Let's talk about race realists

That's literally what i want to talk about. My opinion regarding the subject is that i'm not very convinced by the idea of any particular difference between ethnicities being so vast it stops us from coexisting.

However, i want to know, if we can accept there are differences regarding how some subgroups look and have different reactions to lets say diseases(africans being more resistant to malaria), what stops there being actual differences regarding intelligence?, i know intelligence is a very contentious subject, and its hard to define. I'm also aware of the disadvantages of african americans regarding slavery, segregation and red lining.

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Why the fuck are you so OBSESSED with this shit?

I'm not, just like a thread about communism vs capitalism i started yesterday, is just a passing thought. I would actually love to forget about all race realism shit i've read.

It is my opinion that all intelligences are equal. Everything is in Les Aventures de Télémaque.

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Why read about it at all?
There are dumb people who do dumb things and there are smart people who try to outsmart you. You don't wanna tell me, you will react differently, if a White guy plays you for a chump rather than a black one, do you?
A Zig Forumsack seriously told me that whites have a disability when it comes to greed and manipulation. They are literally unable to do this shit and if they do, then it means they have Jewish ancestry. Do you buy this sort of bullshit? If people keep telling themselves this shit 10 years later you will find someone who actually genuinely believes this and calls you JIDF and cuck, if you seriously put this into doubt. The power of an echochamber.

I don't buy it because:
1-I want to believe it isn't true, that would be a fucked up reality.
2-The conclusions do seem bullshit to me. The least i would be willing to accept is a varying degree of intelligence, and even then most things point out the inconsistence of the results, but i definitely don't think greed is a trait anyone is more likely to have because of their race.

Asian americans disprove pretty much all race theory.

But they do have small cocks

How so?

Rancière, is that you?

Forgot my sage.

They just do. Stop asking questions.

Nature and biology are the most cruel, emotion-less, unforgiving eugenicists known to man; and the biological improbabilities of foisting unlike cultures and ethnicity's upon one another is unnatural.
No one would need to force feed peoples a steady diet of social and cultural engineering if two groups naturally and biologically gravitated towards one another.
Are you wiser than nature and biology, OP?

Race isn't real.


Do cultures arise independent of biology and genetics? Could we expect to see a McDoonalds in an ant hill?

Only in ant hills where the ants have not been disturbed by nor destroyed by biological enemies. Left alone, species of any group will eventually reach their level best

Yep. Kim Jong Un showed interest in having a McDonalds in Pyongyang when he met with Trump.

Nothing is rael in the mind of the Marxist/Maoist/Leninist. Everything is a fire sale in preparation to destroy cultures from within to facilitate depopulation.

But capitalism already does that pretty damn well and efficiently.
There's no need to become a commie if that's your end goal.

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If we're going to have a thread about dumb bullshit can it at least be some novel dumb bullshit?

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That's exactly right, user. Capitalism is why we only have 7.5 - 8 Billion mouths to feed on this rock. Capitalism is litterully holding back China, India and the continent of Africa from realizing their full potential

Op here, what do you mean by novel?

of a new kind; different from anything seen or known before: a novel idea.

ie not the same shit we already have too often

Nope. This is the place where we just go over the exact same shit over and over and over… ad infinitum.

And failing.

Aw shit, nigga.
I fucking love sweatshops too.
Whenever I buy one of those fancy nike shit or a new pc hardware I always get a hard on thinking about the child slaves who made it so I could buy it for $39.99 dollars, it's so fucking sexy.

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- Understand that you live at a time when there is a surplus of human energy.
-We have strong, healthy, fighting age men arriving on our borders ready to underbid everyone for a job which already pays minimum wage.
-So, when we hear that African American unemployment is at an historic low; it doesn't matter. All of those freshly created jobs will go to Juan, Mkwekwe, Wen Ling and Kerpal
Is consumerism good? re-read my 1st paragraph or don't
Is Capitalism bad? That depends. Do you mean "good" capitalism(building a sustainable modest income for your family) or "bad" capitalism(using Chinese Apple suicide factories to garner a criminal profit)?

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don't say mean things about the jews.

Nature doesn't do things with a thing in mind, read Darwin.
This is low-tier sophistry.
Did you genuinely think this kind of line would convince anyone?

Phenotypes are not races. Humans can be grouped genetically into phenotypes but not race. Furthermore, the genetic differences between phenotypes tend to be no more significant from individual to individual than genetic differences between individuals within the same phenotype.

What does that tell us about anything? Not a hell of a lot.

Define "culture." Also, tell us why you think that a corporate fast food joint is an example of it.

