Brit/pol/ #2658: Cryptids Edition

Book lifts the lid on life for Corbyn's first wife that turned into a succession of political demos

Mother arrested in front of her children and locked up for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as a man online

Jailed Al-Qaeda chief receives £800k in legal aid to appeal his conviction

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gud lad

Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many - (spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) based out of London)

Specifically mossad spiiiies.

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Good lad

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The police were in the right. She probably hacked her phone to find out she transitioned. How else could she have known?

I saw this in both thread and it's still making me laugh, I need a Norf F.C depicting this

Using lust to undermine your enemies is such a slimy tactic smh

fuck civics

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make it so lads

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The scoobydoo that funds (or at least partly funded Azov back in 2014) is fucking weird tbh, he funds a shit ton of other national guard units (even created one himself), he weirdly dabbles in right wing stuff despite being a kike. Pretty sure he only funded Azov because he lost a bunch of assets when the Ruskies took Crimea and Donbass and wanted it all back.

First for fresh Geoff


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makes sense


The rizla sheets I knicked off a mate have stuck themselves together,

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That's what you get for theft, you piece of shit.

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Bit homo lad

Good lad

B&H Blue Superkings


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I do both

Rollies are objectively nicer tbh.

Gives you a graveyard cough though

shit parcels

And makes you look like a bum

Poo presents


I like nicotine

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Edward Colston: Bristol school to remove slave trader's name from house

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tbf the conversation was literally one word posts about rollies, brapps and "shit parcels".

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wonder if they remove the name of a factory owner, since industrial workers in 19th century england had far lower life expectancies than a carribean slave

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Baste westie BTFO'ing the libtards epic style

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Should just ban scoobydoos tbh

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Really worried about the way he keeps avatar fagging as that little autistic girl.

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doing owt for valentines lads?

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free toil drinks one of my mates is organising, then cheap toil party later in the day might see if a toil lass I snogged recently will be joining

Working with a 30 something half caste girl who wants to fugg me

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Tbh, avatarfagging as a lass is always concerning, especially when the fag has a past of homo activity

I really would rather be at home shitposting about my dinner

mentioning non of our moderation team tbh

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andrew anglin is an unfunny nonce whos entire career is stealing jokes from Zig Forums but making them worse.

Colonise her, lad

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The top one is funny. They get worse from there tbh. The ones at the bottom are lefty/pol/ tier tbh.

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not my type

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It's such a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)ish thing to do.

crazy tbh

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recently bought the raimi trilogy on blu ray tbh

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fucking white males!! white males

never happened tbh. The dude literally called 11 year olds who were raped by muslims whores and sluts. remember when he tried to defend adults fucking 13 year olds on the daily shoah after the Roy Moore fiasco.

I know what SA's doing

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it must be true he said it when debating with don Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkade
not heard that bit creepy. shane take him in.

so did I wtf kek

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oh wow this is the gift that keeps giving

She got the same forehead as Ice Tea

This /newbrit/ thread you mean?

kek she pressed a button


which girl would you want as your exercise partner

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Sexaholics Anonymous

Sounds like a gag from a comedy show tbh
dat title
my sides

What is her actual claim? I know women kvetch over this, but what is she actually meant to have done? It must surely be more than following a simple instruction.

right: shes gunna raep u

right it is then

god knows, apparently she legit had the tism
supposedly she discovered dna or something, but all we actually know is that based James Watson took a look at the crystallography photos she had taken and worked out the dna helix structure

yeah right is at least hot, but I'd never go with a grrrl who was stronger than me lol

Eh, they just comb important historical entities for at least one person from one of their chosen groups and then massively inflate their role. Doesn't matter how relevant that person originally was.


Laura Thot Trott.

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dat bulge

belly button piercing

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fat cunt

Based 80s vintage girls covered in oil and spandex multicolour swimwear

looks like she is on her period tbh lol

No, it's illegal saddle tech.

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