Brit/pol/ #2659: Peak William Edition

Jesus Christ 'was GREEK and not scoobydooish' according to explosive claims made in new Amazon Prime documentary

'''YouTube announces it will no longer recommend conspiracy videos

Naked Brexit professor frequently got publicly naked long before Brexit

Have four or more babies in Hungary and you'll pay no income tax for life, prime minister says

Chippy announces 'fish and chips bouquet' as Valentine's Day special

'Trans row' student banned from free speech debate

How to avoid turning your home into a manrepeller: Interiors therapist reveals the items that could be making your abode off-putting to men

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In this video, you hear the lady describing him as an "African-American man":

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Banks might have saved the economy

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how the fuck do you fuck up when you have a fucking teleprompt right in fucking front of you

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Adam Ant is a notorious thicko

the alt shite is dead now its just gamers rise up shitposting. politics is fucking shite please nuke it all putin.

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Lad, he's not the one that cooms, he makes lads coom

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woop woop

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Let them try and take InfoWars from me

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I still like yank politics despite everything tbh
Also the worse it gets the more comfy all the dafties become as they give up on democracy

as if you didnt fall in love with brexit muffin until people found her twitter

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I bet the ayatollah could get a wall built if he wanted though mr drumpf

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In my defense, everyone did.

she legit might work for a PR firm tbh, all their accounts were made after the photo was taken and multiple newspapers pulled the image from their reports

This one always cracks me up.

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suck me off and pay me 50 thousand dollars

Bit rich to be hear America insult Iran for "corruption", too.

what do lads who work toil jobs think of pic related?

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Not sure the US would easily stomp Iran as hard as they think they will, from what I've heard the US army isn't anywhere near the level they were in 2003.

What does she do when/if Patreon shuts down? Escort work? Porn?

*takes 200 million dollars from aipac and then has both sides of parliament condemn the notion that the israel lobby has any influence in government*
a modern cincinattus for sure

tbh US MIL would probably lose in iran. its got the topography of afghanistan and a proper 4g warfare designed military force that would have russian advisors

Smh, why do heroes have to fall

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feel like I have been talking about this shite for 6 years and nothing has happened

It's people are actually loyal as well, Iraq was a stomp because like 60% of the country hated Saddam and turned against him or ran away the moment the yanks showed up.

im not gay lad, im just an emotional cripple who crumbles into a wreck if a lass likes me because I have been conditioned by society to think that everyone hates me and that I am worthless and have to transcend the self to escape feelings of meaninglessness

Yeah probably, what other skills does she conceivably have

just like the shemitah

heh I bought rounghly 1k of silver this year because of memi posting about egonomical gollasbe that was supposed to be happening RIGHT NOW

He is? Give me the quick rundown

Yeah because the US Gov have been talking about it since the 90's.

stop reading zerohedge lad it's bad for you

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Can he get anything right?

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yeah they have never been right about anything

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Iran has pretty difficult terrain, apparently the best invasion routes are from southern Iraq and western Afghanistan, but even then it's not the best.

America definitely have the capacity to win the war, but I don't know how that would go in reality. I wonder what the public would think of the war as well. I guess the anti-war left has collapsed and they are all pro-war now though.

Message from Comrade May

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He can successfully identify manhole covers pretty well tbh.

He posted vocaroos which revealed him to be a complete williamoid. He also regularly posts about poo in a grim manner, and likely to be poolad. Then also see here


Title Test
• Bullet
• Bullet
• Bullet

Title Test
• Bullet
• Bullet
• Bullet

leave steiner alone tbh

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America in Iran would most likely trigger a larger conflagration and precipitate massive instability in satellite countries
Not sure China or Russia would allow it to happen on their doorstep but then again I could be totally wrong


I don't know, lad. My dad said that to another kid my age in the locker room. It's just a joke

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Zerohedge is contributor fed tbh
Some of the contributors have been right and others not

Keke lad

so then should I read it? everyday its about the egonomie gollabse

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Even ginnie got her mum to sell shares because ginnie believed it so hard

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Did you get that lass a valentines card lad

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no everyone said that was an incel tier move

Economy is probs fucked though, not a massive end times collapse but like, big recession sorta thing, Germany and Italy have already started it.

yeah I wish it would start sooner.

taking all my power to not continue eating bbq wings

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I want to see all the normie yuppies get BTFO

Most of it is the US China trade war and the car industry.

theyre called deanos here

nothing wrong with being romantic, some lasses like that

I already gave up on doing it tbh

That's not romantic though

the one lad made a good point how it was kind of passive aggressive

Incel tier would be to never make an effort or try anything and then to wonder why you don't have a gf,which is what you do now lad smh

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Become a serial killer, all women are naturally hybristophiliac.

You just have to pick your way through it and cross reference for a balanced outlook
It's very difficult to predict economic outcomes even for seasoned professionals. So many variables and some of these cunts could be trying to precipitate some kind of financial shenanigans with their FAKE news

The lad's right. This is one step above incel.

you are outsourcing your enjoyment in life to scoobydoos, hoping they screw up the numbers and set the country on fire. in that scenario, you and your mummy are actually robbed of silver by gangs of friends, your "friends" only being on the internet in britbongistan laughing at the decline of murica.

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If you want to get to him you'll have to go through me. Me and 3-7 more posters like me. Real nightshift

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thanks lad

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Not true lad I unironically support you for mod

Muster up the willpower lad, otherwise you will end up a fat lad like 22st or bins

i wish i could trade you pal

Become a trichotillomaniac lad

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Kursk is a pretty comfy Slavic walking simulator.

Shame everyone dies at the end.

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