Brit/pol/ #2656: For The Autistic, Not The Normies Edition

Book lifts the lid on life for Corbyn's first wife that turned into a succession of political demos

Mother arrested in front of her children and locked up for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as a man online

Jailed Al-Qaeda chief receives £800k in legal aid to appeal his conviction

The Prison Service is to stop many transgender inmates, including sex offenders, serving their sentences in women’s prisons

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not me, not never

I have mixed opinions on accelerationsim, I think it's often understood in the wrong way though. It doesn't mean 'lets vote for increasingly left wing parties'. One of the best definitions of accelerationism is given here.

'The racism left me wanting to kill myself. I was going to buy a rope'
Black soldier wins record £500,000 in compensation from the MoD for having to play Taliban terrorist in Army training video

too funny

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good lad

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Imagine being so poorly spoken as him.

I can't even discern his point.


Can you imagine having a mate telling you he's got something to show you, he's manically excited and he leads you to a bedroom to show you a naked fat black bird?

7th for mozza

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They'd do that for a windup tbf

Accelerationism is like judo. Your goal is to put your opponent off his balance.

sorted your lycra out yet?

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This. The best example of accelerationism through subversion is that of Bezmenov, who uses that exact phrase in using your own opponent's weight against them.

Won't be doing a Spring Classic until 2020 tbh.

I need to lose 18-28 Kilos.

The same is happening on pol. Attempt to get right at a question, with specificity, and people go loudmouthed, and peg the ends of the spectrum, like they're drunk. They'll either say the wall is being built, or that Trump is a zionist whore. Neither is quite true, because he hasn't built the wall, but also a lot of kikes hate him, but you can't have a conversation about this, because they set to braying. And we saw this in the previous Zig Forums thread where I attempted to draw a distinction between white genocide and promoting brown immigration. And I certainly was given no chance to expound on the fact that much of the problem stems from the fact that people are basically nice, and that technology has produced a bounty of food and medicine, such that Indians, Africans, and the Chinese, rarely see massive die-offs from famine or disease, anymore. So this problem of "moar brown people = white genocide" has already then been accomplished as inevitable, though the problem previously hid itself in areas people didn't visit. Because of the nature of humanity, to be kind, and science, to preserve life, it's inevitable that we will have to come to some kind of idea of a trans-national and really rootless whiteness, which is a very threatening concept, because it implies adoption of kike principles, or at least overseas Chinese principles, but we face an inevitability, and those groups that stay local will vanish, really overnight (I give it no more than 100 years, and many only 50).


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Stones aren't precise enough for getting /fit/.

inb4 use lbs

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how many kilos atm?

Might buy that new book just for more autistic Corbyn stories tbh.

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so this is the power of keto…

Big Ian too

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Irving was in Birmingham yesterday doing a talk

Honestly don't know why I bother continuing to exist.


Jive streaming about his personal life later lads

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the gut on that lad

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Blackbird swinging in the dead of night
take these chicken wings and learn to fry
all your life, you were only waiting for this moron to arrive.

How fucking depressed are these people.

What's the prevailing theme going to be this year.

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This wog just sounds autistic tbh

lad why do you do this to us?

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blacks cannot handle the banter

Being angery is a laff.

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thats literally a race play fetish account you nonce keep your wanking material to yourself.

I watched a documentary yesterday about death row. One case had a white family who adopted a sheboon lavae and when she entered her teens she dated a nigger. The nigger was enraged at her upbringing and became jealous (surprise surprise). The boyfriend murdered her white foster parents with a sledgehammer. He got executed on death row.

never ever relax around blacks

It isn't tbh

saw a white family with two little woglets in tow today

father was actually there as well, looked like a proper African so probably a good lad

My view was of a moral dilemma. That family was the victim of pure, personal and calculated rage and did not deserve anything like that, even the kids died. At the same time the parents naivety became their downfall and other people suffered.

I wonder, based on her skin tone, does she have any tribal connections?