So you are saying our current knowledge is that there are very little differences, but we still don't have that much info anyway?

No, I am saying that phenotypes are not races and that the differences between phenotypes are less than the differences between individuals.

Oh, i have heard that before, then. There's more genetic diversity in Africa than in any other place in the world.

I'm a leftist and believe race realism because that's what the science dictates. Everybody is so touchy feely about it though and I don't know why. I figure it like this, who said life was fair. Shit a meteor can hit us and kill everybody right now. Mother nature is cruel and but people can be different because where not some blind move of things, like a "visible hand" (that's right i said it).

Do you mean like the mandated forced indoctrination, social & cultural engineering, and "required courses" telling everyone that egalitarianism is normal? Or, that nature and biology were exactly the impetus behind "Natural Selection"?
There is nothing sophisticated about natural selection; a product of nature and biology
Hilarious. Excellent point. Poignant and cogent
Not my comment, MacGyver

lel I bet your dumb ass thinks the planet's 6k years old too

We should all aspire to become more like Africa. That way we wouldn't all of these White people clamoring to immigrate to Africa illegally. If White people from Europe, the Americas, Australia and NZ don't stop taking boats to Africa, that place is gonna have too many people

/cryptopol/: the thread

"race realism" is all just a giant
dumb rehash of late 19th century liberal racism for race-obsessed americans
somehow I feel op might be in good faith but this thread is a red cloth for absolutely awful posts like the living-and-breathing naturalist fallacies there already are

This topic has been brought ad nauseam, in one way or another. We all descended from one race, hailing from africa. That's a scientific fact.

Species* ftfy
Even Chomsky ays species because there are races and diffeences. He even admits to that, like why is this such a thing? Even the most liberal of genetics give a 50/50 nature vs nurture argument. Their are genes for everything even being gay, luxery gay space communism will bring forth test tub babies and shit and people will be able to make their kid smart or average, gay or trans. It's their right cause muh "freedumbs". Which people on the left need to get hip to. Which is why it's hard to call yourself a leftist nowadays because the majority of them are regeessive.

spiritual racism is legit, biological is not. too bad Spinozashits are too materialist (i.e., the literal fucking demiurge) and get mad when they can't rationalize something literally beyond their control.

no we did not. does not explain the existence of Basques or Ainu people

Neanderthals, which, by the way, also migrated out of Africa.

The earliest specis related to Homo Sapians is from Eastern Europe, latest findings. The book Sapians is out of date if you bought it


African migrants in the US are the most highly educated group in the US

There, Zig Forums racial science debunked.

$10 bucks says most of them majored in African studies, business, or nursing

It was on local channel 7 news hear in LA dumbass and then I Googled led it to confrim, it happened last year





$10 more says most of them got in just to meet race quota

Fake news.

Yeah your right, who needs arguments when you have feelings

Niggers gonna nig.

All you need to ask yourself is the following: can two individuels with diffrent genetics, but raised in a similar environment, exhibit diffrent characteristics? If you are not delusional, then the answer is yes. No amount of socialisation will make some downy into Einstein.
Therefore if you compare any two randolmy selected groups out of any given population there must be some average diffrences in all traits that are heritable. And, again, unless you are some delusional retard who thinks that across every single timeperiod, geographical location and teconological advancement traits like intelligence have 100% been equally selected against, then of cource this includes intelligence as well.
So all that really needs to be asked is how strong these average diffrences are, and in the current age there is more than enough data to make accurate assesments on race or sex averages: on average blacks are dumber than whites, which are dumber than asians and men are smarter than women.
Unfortunatley as soon as these completly random populations are replaced by sex or race categories, people lose their shit, even if no political implication was ever made.

So any two individuals who are not identical twins.


That is not how statistical evidence works.

"Dumbness" is not quantifiable.

you know what Africans AREN'T resistant to? Sickle Cell. throw in sum Tay Sachs, and there, no more problems in the world.

these threads are great for all of the mental gymnastics

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Did you download a fucking crop?!

No, they are great for the people who are incapable of higher reasoning championing a metric for intelligence.

But that's not what race is you dipshit.

But they are resistant to malaria. Maybe we should just spread some malaria around so fittest race gets selected for.

I think even if race is artificially constructed or not, it has become enough of an apparent difference and divider over time that multiculturalism is not conducive for harmonious societies. Even if race isn't technically real, enough people believe it to be, and the damage will occur due to the division it causes. As long as there is no clear hegemony, the different divided racial groups will end up fighting for control and each will have vastly different goals.

