Lol somebody post the original. This one is clearly edited

lol somebody post the original. This one is clearly edited

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It's two winds blowing in opposite directions, causing the ship to stay in one place.

I guess this is just spin on how ACKTCHUALLY the Republicans didn't lose the midterms. But yeah seems pretty pointless, where's the dick slobbering of Trump?

He's depicted as the captain.

I mean of course but there aren't even any angelic rays of light shining on him or whatever, of course this is the usual levels of Stalin-esque revisionism but I expect better from Garrison.

Its about how the democrats winning the house is making the boat stand still and preventing god emperor trump from accomplishing MAGA

GOP and DNC are in agreement on 85% of the issues.
Caricatures like these can be considered as a bi-partisan propaganda.

The republicans are racists and the democrats are classists

Both are both

eh tbh I can't call democrats racist, some might be tho. both are classicist thats for sure. put only republicans in the modern era appeal to dixies for a reason. If they wanted they could enable a true fascism in USA but that would cause another revolution / civil war & it would end up miserably for their interests & neo-dixies.

fucking this
so fucking hard this

This guy was a Democrat

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peak liberalism

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Muller didn't kill any women or children. Stop making shit up.

this tbh

How did DNC got the House with all that gerrymandering?
Where the GOP sleeping or what?

People Move

In Pennsylvania at least, where the Dems got 4 of the 28 seats they flipped, they were using a new much less heinously gerrymandered map for the first time. Really take a look at the old PA district map sometime there were some very interesting creations, the old 7th district in particular was fucking wild. The PA Supreme Court though decided earlier this year that those old districts violated the state constitution due to partisan gerrymandering and had them redrawn.

In a number of districts the Republican attempts at repealing the ACA came under intense scrutiny and as unpopular as Obamacare as a whole policy was people, surprise surprise, weren't big fans of having many of its provisions taken away even if they are just band-aids. Tom MacArthur of NJ who won re-election to his seat in 2016 by 20 points looks at this point to have narrowly lost his seat to a Dem largely because of this issue. MacArthur was a rabid opponent of Obamacare and actually introduced an amendment to the American Health Care Act of 2017 which would allow states to waive the protections Obamacare instituted for people with pre-existing conditions. He's faced near revolts among his constituents over being that much of a scumbag, getting shouted down at town hall meetings and such.

Still other districts were simply unlikely to be held by Republicans to begin with, a number of the seats flipped were in districts which typically vote moderately to heavily Democratic.

You seem to be operating under the naive assumption that the democratic voter base has anything in common with dem leadership.

Needs more labels.

Friendly remember that Pennsylvania is a shit tier state for election integrity.

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Did he do any similar cartoons about gridlock during Obama? I'd be curious to see the difference.