Brit/pol/ #2657: Dogs Edition

Book lifts the lid on life for Corbyn's first wife that turned into a succession of political demos

Mother arrested in front of her children and locked up for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as a man online

Jailed Al-Qaeda chief receives £800k in legal aid to appeal his conviction

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Still can't get over that BIG CAT, lads.

How do I not die lonely lads I just want a gf just one please

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bait tbh

It's bullshit but I believe it tbqh

Almost had me going, gays would complain that you're not allowed to out someone though.


drinking on a toil night lads. i've set multiple alarms. All i can do is pray for snow.

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I'm just calculating how fast I need to drink 2 cans of guinness to feel anything.


put them in the freezer and then smash them on your bullocks. only way to feel anything anymore

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keeek lad

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hell yes

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Smh we crashed out on World Thread Organisation rules with no new thread deal

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bit weew tbh

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Just testing whether you can embed a video and post a pic at the same time, it's been bothering me for a while

toilberg fears snow so I may be lucky tbh
May the pure snows liberate you from toil, brother.

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It turns out you fucking can't

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Bash your bollocks in lad, it's the only way out

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yes, thank you lad, unfortunately the ploughs still have time to clear the roads and protect toilberg's neo-capitalist income yielding empire. Are you Washington state lad?

if you'd asked I could have told you that for free lad. now you look like a plum

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might wear shorts and flex on the ethnics tbh

I'm norf of you tbh.

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would luv to stomp out some antifas wish we had a dafty sideshow to take part just for fun

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Imagine if it had worked, I'd look like Yuri Gagarin

Some of us naturally just take risks for the good of mankind

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mp4 works

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Is our great leader referring to anyone in particular in this video?

Bit slow, gramps


wew, well hopefully toilchang is lonely at the toilcells tomorrow

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ah the famous jock work ethic

lmao I knew when he first announced it he'd never get past the first few episodes.


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not sosig and beans for supper

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It's from xmas just gone judging from the decorations, so you could just look through all those videos and find one with the same light level.

Let's just check how many Milleniyule vids he did this year…

74, fucks sake


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didn't youkipper go one his stream tho?

why are they beefing


Jesus. Does he make videos right now? Nobody cares about Milleniyule. I guess youtube is kind of saturated now anyway. What niche could he even fill?

Don't forget


Westie's bumhole

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how did he get this under the radar

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He could make ultra-comfy videos about the sociological history of our country from a sober nationalistic perspective.

That's his best stuff, in my opinion. It fits so well with his aesthetic and voice. I was reading Crowley's autobiography, where that wizard goes into detail about how hypocritical and hollow late Victorian Britain was, and it got me thinking about how Woes could make a great video about it.

It's not like he's at all qualified tbh. He's good at anaylising the general milieu and has a good grasp of social atmospheres, but he's hardly a historian. Tbh I'm similar.

1lb of Mince and two eggs for dinner.

it's the culinary equivalent of wanting to smash Ella, it's wrong but feels so right tbh

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Was hoping it'd be so bad it'd be good but it was kind of bland. At least we had fun making fun of it.

I wish modern women would do one tbh.

Yeah. I also liked the film review he did

To be honest, the head on it looks like a cider, but nevertheless pint glasses for women is very wrong tbh.

i went on a date with a girl and when I turned up she had bought a pint for both of us. fucking weird.

As I said just now, he's hardly a historian. Clearly doesn't have the autism required to chart a history of decline. He's good at describing the decline and its effects.

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did she have a child bearing adams apple?

That's a real shame. If he had the credentials for it, he'd be able to give posterity something really precious, because he'd be like an Edward Gibbon who actually lived during the last part of the collapse he chronicled.

nah but she had disgusting tattoos


Good, top lad.

Lad, he's just some autist who's pretty good at describing the hell around him.

Woes' old videos are good. His first point of reference was as a Brit and a millennial, with an interesting focus on film, tv and art. Now it's pure Germanophilic white globalist shite. Streams where every nigger with two dollars to spare asks him the same questions over and over, usually "Am I White?". His jerrycuck yank/continental audience and collaborators have poisoned his mind and tainted his output to the point where he signals against the nation state in favour of spencerian imperivm.

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woes is a fat depressed chain smoker who posts videos of himself online im glad he isnt 2 seconds from suicide but he isnt a leader or anything, he was a sadsack who made videos on white identity before it became a big thing.

orang utan is a good lad tbh, gets bullied too hard

lad if you think having been on a shite date with an ugly slag is beyond the realm of possibility i dunno what to say

I'm going to track down the source of that Wews mp4. From the t-shirt and the stacked coke cans in the background it should be on the same day as the YouKipper stream, but in the mp4 there's a flick of his hair hanging down on the right hand side.

I figure that puts it after YouKipper; hair is only going to get more floppy as the night drags on. Now I can skip videos by checking the start and end for fringe flacidity.

Cute tbh. Apes are dangerous lads though.

Sounds like the last thing you want is for woes to be flaccid tbh…

are you manlet investigation lad?

this. he was always a saddo but was an authentic character originally
now he's an empty memi entangled with other tired memmies

I can tell you where it's from right now, for a price. that picture of mike cernovich saying "I will fuck you with my head" is all I want.


bit bigoted tbf

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The wild Orang gives off an unspeakable stench. The ones you see in these videos are hosed down and shampooed daily

fakken luv orangutans me

Yet another thing they have in common with me tbh

Chads better fucking watch themselves

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jej plebs

if only there were a human analogue to this

OK, it's from before the Electre interview. He's wearing the same t-shirt there, but the top crate is clearly opened. So it's between those.

anyone else catch the baftas tonight
they should call it the blackfas, am I right fellas

Bit odd how that's a proper massive language but nobody cares about it tbh.


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