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Duke of Edinburgh voluntarily surrenders driving licence as police pass on crash file to CPS

Yellow vest protester has hand partially blown off as demonstrations continue throughout France

EU diplomats warned to stay out of pubs & cafes to avoid Russian & Chinese ‘spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)'

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke says Brexit Britain is like HITLER’S THIRD REICH

$1.25bn home for 4,000 secret agents: What’s behind German spy agency’s new HQ?

In Japan people are typically considered Japanese only if they have two Japanese parents, speak fluent Japanese, look the part and “act Japanese”

Aborted babies’ BODY PARTS fused with mice to ‘humanise’ them for grim ‘Frankenstein’ experiments in US labs

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This reminds me of an NPC in Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

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Elvis is just a Lonnie Donegan tribute act

Paris is burning

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land of the free

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muh gunz

We are on the brink of "Western" insurrection tbh.. no wonder the BBC has been told to shut it down

what's happening?

yellow vests

who cares tbh frogs do this shit every 20 years and then they manage to create an even more idiotic scoobydoo slave government. maybe based mugubu will become first consul of the new EU republicique-banque juive

I will coom when the left dynamites stone mountain and all the LARPing southkeks do fucking nothing

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its the frankenstein earphone radios lad


Broke: Idolising the Confederates
Equally Broke: Idolising the Union
Woke: Idolising the Know-Nothings

I was forced to leave the playpen for a month a while ago and could feel my soul growing larger tbh

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Raleigh Theodore Sakers was another good mentallist for any Dec afficianados


good lad never heard this stuff

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oh wait this was in the sublime albums

smh go for a walk

yeah he lived in their crackhouse

I am going to go and do some boxing slip training with this 46 year old carpenter who is like a mini alex jones. yesterday he spent the whole time at the gym talking about pepsi being made from babies to all these wogs at the gym and they thought we were crazy rednecks. he said that holding your hands up above your head increases your test and called it redneck yoga



kek sounds like a based lad. Only gym nutcases are the best. I went today and chatted to some old autistic austrian ex-strongman.

looks like blown up hand guy was a photographer
dunno if I feel sorry for him or not, he was probably a poz lord
tfw I blew two fingers off one hand but its now ~98% functional after microsurgery

How did you do it?

he was walking around the gym doing this talking to this poojeet about how smartphones were designed by DARPA to map human settlements so they can monitor all human activity worldwide and that skynet from terminator is real

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careful lad a 46 year old bantamweight carpenter who does superman poses probably has the secret iron hand power

caught in some car engine parts, this was about 8 years ago

that's some feat of powerwanking lad

as a toilman, i haven't been paying attention to any of this like i should be. I also haven't noticed it in the news at all.

re-constructive surgery is mad impressive tbh, its now almost impossible to tell the difference

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cool story bro

ok, you know what lad? Time to reign in the black pills. If you're shitting on the French for actually going out and showing dissent maybe you've been too blackpilled by Zig Forums or maybe you really are a shill.

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he unironically does have that lad we do boxing training but he is really good at "iron shirt" kung fu which is called tuishou in taiwan. he is like a sterotypical redneck american guy like from napoleon dynamite "rex kwan do"

sorry lass drump just has me blackpilled. I think europe will be saved but you may end up fighting the USA in the end for your freedome from scoobydoo slavery

in a sane age these lads would just be kooky eccentrics and people would humour and tolerate them. now people have a visceral reaction against them and report them to the authorities. Met a lad in a pub saying the same sorta stuff and he lived in a caravan. only person ive ever met irl who seemed the type to post on here.

Construction carpenter is one of the 'ardest jobs. Most of them are physically rekt by mid 40s

big if true

How would they go about convincing Americans to do that?

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Americans are being replaced with spics.

We have to go back

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They don't even really imagine themselves to be U.S. citizens. They sound harder to mobilise.

this and most of the military is just idiots and foreigners now

They're not reporting on it as they fear contagion
Didn't we do the same during the French Revolution? Not report on it so the peasants here wouldn't get any funny ideas into their heads…? I THINK SO

smdh this movie keeps getting better and better. just some lad in a flyover nowhere

just get into the markets lad, then inflation doesn't matter.


They don't see themselves as citizens of the united states, they see themselves as citizens of los estados unidos

The markets, like most things and people, need to die tbqh

agreed total mobilization against numbers

Sounds likely. A guy got his hand blown off, because he picked up one of the grenades:

lad, this is the front page of the BBC right now…

Also the french revolution was caused by wealthy members of the third estate, not the peasants

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It was a combination of a starving population and wanky philosophes tbh.


nah, the primary contributor was the financial crisis france was in

I don't see it as any less their fault. The grenades obviously result in injuries and shouldn't be used for crowd control.

I'd hate to see what they call a decapitation I know they call it neck injuries

The revolution won't be televised tbh

Just want a wholesome family life like this lad tbh

The protests are massive and there's been more than 35 eye losses a few deaths and loads more injuries It's been going on over 13 weeks and is only getting bigger, the amount of coverage is piffling and isn't being reported with the gravitas it deserves nor is it being given the column inches or prominence is deserves

French have quite lorst their heads wot wot

Not only that, but to have an exact comparator in that of Venezuela and the coverage that is getting is telling in the extreme.

Macron should trample his enemies tbh

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This Macron is based

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BASED Rothschild banker

9 nuggets and large fries for supper


becoming slightly concerned by your mcd's intake but good lad, I suppose


Good lad

Tattie wedges and cranberry juice for supper

good lad

Good lads
Mexican food for dinner

Good lad

coffee for supper

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Regurgitated tendies for dinner, lads.

I hate that a fucking emoji of a drop of blood has to have this sexual-political element to it. How is a drop of blood not already an emoji for its own sake anyway? Why does it have to be for fucking periods and not blood donation? Obviously it's because donating blood only has a meaning when people have a sense of unity and shared purpose.

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It's quite funny how these state actors all follow the same MO. Joe truly is a Cassandra tbh

Good lads


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You'd think journos would have learned from that Covington incident. That woman is getting right in that guy's face and has her hand right by his head.

oh wow my sides

Leading British surgeon calls for transgender women to have life-changing womb transplants so they can have their own children with IVF

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The paki looks in the wrong there because of the wannabe policeman being the other side of her and closer to the protester, she also has made a fist.

it begins

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