Zig Forums /b/ /sudo/ block tor


Another user in the now deleted thread theorized that the sheer speed at which the hapas spam is posted would only be possible with local access to the servers. The last thread once attacked by the hapas spammer (codemonkey) was getting atleast 1 post per second, maybe more.

Again, why not enforce a captcha solve before every post?


Also, considered Zig Forums's response to the last thread and the attack by the happas spammer

it's happening!
control the media ==> control the people.
remember to screencap/archive everything.

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So this is great news.

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you dont really need tor or vpns to post anonymously

it's considerably more difficult to implement alternative solutions, what anonymously buy a VPS and bounce a connection off of that? The only way to do that effectively is mine your own bitcoin, completely over tor, with the wallet never touching anything outside of tor, and same with the VPS.
VPS's aren't expensive; this is doable, but the vast majority of lemmings will not do this. They will simply stop using tor or vpn's, which is exactly what jim and his glownigger bosses want.

There is always a way to bypass anything, which can be done by the few, but they are playing a numbers game.

The only weird thing is how this hasn't been done before, constantly, nonstop for the entire duration that Tor has been enabled. Especially considering how much effort there has been put to either taking down Zig Forums or ruining the discussion, you'd think shitting it up with Tor would be the first thing they'd try.

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you used to be forced to solve a captcha before tor posting.
codemonkey disabled that requirement intentionally.



no you can just use many threads. tor has many tricks like compiling with tor2web and create-instance to make high bandwidth scraping/posting possible.

But it can be good in a way because the anons without vpns and/or tor always get v& before us. especially if they are in GB or some wrongthink policing country, coming here without a vpn is literally asking for a chat with feds.

this tbh fuck codemonkey what the fuck is the logic behind that, as a tor user even I think captchas on tor are a good idea.

the mod panel here is quite simple. you cant do such complex things in it.

you can only blame yourself
maybe if tor wasn't used for pedo spam it would still be ok

The people using it for real aren't usually the ones spamming. Why would they?

There should be a cooldown timer as well. A minute between posts, or even five whole minutes would still be okay.

Lol since when was 8ch a place that actually provided free speech

It's honestly for the best and something that should have been done since day one. TOR posters are cancer and need to be completely removed.

Someone hates privacy here.
I think it would be better to force capcha for every Tor post, instead of banning it. A spammer would have to make a neural network to spam.

Don't care. I have never seen a TOR poster that isn't cancer. Want privacy? Use a proxy/VPN.

What the hell are you posting on this site where you think the NSA is going to be contacting your VPN provider or administrator of your throw-away proxy?

Nuke TOR. The people who use it are cancer.

Liar, tor posters can be good.


Hapas are superior to whites spam made me loose any faith I had in them being not retarded like the offspring of other mixes.

Tenda Spencer aka EurasianTiger spams cuckchan a lot. Maybe he is spamming Zig Forums too.

bumped and muteblocked


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Posting from tor, I have a captcha.

retarded slave.

Said on twitter after the NZ shooting. Go scroll the feed.

lmfao, this is exactly what I wanted from you faggots. stupid cucked white people who are too fucking LAZY to properly counter the spam. I could think of multiple ways to counter my own spam scripts, yet you didn't do any of those things. Tor is now banned or severely restricted on all major Zig Forums boards.
Have a nice day wiggers.
Hail Eurasia


Wow epic troll bro. lmfao dude they enabled a captcha, totally owned! What a sad fucking life you have, and this is coming from a obese unemployed drug addict, so it means something.

I actually did similar thing, I 'doxxed' some guy for pissing me off, and as I was about to post his info to him to scare him, I stopped and thought about what I was doing and all I could do was feel disgust at what I had let myself become, I then decided not to do anything and deleted all info I had. I hope you too can have such a moment of self reflection at some point.

the absolute state of white "people", everybody. cucks, every last one of them.
takes zero effort to spam but pisses off a lot of easily triggered white people. what's not to like?

the mods are normies that probably know nothing about technology. you usually even have to dox yourself if you want to become a mod on these sites and no sane person would ever do that


eheheh no. i just wanna see you faggots get butthurt that's all. dumb wiggers keep replying, i'll keep spamming until all your features are disabled :3

Damn, thats hardcore

It's a good idea against bots, but you can actually deduce who posts from captchas, it requires time tho.

captchas are always easy for bots and hard for humans

You seem to think you are hardcore because it's you who were spamming, but it's like you are smearing feces at bathroom wall, anyone can do it but reason why only few people do it is because it's pathetic.
One day you will grow up enough to realize how cringe worthy your behavior is. I used to be like you as well, I did similar things as you, I understand your mindset. YOUR LIFE IS SAD, so you take it out on others as I used to do. But you don't want to admit it, even to yourself, neither did I. I hope you get better soon, first step is honesty.

why are we still giving this retard attention

Guess what faggot, I don't like white people, so I do things to piss them off, and then their reaction is funny. How hard is that for you to understand, wuck?

Having to explain your "motives" now? Funny, did I get under the skin just a bit, I know from experience where to poke after all. Go ahead DENY IT. Your reactions are funny too. Who is trolling who at this point? Go ahead waste more of your life reading my essays and replying, I know you want to.

Zig Forums isn't a permanent ban I don't think, but since the spam is recurring and possibly a bot, they've been renewing the ban a lot

perhaps they will have to create dedicated torposter boards on topics

t. torposter

p.s. interesting new verification thing

You made the right choice.

Just curious, was he someone from Zig Forums who we know?

how much do you wanna bet the hapa spammer is the same fag that was bragging about going into video game servers and acting like a nigger to piss people off and 'redpill' them lmao

Write a script to do it. There's a JSON API, scrape the IDs of offending posts then feed those into the mod panel.

the spammer is based in the americas so you're probably right