The Jews are responsible for destroying the Soviet Union

Gorbachev, who started the Perestroika, had no plans. The Jews were the ones who had the plans. An Autonomous Region in Siberia wasn't enough for them, they began spreading. Now everywhere in the former Soviet Union there are representatives of this human-hating nation. Jews had spread everywhere to destroy the Russian ethnicity. They destroyed the Soviet Union so the Russian population would live in poverty and hunger. There are too many Jews in the Russian bourgeoisie. The ones who are exposing the Jews are silenced. Of course, Jews and Muslims are prospering in Russia, and are making their own rules. And who sold Russia to the Jews? Khrushchev. The post-Stalin USSR was a cover-up for Jews to chip off pieces of Russia one by one. Crimea was given to Ukraine. Chechnya stole Russian territory. Speaking of Ukraine, all the Eastern Slavs are part of the same ethnicity - the Russian ethnicity, and it's the Jews who are dividing them. The post-Stalin USSR gave them too much power, so they had started their plans for destroying the Russian ethnicity. A representative of Israel in 2012 had actually thanked the Jews for destroying the USSR. Fuck this filthy capitalist nation

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Zig Forums wants so desperately for us to share in their conspiracy theory.

Begorrah! Sassenachim what do you think your doing? Anti-Semites… anti-Semites everywhere! Someone stop this terrible racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, ablest, but most importantly anti-Semite before he strangles you babies in their sleep! I heard he hates puppies too!

Good Sassenach.

O y v e y! How racist of you g o y to block my peoples language! This whole board is anti-Semitic!

Who else /Judeo-Bolshevist/ here?

I'm 1/64 jewish.

I'm apparently 1/2 Jewish and didn't even know it. Thoughts? Nothing, man. Do what you do. I'm certainly not going to start thinking of myself as a Jew.

Bad race mixing g o y!

O y! Hello Chaim.

Pick one, Zig Forums

Race and "ethno"religious identity is a spook. Simple as that.

I was born from a catholic family, but I don't identify myself as catholic/christian. We are working class and that's it.

Identitarianism, both left and right, belong in the trash can.

I'm a transjew
I have a big nose and am cheap as fuck but I have no jewish relations as far ar I know(and jewish relations are highly unlikely up to at least 3 generations)

White capitalist bloc bourgeois are the ones actually responsible for the liberalization in China and the Soviet Union, but whatever, believe what you want.

Zig Forums here, literally nobody thinks jews destroyed the jewssr

even tho the oligarchs were practically all jews, sure your breed is the dumbest Zig Forums


I'd rather have a country controlled by Italian mob or Irish mob than the self-chosen. at least Italians have honor. the self-chosen do not, hell they killed one of their own, Jesus. they have no loyalty to anything except themselves. dare one of them speaks up against the tribe, he/she dies.

(cont.) the mob has pro-Family values and pro-worker sentiments and actions. they hate yuppie scum, they stand up for the little guy

I know the story of Jesus being supposed to die to absolve sins. but even Pontius Pilate washed his hands…the rabbis collected the payments. Pontius felt guilty about what he did but so be it.

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Silly filter…
Plus some more pics.

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ok C(U)NT cuck. I'm glad you Sassenachs lost the civil war.

Sassenach? Isn't it a Gaelic term for the English? And btw, a Gaelic noun declined in the English plural (-s) can give you eye cancer, for fuckin' sake!

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nice word filters. also, inb3 you correct me, same difference, Ancomms of any kind should never call themselves Maoists. Authoritarian Socialists never collaborate with traitors.

Are you under the impression that Italian mobsters never killed any of their own?

I'm not an Ancom, for fuckin' sake. Read some book and do a bit of research about that flag.
Rude sage.
Pic unrelated.

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Sorry but no, the mafia is completely subservient to ZOG Occupied Government.They repressed proles since the beginning.

