Brit/pol/ #2600: The Welsh have been left to their own devices Edtion

Plans to lower voting age in Welsh elections to 16 and change Assembly's name officially unveiled

Eritrean soldier who entered UK in lorry jailed for attempted rape of unconscious woman

Wales MEP announces he will run for Nigel Farage's new Brexit party

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just makes my brain fucking hurt. I don't know what is going on


22st, postmodernists are famously unable to communicate clearly.

But that kid seems to manage well. smh

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Powerful aura.

They want to let 16 year olds vote so they can use them, brainwashed from birth and still pubescent, emotionally unstable, with the fastest possible turn-over. It is yet another new group to target, and does not benefit the 16 year olds in any way. Instead, it will place the blame on them for the continued destruction of society before they've even become adults.
They've been pushing this idea in various places, they clearly see it as a viable tool.
It goes against all sense and reason, and in a sane world would have no justification. Then again, they already decriminlised homosexuality, then lowered it from 21 to 18, then to 16. While they banned guns, and raised the knife age from 16 to 17, then to 18 and then banned most of them. They also raised the driving age up from 16.

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You're not actually supposed to even suggest retarded shit like this.

Can't let people develop their own thoughts, lower it to 16 and you have a million or so teenage girls #metoo, #openborders before they've ever faced reality. You'll also have another million teenage boys who will do anything to impress the teenage girls, and who have grown up on soy and hollywood.

It's so retarded. Most people are probably ashamed of their teenage self

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My political beliefs at that age were full Ayn Rand shit (100% because of Bioshock). Christ almighty, how embarrassing.

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At 16 I was a neo nazi from playing europa universalis III multiplayer with racist slavs. I kept asking them how they could be racist and they responded with "here are some fbi crime stats collected by the american government that show that different ethnic groups commit different amounts of crime and this can't be explained by socioeconomic conditions as we have twin adoption studies and also the richest blacks commit more crime than the poorest whites also this study here shows that diversity leads to greater unhappiness in an area bla bla bla etc…" and they just always had an answer for every question I asked them. Eventually I just accepted their positions because I couldn't argue against them. Also playing lots of gsg, genociding natives to make britain a world superpower and ruthlessly crushing any opposition and centralising the state under a powerful autocratic government, and how frustrated I was with the liberal factions in those games that want to reduce your military budget and get you into debt made me think hmmmm

Good lad

mfw was goobergate anti-sjw zoomer smh

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its a good mindset to have tbh.

still don't get why gamergate was such a big deal lol, bit cringe tbh. muh game reviews!

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Good lad.

They found links to journos, devs and DARPA iirc, so the Govt went full psyop on it

m-muh ethics

Zig Forums and Gamergate are just the same thing

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ri la

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People got called out for their bullshit for the very first time tbh.

This tbh

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v2 is a bigbrained game

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Hopefully Victoria 3 will have an IQ mechanic.

ai ld

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oh no

heh, paradox couldn't remake v2 even if they wanted to kek. they've lost the magic touch.

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Had a pretty good game as South Africa once tbh, kept one of the African nations as a puppet since they had a massive population and I didn't want my barely a majority Boers becoming a minority. Oddly normal looking Europe as well tbh.

I had a 1v1 war with the British but they'd yet to discover gas masks and I had gas attack so it was an very stressful stomp with my roughly 80k troops running around gassing stacks of British troops, pretty sure it also partly collapsed their empire

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>crazy strong boners just from kissing her on the lips

Sorry for the blogshit it’s just I’m in disbelief because … what I thought would never happen, happened. Me! With someone! And it’s completely cured me of porn! I-is this what happiness feels like?

ebin gross southafricums lad I bet they are well comfy to play haha. never played them myself. you need to get HPM downloaded tbh, game won't be the same without it. adds so many features.

pic related is the last thing I did, I colonised africa and released loads of african nations so that I could burn infamy and annex more of russia, kek.

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To restore Greater Britannia we…have to restore The Kingdom of Serbia, make an alliance with French partisans, and even rely on New World Spain and Portugal's colonies for backing once they start taking back their own lands? Sounds familiar, but not impossible…

Why is this news article worthy kek

I say nigger at work all the time, even to an actual black who couldn’t care less. Hell I probably would’ve been worse off if I’d caved in and backed down on it when someone who was also white had an issue with it

Those are beautiful borders.

