Ching Chong hate thread

Every single Linus video:

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His viewcount per video is starting to take a nosedive as a result too. Even normalfags are starting to get sick of him constantly shilling Chinese trash. Also his annoying-ass voice has been getting even higher in pitch as the little of what's left of that faggots testosterone is drained from his body post-eunuch surgery. Before he was tolerable but lately it seems like every single one of his videos is just him shilling Chinese shit. I unsubbed to him months ago after his channel starting sucking Chinese cock more and more

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Retard, LTT is the most normalfag YouTube tech channel in existence. Or at least he used to be before his content devolved into a bunch of Chinese cocksucking trash that drove a big chunk of his viewers away. Even normalfags get sick of him browsing for some cheap shit on Aliexress .

his forum moderators are cunts.

It's a consumer product review channel. There's nothing "tech" about it.

So what's a GOOD modern tech channel? I mostly watch retro stuff such as 8-Bit Guy, LGR, Nostalgia Nerd, RetroManCave, and Perifractic's Retro Recipes, they're really comfy. On a less computery note, I also like Techmoan and Technology Connections.

Here's a guy worth keeping an eye on.

Teaches you how to install Void Linux in different setup configurations.

OP, you should make sure all your parts and subscriptions are geniune. By genuine I mean legally paid for. Adobe asks for $600 to enjoy their full suite for 1/2 a year, you should consider paying that amount and royalties to any copyright owner you happen to lay your fingers on. I even paid for a Windows installation that costed $200+ dollars, just to teach everyone a good lesson that these companies the full amount and nothing above or lower.

The prices they charge for geniune parts is not out of reach. My Uncle Patrick Bateman pays for his Predator and i9-9900K by selling organs of his victims like a liver or cerebral fluid.

You may not get away with crime like my Uncle, but work for what you own for goodness sake!

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Here is that video. It's a whole 10 minutes long to make sure everyone who watches learns a valuable lesson on piracy. Don't buy those $25 Windows 10 deals on Bonanza as well. Just pay the full amount and get a full, complete product.

Get out.

What does that mean, is he joining the suicide cult? I know about Linus and watched some of his videos but don't follow him (or any e-celeb for that matter).

No, he had testicular cancer and had to have his balls removed. True story. He talked about it like last year or something and cracks jokes about it every now and then

Technology Connections is comfy and good

Is Zig Forums just a bunch of teenage youtube watching faggots? Its been forever since i visited this shit hole

>paying money for a (((complete product)))
Please leave, and never return.


Wanna see some true cringe? In this video he yells about nothing and insults his own parents for not using technology correctly even though I do most of the things his parents are doing in this video (like a normal person)

And here's a retardo video where he attempts to claim that by using an alternative DNS (specifically Cloudflare's new DNS) this somehow boosts your wifi. He legitimately believes that changing DNS somehow boosts wifi reception on a cell phone

Oh the poor soul, he seems to have contracted the dysfunctional autism

what else do you expect from someone who's entire life revolves around buy and showing off retarded shit and pretending that it makes him tech literate

He's a perceptual soy faggot who is supposedly pretty cringey in real life. He's just lucky to have enough money to hire good editors to hide it just enough to fool retards

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What the fuck are you talking about? Are you him?

Disreguard that, for some reason I read "he" as "you"

I want to start making tech videos but I don't want to use YouTube, peertube uploads seem to fail me, and my video editing skils are only satisfactory. Any tips?

The big problem I see with tech videos is it is usually a person making a video that would be better made into a four paragraph document that could be read in 30 seconds but they stretch it to 9 minutes of talking.

If I were to make my videos it'd be either like TechMoan's or modeled after professional television such as "The Computer Chronicles"

I believe the reason for this is so that they can get those sweet goy bucks from keeping the cattle watching long enough to feed them ads and to collect data.
If youtube got rid of the paying content creators thing then this would cease to be a problem

8-bit guy always came across as a really creepy perv for some reason. He always gave off a creep vibe

All "tech" channels do nothing but buy cheap chinese shit and "mini" machines for review now on loop. The phone market has stagnated and become boring so these are the new gimmicks to chase.

Retromancave promotes trannies and shit. Don't support him.

And you know it's garbage.

10 minutes is the sweet spot, but these people don't think of themselves as reviewers the same way a writer does. They're mostly a glorified advertisement video. The type they used to attach to magazine covers or give away as promo material.

Austin Evans last I checked was doing the "Tech you can get for under xxx dollars!" series where his cameraman just buys a bunch of random shit off of Amazon and its a lot more entertaining that Linus but Austin doesn't upload often enough and I think I unsubbed to him after he started putting focus on his dead-on-arrival "Top 10!" Youtube clickby alt channel. I think his whole Jewtube career is pretty dead now actually.

Pick something that actually justifies making videos about it, such as subjects that demand visual demonstrations or motion graphic aids to explain. For instance, this series on the the motion characteristics of TVs by RTings:

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I just miss Tek Syndicate man, those guys were edgy and cool

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What are you talking about? They're still doing stuff

I didn't realise they'd changed the name back (can't remember what they changed it too for a while), but it's really not the same thing I used to watch at all now. There's no Wendell & The Tek is gone.

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hardware reviews are shit and you're shit for reading/watching them/ i watched this linus shit once and it was garbage


Those are all pretty normalfag-tier.
hightreason610 is far better at actually doing something interesting with old hardware. Don't watch him if you cream your pants at the sight of a 3dfx card though

But that gets cut off... The original said "This faggot thinks i3 is gnome?"

Also, anchored. lol