to be realistic.


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I just dun like it, lads

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Just gonna filter you.

I suspect they would self deport if a Nationalist pro-English party got into power lad.

its common in my sea side town, romanians and local working class youth mostly.

Tell that to the shitskins who get free housing often bigger housing than what any of us will ever get instead?

No one here myself included is ever affording a house obviously. Because none of us have half a fucking million.


No one gives a shit the by to letters are the only thing keeping the middle classes afloat and the housing market alive at it's current ludicrous level. Everyone goes on about how the rich buy up central London but say nothing of the mountain of buy to letters here that do the most damage.

wife material

It depends how we axe the bennies and address policing I suppose.

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I'm just trying to understand, lad

I obviously disagree with free housing even when brown people get it, lad. dno what could be done with the housing market but I think we'd rather want a better housing market where you can actually own your own house as opposed to being lent one by the government.

toll status: paid

No bennies for any migrants and to stay here have to be sterilised.

The whole of London is full of three bedroom into seventeen studio apartments owned by furriners tbh


Not just foreigners lad the plenty of scummy middle classes in there too.

Deal with the brown hordes first, we can can go back to bickering against each other once we do that.

Imagine halving the population. That’d solve the job and housing problems but I wish.

He was goodlad.

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fucking hell

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you have a point

Listening to Avril Lavigne songs on (((Spotify))) tbh. What's wrong with my life?!


leaked deep state map tbh

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50% off the cost of houses and 70% off the cost of flats with housing associations and council properties

I'd say you're probably deaf

Nothing, I think, says "I'm an asshole and you're a cuck" quite like wearing a massive trucker bluetooth headset in public.

I mean even if they're doing them up nicely (not always the case) who can afford 2500 per month for a house or 1800 for a flat? It all amounts to the same thing.


Avril Lavigne assures me that that qt wants me to actually open her. Why is she making that face where one nostril rises while the other one doesn't?

I've already designed (googled)the t-shirts

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Kill yourself

Except we don't build them anymore and instead require house building companies to allocate some of the stock they build social housing, so they don't build or councils drop the number to basically nothing. Housing association is also a memi that bleeds the tax payer while still managing rent hikes for the people actually commercially renting.

Works for me lad. I'll have enough to buy mine outright in about 5 years

Listening to Mozzer again

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Listening to Neutral Milk Hotel tbh


looking forward to his cover album, if only for his version of Only the Lonely.

Why was Michael Jackson shopping at Walmart?

He heard boys pants were half off!

MJ being a nonce was a scoobydooish psyop tbh

Lease or freehold?


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this rules actually

Its a maisonette with its own garden so I'll get that, sadly not the large communal garden in the front though.

top fucking kek he is so salty about STJ

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I know. Jokes are still funny though.

Where do you send a j wish kid with adhd? Concentration camp

link me lad I gotta get off this Lavigne kick

Way tooooo lazy for that, lad. You should know me by now.

Around blacks never relax.
If they’re brown let em drown.
If they’re yellow they’re not your fellow
If they’re white it’ll be all right

imagine thinking the tabletop gaming market wasn't saturated and putting out your own shit version

I was kidding lad, it’s how I banter

There's almost as many Grenfell fraudsters as there are hollyoaks survivors

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Downloading Europa Barbarorum II lads

We are all Grenfell.


ate wogs