With all the Zig Forums fags wanking about Linux-based systems and backwater OS's that I've never heard of, it got me thinking about what games Zig Forums plays. You don't really have much vidya gaemz options unless you have a separate Winbloze system on the side. Or does Zig Forums even play vidoe gaem at all?

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I should have stated PC gaem. Consoles are shit and if you use one you should kys.

Every game i care about runs perfectly on loonix.

Only children play games, it's cute but not fitting of a workstation OS.
Either way, make games don't play them nigger.

I own a Neo-Geo cabinet, build candy cabs, collect eltromechanical pinball games and various arcade hardware. I mostly play SHUMPs, fighting games, and pinball.

You can play a lot of games on GNU/Linux with Proton, WINE and retroarch. But, if you're more into Japanese PC games like VNs, use a VM with W10.

steam works also

why? aren't VNs just text? Hell, most are made with an opensource framework like renpy. why the fuck would you need to run that in a VM? you could easily just run it with python.
There is no reason why wine wouldn't work.

Please read up on what wine really is before spilling bullshit

Because a lot of engines aren't written in Python, are mostly proprietary and only made for Windows. Some VNs are even region-locked or require Japanese locale.

Well, it's not the best setup but you can run some games like that.



I used to play a few games through WINE, like MUGEN and Touhou. RPG Maker games work with varying degrees of success. Yume Nikki worked perfectly, Space Funeral, Wadanohara, and Off worked except for the font rendering, and .flow didn't work at all. TF2 was fun at some point, but it's been shit. Undertale and DDLC have Linux ports, and they were kind of fun. Baldur's Gate and Dwarf Fortress also have Linux ports but I never figured out what I was doing with either of them. There's a lot more games that have Linux ports that I want to try (Tomb Raider, Skullgirls, Deus Ex, Grim Fandango, Amnesia, Postal, and Metro 2033 in particular) but I lack money and time. A lot of FOSS games are actually pretty fun, like Super Tux Kart and Nethack, and those obscure first person shooters like Xonotic, Open Arena, Sauerbraten, etc., but those have really limited playerbases. But mostly if I felt like playing vidya I'd just emulate console games so I could catch up on the ones that I never played as a kid, which is pretty much every one of them (Metroid, every Pokemon game, Street Fighter), and other various things like LSD Dream Emulator, Advanced V.G., Treasure of Rudras, etc.
tl;dr if you're just a casual gamer Linux has a few options

Chill is the only game you will ever need

Xbill is what I meant to type

I have a gaming pc running Windows 10 without internet connection.

No i stopped playing with toys when i was 12

Chili is the only game you will ever need.


FreeSnake and FreePipes

I have a dirty peasant Windows 7 SDD that I boot to whenever I need to play cancer. I also have a Switch, a 3DS, and a Vita. On Linux I play dwarf fortress and Morrowind via openMW.

Thinking of getting a shiny new used Thinkpad so I can play Japanese VN's in bed.

An eternal issue with WINE, where every single video game in existence, but particularly the Japanese ones, all need MPEG-1/2 decoding ability that it can't provide.
There's a lot of confusion over whether the issue's been solved with user's particular setups, whether the issue lies with WINE itself, gstreamer, or winegstreamer, whether the bug is actually important at all (it is, some games actually play MPEG video constantly for stuff like animated text cursors or character animations rendering most video games completely unplayable, but particularly the Japanese ones), and how they should solve the issue. It's all pretty terrible. Fixing this issue would solve so many bugs at once, and for 12 years nobody's done it. I wouldn't fault anybody for thinking that running their games in a VM would be a better idea.


i have some old consoles that i can use if i ever want to play something. a windows vm would be the only way to run proprietary games on my computers because wine does not work properly on this distro

it should have got you thinking why aren't you posting in >>>/g/ ?
>>>/v/ is for vidya newfag

Has this board been completely taken over by newfa/g/ refugees? There is an entire other board >>>/lv/ for this discussion. Go the fuck there.

i use gentoo linux and im hella games

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I tried WINE on Ubuntu a few months ago. Most of my games ran like shit in WINE. They work, but at 1/2 to 1/3 the fps. I tried changing/updating video drivers and messing with settings but it only made things worse.

Dead board.

On the off chance I play a game (my last session was in February) it's one of the following:
Sonic Colours (via Dolphin)
Sonic and The Black Knight (via Dolphin)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skate 4 (via PCSX2)
Half-Life 2

Pretty much everything post 2014 is laced with DLC and pay to win, I don't even bother keeping up with vidya anymore.
I'll probably play a little more after I get carpal tunnel surgery, but I mostly get my enjoyment from programming, I'll try and get one in at least every month so I don't keep burning out on programming

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That's cus you probably weren't using DXVK. Just use Proton, it doesn't have these issues.

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Wine is a compatibility layer for Windows. Through Wine, you are running Windows (versions of) games, instead of Linux games (or ports).

All I play really is CS:GO, emulated games through higan/citrus and Toontown Rewritten.

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GNUJump and cowsay

Try looking it up first before being retarded:

This is how i know none of you retards even bothered looking up the problem.

[/code]LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine /path/to/game/game.exe[/code]
If this doesn't work then you probably need to generate japanese locales locally on linux's side, this isn't an issue with wine because this isn't wine's job.
This is upto the locally implemented locales on your system.
A good way to check if you have locales set properly is open /etc/locale.gen and check if you have JA_JP locales uncommented.
If they are, good. If they are commented then you'll need to uncomment thema and run locale-gen.

I've literally never had a single problem with a japanese game in my fucking life.
If you still have problem then you might just be missing font files which you can get by downloading/winetricks cjkfonts

As for codecs, stop using retarded precompiled stable distros that packages out of date crap

You missunderstand newfags, they don't want to talk about libregaming or actual native linux games, they want to talk about how hip and l337 they are for using a wrap layer to run shit that most winfags already can run fine but with a shit ton of overhead.

He didn't say GNU/Linux games. He said, and I quote, "games on GNU/Linux", you pedantic fuck.

My taste in games is largely based on nostalgia, as I gave up on AAA titles as soon as I jumped off the windows ship.

The household entertainment center has a small pile of consoles acquired cheaply via ebay
- Original Xbox
- PS3
- PS4 (they got cheap when the fancier version came out)
- some miscellaneous handheld consoles

My main rig has a winXP drive that I boot up only after unplugging the ethernet. I only really use it for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, and mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries.

Emulators seem to work well enough for NES, SNES, and N64 as well as DOS games.

It seems like the late 90's and early 2000's had quite a bit of experimentation and catering to niche markets to deliver novel concepts. After that point it seems like a few businesses realized the center of the bell curve will get the most sales, and thus AAA games are kind of like Hollywood movies now in that they churn out safe bet after safe bet with occasional shifts as new ideas accidentally make it out. The anti-consumer DRM would have probably killed my interest even without linux. The notion of games and software as a service simply doesn't appeal to me.

Making a game on your own feels nice, even if the output is garbage by professional standards. A single dev can't hope to put a dent in the sort of scope AAA games deliver on, but can exercise total creative freedom with what time they do have.

There are exactly three visual novels that have been made in renpy. Katawa Shoujo, Doki Doki Literature Club, and that one series made by the tranny. Putting the quality of those games aside, the engine itself is total shit. Why would game companies use some Python bullshit when they've got perfectly good proprietary engines that they've had licensed for the past few decades?

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You've never looked at steam's front page, have you?
Steam and itch have been flooded with shitty VNs ever since they started accepting them


Gud site for FLOSS vidya.