The Mafia employed a terrorist strategy in the early '90s. They bombed Florence and Rome. Plus they blew up to smithereens a couple of prosecutors that were about to uncover some nasty shit… Everyone in this Banana Republic cucked massively and an era of Pax Mafiosa started immediately after.
Anyway, if you knew a bit of Sicilian history, you would know many of those fuckers are direct descendants of Arabs, Berbers and… Yes, {{{Them}}}… I didn't post all those Semite-looking Wops pics at random.

haha laugh at this man

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bullshit, they were just footsoldiers, no strategy from them

Most people on this board one way or another would agree with you on your assessment.

I don't deny they've always been in cahoots with people inside the state apparatus - besides being excellent providers of huge sums of money to the financial sector after they are properly laundered.
The issue here is that in the early '90s the old world order broke apart. No more muh Sovyet Younion, no more muh Kommyounist takeover, no more Gladio and Stay Behind shit. So someone thought "Well, we don't need that shit any longer, so let's take them out considering they may also start talking and say embarrassing things". Obviously, someone else thought "Fuck no! We still need them!" and the mafiosi themselves agreed and did their part in convincing the other category of people about leaving them alone.
After all, it's just a game between legal capitalists and illegal capitalists. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.
That said, a lot of Sicilians are at least in part descendants of Jews brought there by the Arabs. Several common surnames are testament to that.

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There is a sect within the jewish community that absolutely is at the heart of Bolshevism. The problem is there is no jewish race. They have breed themselves out of any identifying factors. Dating back to the earliest texts, they are referred to as Pharisee or Edomites. They hijacked a religion to grant them power of a populace and they continue to milk the "poor me" teet til it runs dry.
Well, its run dry.

Are all jews bad? No, of course not but are all bads jews? Well… it's damned close. Close enough that I couldn't even begin to scratch the surface on the tilt in favor of 'aye!'

Is it necessary to know? Only in the sense that Israel was created as an arrest shield against international crime and now serves as a central hub for world domination. It's the only true world ethnostate that doesn't allow it's citizens to marry non-jews or anyone of non-jew blood (which doesn't exist, it's a smoke screen) to become a citizen. It's a criminal lair by any measure.

There will be no peoples revolution so long as israel exists. It's positioned in the middle of a vast desert for a reason. They control all governments but there are more of us. Much much more. Many many many will die, but we will never be free so long as israel exists. Never.

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Shitposting threads like this shouldn't even be allowed.

It brings absolutely nothing relevant whatsoverer, it provides no interesting discusion and all it does is spread retardedness. They are not even funny.

At least post some funny memes, for fuck's sake.

This isn't Zig Forums. Infographs with big red words don't convince people here.

its a word filter

Lenin was More Mongolian / Kalmulk then he was Jewish

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So Zig Forums, explain this to me. You think Jews were behind the Russian Revolution and USSR, right. And you think those Jews were "bad". I won't waste time pointing out that the former is proven untrue and the latter is unprovable either way, but ask you a simple question: why would such an evil people as the Jews bestow so much good on the people as happened in the USSR? You are aware that literacy was raised to almost 100%, unemployment and homelessness were almost eradicated, the fastest industrialization in human history was accomplished, a more democratic model than what existed before was installed and the famines that had plagued the region for ages was broken, right? All this doesn't exactly seem like the actions of evil people who only want to destroy humanity.>>106489

Also alot this was accomplished under Stalin and he went after the Jews during the last parts of his reign.

Israel is an ethnostate, you imbicile!
Everything you know about history was written by a jew.
The worst part is you're probably a suburban white kid defending your oppressors. Jews are fucking evil pieces of filth and you're going to find out the easy way or the hard way.
Enjoy the ride. Remember me when the lights finally turn on. At least you were warned.

Why are Jews so good at history?

put me in your screencap OP

end the "judeo bolshevik" meme

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Are you serious???

>>>Zig Forums

Reported for mongolism

Fuck off Pol

Screw off Zig Forums Nobody likes you and your Conspiracy garbage.