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if any of my relatives adopted a black child I would never stop roasting them for it

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Hitler was a good friend to dogs tbh
that Rise of Evil Film has a scene where he beats a puppy to death in the trenches but the real Hitler was a friend to all of God's innocent creatures

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a white family? So both parents were white or something?


Found the article

that scene always seemed so over the top

mother, sister, grandfather, grandmother
where english

imagine being that grandfather
probably hates his life and wont stop wishing he was back in the 50s

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The moral of the story is simple. Do not ever get involved with blacks in any way shape or form regardless.


This lmao, cook is a fat cunt hoping keto will make him look like Brad Pitt

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what an ape

That whole movie is over the top. They made him to be some cartoon villain. Remember the scene where he's yelling with cake in his mouth and is spitting crumbs everywhere. Who the fuck does that in real life?


I just feel a constant low simmering at the moment.

Ah yes, 22st's quality posting has returned

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Time for a coffee, lads

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Almost finished my first cup

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This has to be some sort of larp account, right? Chances are it's some scoobydooish bloke behind it.

How much did you weigh at your max?

Stop being a fat boy eating all the cake all the time then you will never get fat smh

Good lad
that coon is dead isn't he? Smh

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continentals out

Tbh, you don't need to be a keto homo

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Never seen that film. I'm surprised that such a scene is in a film when it's one of the mainstream memmies that 'even dog lovers and vegans can be evil because Hitler amirite?'.

Nah he is just relaxing

It also shows him raping his niece and having her commit suicide and shit iirc, or that might have been another Hitler film.


Just read this tbh lads, you don't need Keto or any other fancy lark to lose weight. You just need need to stop being a poof

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Is this the film with the hilarious 'hitler reacts to-' bit in it? Or is it the one with robert carlisle?

SA on the far left

Nah that was the show where he spits cake all over the place while taking about jOOs

That's downfall or sommat

The one where he whips a dog and spits cake is the Carlisle one. Downfall is the one with Bruno Ganz.

kek that scene is hilarious

doesnt show it but heavily implies

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I suppose it says something that his desire to genocide the slavs isn't enough.

sorry Hitler mate you've got some crumbs on your lips there

I'm thinking of The Rise of Reddit with the niece stuff, not sure if that's the dog killing one or not

Not making this up. A couple of years earlier I was taught that the nazis made scoobydoos mow football pitches with their teeth (as well as the long since debunked stuff about lampshades and bars of soap). The very same teacher taught us about the ridiculous extremes of anti german propaganda leading up to and during world war 1 smh. Anything goes when you're """assessing"""" the third reich, I guess. Even attempt to understand his motivations and you're guilty of a thought crime.

I don't know, I really don't know. Only started weighing after my jeans got too big for me.

They always give him poo eyes too



It says much to the perversions of scoobydoos that they accuse their detractors of some ridiculous shit. Don't forget such classics as the 23cm of wood up my ass, roller coasters into furnaces, and the machines that jack you off non-stop.

Oh, we were also taught about clemenceau, the treaty of versailles and crippling debts. It's just, as far as the scoobydoos were concerned, the only reason we were given as a motivation was 'EE WAS AN OMELESS SCRUB OO WAS JELLUS OF THE SUCKSESSFULL JOOS EE SAW ABOUT THE PLACE'.

imagine Hitler in his bunker eating cake surrounded by plans for masturbation machines cackling madly while stomping on puppies
that is your brain on leftism

Oh, and also child abuse. We were taught his parents were abusive, but as far as I'm aware, this is just a bollocks. He had them both commemorated.

I think this is because he had dark blue eyes and most footage/photographs of him are black and white (obviously). Also, it feeds into the whole 'STUPID HITLER THOUGHT ONLY BLONDE HAIRED BLUE EYED PEOPLE WERE HUMAN - BUT HE HAD BLACK HAIR, AND JET BLACK EYES LMAO LOLOLOLOL' line of thought.

Our teacher never really mentioned da jooz, briefly went over how Germans blamed them for ending WW1 and that was it really.