Multiracial societies seem to work best when there is a clear majority and minority, otherwise there will just be too much competition over who should hold sway over the future direction of society and you'll see that manifest in things like racial political blocs (i.e. blacks voting majority Democrat despite having socially conservative views, whites increasingly trending Republican even poorer southern whites, etc), but even then as we've seen in American history (where whites were the clear majority) and the backlash today in Europe there still will be problems arising from that. Hell, even in places like Yugoslavia where they are very ethnically similar they still ended up breaking down along ethnic and racial lines eventually. Things like the economy may hold it together, but that is volatile and temporary.

I think we should work towards cooperation and coexistence instead of racial conflict ideally, but I simply think the tribalist impulse is too ingrained in people to ever really be let go.

this is the point of social engineering, to eliminate these primal thinking patterns and urges

we are not like other animals, we have sophisticated language, the ability to express ourselves in the form of art, the ability to manipulate our environment to our will and so on. we can evolve beyond this base feelings. it is possible, because not every single person is racist, so that clearly means some people are capable of overcoming that tribalist mentality. it requires education and experience perhaps, but the shift is definitely possible. we're not hardwired, our brains can adapt.

racism is a manifestation of authoritarian personality.
read adorno

racists are scared of negroes stealing their women

Here you go comrades.
Just popped up in my YouTube notifications.
A new video by the redoutable CV Vitalo-Haddad, in which she debunks "race realism" in seven minutes with a pack of cards!

Here you go comrades.
Just popped up in my YouTube notifications.
A new video by the redoutable CV Vitalo-Haddad, in which she debunks "race realism" in seven minutes with a pack of cards!

stop shilling your channel you disgusting araboid mestizo tranny

Yeah, I bailed because their echo chamber was encouraging weirdos to shoot old people in church for absolutely no reason. Their ability to reason is goop. The propaganda is too thick to bear.

It's a general feeling of social alienation finding a reactionary vehicle. Need to make better friends. I don't want to be a commie shit with defunct 19th 20th century economic theories. What is the point of politics anyways if you're not trying to make a better world to live in and have good times with friends? Exchanging one collective hive of nonsense extremism for another hive.

people want a feeling of Strength, integrity, and certainty. The right offers this in propaganda. Hell, they'll lie to themselves and others just to get their feels. I just want the truth, honor, and wisdom to cut the crap.

"stop shilling your channel you disgusting araboid mestizo tranny"

I'm not CV! I can see why it might look suspicious, though: A couple of posts on her in quick succession, the last one only an hour or so after she uploaded her latest video.
I'll attach a photo as proof! It's today's paper from London (England.)
I suppose it's not conclusive proof. If by chance CV is here on holiday she could be posting it.
(If by bigger chance CV is London, and reading this as well, CV would you like to go for a coffee with me? I know a nice cake shop. I can get you a coffee and some cake while you tell me about your latest research…gimme a lecture, sexy professor ;-) )

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This is some next level meme deconstruction tbh

Sage this thread already and any other future "race" discussion, for that matter.

If you think every peson is exactly as intelligent as every other person from birth, simply because no one can create the perfect dictonary definition of what intelligence is in 100.00% of all cases, then you are simply retarded.
Genetic diffrences influence how individuels behave and therefore this extends to groups as well. How the fuck is that a wrong conclusion?


The absolute state of this board

You still don't get it. Intelligence is not a thing that can be measured as though it possesses mass, dimensions, or quantity. That makes it unquantifiable. Thus, graphing it on a sliding scale is an absurdity. Intelligence is more accurately an ill-defined grouping of qualitative cognative abilities. Autism Level is trying to answer "yes or no" questions with a math formula. It is unscientific nonsense.

Why not? We can say without a doubt that Einstein is more intelligent than some guy with downsyndrom. Just because we dont get a perfect sliding scale or definition dosent mean that the concept of intelligence itself is invalid. And no one thinks Autism Level is the perfect representation of intelligence, its merley a good proxy. Some guy with an Autism Level of 100 can be smarter than another guy with an Autism Level of 115, but that wont be the case on average or if we increase the diffrence to 4 standard deviations.
No, it tests several domains of intelligence like pattern recognition, spacial awareness, logical thinking and the like. All abilites one would ascribe to a smart person.

Can't tell if it's a man or woman

Wow, even that much was too difficult for you?

Because mass, dimension, and quantity are physical properties which intelligence does not possess. The perform a particular cognative function is indistinct from the ability to perform that function a hundred times.

No, what we can say is that Einstein possessed certain specific cognative abilities that a given downer does not.

If a concept cannot be defined, then it is useless as a subject of analysis. Intelligence, as you are using the term, is definitively unscientific.

No, it is entirely useless, because what it purports to quantify is unquantifiable. It is nothing but a basis for making incoherent claims.

