Rest In Piss, SJW-browser

Rest In Piss, SJW-browser.

S to spit on it's grave.

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tell me what to use, please I beg you, Im just a humble normalfag windows user. I dont know technology. Firefox and Chrome and Edge are piss.
do I use Brave? I cant take it anymore


Download Emacs
Run m-x eww
Enjoy your new web browser


pale moon or ungoogled chromium


Newfag here. Please tell me what happened?

Chromefox has been made so dependent on a central certification server, in the interest of "security" and "trust" for a feature whose entire purpose is supposed to be overriding the design of the browser to conform with the user's wishes, that a minor hiccup on Mozilla's end has caused every copy of Chromefox in the world to spontaneously disable all add-ons extensions.

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Thanks user. Just noticed my ublock origin is gone too.

Hey, at least Tree Style Tabs is now designed in such a way that if Mozilla forces it to be disabled, Chromefox can't instantly delete all of your saved tabs and sessions in a silent update, like last time.

I'm still pissed that happened.

Fuck mozilla
I'm switching to that furfag palemoon if there is nothing better than that

Damn, and I thought I was slow with this kind of thing.

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I used it with the changes from librefox. Palemoon kept fucking up some small things so I stopped using it

How and why is that possible? Is the browser slave to some Mozilla command&control server? How to disable that bullshit?

Grave? Billions are flowing into advertisers and dataminers pockets every minute blocking extensions are disabled, they will get so much money for that stunt, they will have funding for the next 1000 years.

I got pissed off and switched over to Iron Browser and Iridium.

Chromium based browsers, with security in mind. They load all the extensions I use on a daily.


I can't really see any reason to go back to firefox at this point.

Whatever that is you're smoking, quit it or you'll wreck your brains.

Stop shilling malware, you fucking piece of shit. Kys.

Last time, it was because they switched add-on mechanisms to become more like Chrome, forcing a full rewrite of many add-ons, such as Tree Style Tabs. At the time, the add-on stored tabs differently from the way stock tabs were stored, so a Firefox update that killed it also deleted its settings, eliminating all tabs from prior sessions.

This is no longer the case, so if (when) SJWzilla decides to make the add-on mechanism even more restrictive, tabs from prior sessions will still be accessible using Firefox's built-in tab and session managers (unless those are removed too).

So has anyone found a fix for this yet? Re-adding add-ons with about:debugging every session is tiresome.