All of those are abilities that one either possesses or does not possess. There is no common physical trait between them that would allow them to be treated as like subjects, which would be necessary to quantify them. The ability to recognize stylistic elements in a song, for example, has no coherent relationship to the ability to perform euclidean geometry.

>The ability to perform a particular cognative function is indistinct from the ability to perform that function a hundred times.

Definitely a difference in means of whites, asians jews and blacks. I don't think this implies that co-existence is entirely impossible. It does mean that when there is societal unrest different ethnic origins are more likely to turn on each other due to perceived differences.

So regarding USA they were multicultural. So they would obviously need to quell these differences because they didn't want societal unrest. So most of the parties that have been in charge have been promoting anti racism and such to quiet this societal unrest. It's often used though by the opposition party to stir up unrest though mostly against the sitting party.

There is the case of Europe deciding to become more multicultural by importing workers from other races and religions. This was driven by markets who wanted cheap employees. So now the Europeans can enjoy the same kind of permanent need of needing to quell tension between different races and religions that US has.

< meanwhile China had to deal with western imperialism when Soviet Union fell, recovering to be one of the most prominent economies in the world (which is also employing a capitalist system)
< Meanwhile Africans are still stuck in the bronze age

Social science is bullshit for a lot of reasons even if that is not one of them.

Both "whites" and jews belong to the same phenotype.

if that were the case then Israel could not use DNA tests to verify the legitimacy of right of return claims.

I agree. I find leftists more intelligent and pleasant to social graces rather than MUH RACE MUH Autism Level MUH RAZE MUDDAFUKKAH! They're not even people after a point. They're subhuman.

Honestly, if you'd get one of these racialist who were in of good consciousness, they fear being attacked by emasculating liberals attempting to express a superficial morality at their expense. They know the races are different, and don't really care so much so long as they are left alone. It's a manifestation of fear of being deceived.

Then they see the Anti-fa mob as the communists trying to enslave them from basic rights and privileges from an unworthy class of filthy hooligans.

Everyone wants to be amongst their own and left alone without being forced into an unwanted arrangement. I think that's fair.

aka. Intelligence
The goal of science is to make accurate and reliable predictions within the real world, not to create the perfect, but unpredictive definition for a bunch of bibliographers writing a dictonary. Many objects in the real world lack a proper definition, like a football for example. What is a football? No matter what definition you bring forth, i just construct some extrem case which contradictes your case. Is it therefore unscientific to say that footballs exists? Can you not identify the diffrence between a football and a basketball? Everyday people know what intelligence is, even if they cant describe it.
Not in the real world, where Autism Level tests have a high predictive validity across several domains of live

Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge that intelligence is something that exists?

How is it that people who are so intensely focused on race, heritage, ethnicity, and whatnot have no idea what any of those things even are?

Yes, exactly–an ill-defined grouping of qualitative conditions as opposed to one like substance. For example, I have presented you with a reality that reqires a certain cognative function to comprehend, but you lack the ability to perform that cognative function. Although you lack that ability, such a thing cannot be graphed because your lack of this particular ability is a qualitative state and not a quantifiable reality.

Which renders them unscientific subjects. You cannot scientifically analyze a thing which has no physical properties.

Go home Derrida, you're drunk. I shudder to think of the sophistry and the shitposting that would arise if Zig Forums were ever to actually read post-structuralist philosophy.

No, they don't. Like you, many people do not understand the difference between a qualitative state and a quantifiable reality, which is a fundamental component of understanding anything.

Nonsense. You cannot make predictions from within the effects of what you intend to predict. What you have is implied implications based upon a fundamental misuse of statistics, which is really what most of the social "sciences" are about.

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Then define intelligence yourself
Fortunatley humans exists on a physical level.
Then how else do you want to measure intelligence?

There is some serious irony going on here.

You are not talking about measuring humans. You are talking about measuring a set of qualitative conditions.

You can not quantify that which is unquantifiable. You cannot measure that which has no dimensions to measure.

So you want to tell me that its impossible to say whether or not humans are more intelligent than rats?

Do you seriously not understand what is being written here, or are you just engaging in sophistry?

no, kill yourself

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Outbreeding depression


Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds


1/3 of hapas (white+asian) suffer from mental illness


Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies:


Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil)


Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies


Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates:


Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations


Teenagers who identify as mixed-race have greater health and behavioural risks than those who identify with only one race:


Mulatto teenagers show much more anti-social behaviour than both black and whites teenagers:


Hybrid and multi-racial animal offsprings suffer from a decline in their reproductive and adaptive capacity