Cheers mate, but It was weird user, all these years i never tried but out of nowhere I was in that situation where you and a girl end up close face to face and I don’t know what came over me I just did it any ways

Based Germany blob. Pretty sure I had HPM on (or the other one I don't know). SA is about as fun to play as Texas which is "not very much" due to being surrounded by multiple powers that can stomp you instantly until the 20th century (machine guns and chlorine gas are great promoters of equality)

Hasn't this strategy failed every time

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When the left fails at something, it doubles down.

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good lad

Keeping my mouth shut about that being my first for obvious reasons kek

I’m mentioning it since it’s like damn. I’d resigned myself to being a kv since I’m 26 now an all that. I didn’t expect this at all.

Also I like that we all prop each other up when one of us does something good, I remember on our 4cuck days before the split that I was called a normie Chad because a girl at the till gave me a 5p for free despite the fact I was a khv well Into my 20s and couldn’t talk to girls to save my life back then.

5p bag

whoa wait till you're married for that lad.

because we're all goodlads here

well when a mummy and daddy love each other very much they do a special hug and a baby comes out a few months later

I chuckled, lel you know it was kiss lads

It’s nice, imo a smaller community makes a better one for threads instead of some 200 posts an hour shitfest like on 4cuck

good lad
Put a tear in my eye

thoughts on this lads?
remember to send them your hand photos, and have your dna checked. it's fun!

Police arrest 'yellow vest' activist James Goddard on suspicion of assault after he confronted a demonstrator and 'threatened a photographer'

Sounds about right. I like those gun parades yanks do where they walk with their rifles through the streets without harassing anybody and well dressed as a show of force and discipline. Guess that's the easiest sort of thing to provocateur though.

Macron blames Yellow Vest movement for 'unacceptable' rise in anti-Semitism, as Germany also reports ten per cent rise in hate crime

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I was just wondering about a totally theoretical march marshalling a contingent of the 17 million people who voted for Brexit in this country through Central London with the equally theoretical conclusion of mob violence against traitors in minecraft.

nige could do this but instead he calls white people rayciss smh

The first bit is required to get the second bit for the most part, you can't have a house without foundation.

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I think if a man of his public standing organised it, we could get 10,000 in Westminster.

this, I didn't have a clue wtf was going on when I was 16, used to reee at my parents for being racist lol
Does that mean englishmen emmigrating, or third worlder scum immigrating. Due to their incapability with english vocabulary, it is indistinct.

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worse than being a commie tbh

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We're not allowed to denote if they're foreigners anymore, apparently it makes the thousands coming over the med and through turkey more palatable.

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Yeah at least the commies are aware that they're commies.

I was a full blown SJW from about 14 to 17, then I discovered lolburgism for about a year before becoming a BASED aut-right fan

Tommeh got a solid amount on the streets tbh, upwards of 30-40k.

Means Raj and Ahmed will have an easier time coming here which will cause more migration in the long run.

smh lads always I've been this way. comes with growing up in an occupied zone.

That word again. Do you mean more Englishmen will be moving to Mumbai and Nigeria?
Perhaps you mean IMmigration, which means foreign devils entering this country.
EMmigration means jolly good chaps from this country going to other countries to civilise them.
Migration means either of those, as can be seen when birds migrate for winter/summer, they go back and forth.

Gallipoli could have led to the retaking of Constantinople and the holy roman empire being reinstated across the entirety of north africa.
We're in the wrong timeline.


We occupied Constantinople after WW1 tbh

>The Government's plans for the period after Brexit could actually cause net migration TO the UK to rise by more than 100,000, a report claims.

You mean IMmigration?

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thank god we have a single issue party to fight brexit, not like there are any bigger issues or large existential threats we need to face. so glad we don't have an actual nationalist party like italy, spain, hungary, sweden or germany

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Thanks bro, glad to have been of service tbh

were rothschilds involved

Some things could've gone better, others could've gone worse. Europe barely dodged Islamic conquest several times.

should've just done it then

Crimean War was a mistake.

Today invasion is just called immigration and asylum seeking

Invasions didn’t go away, they just changed names.

On 2 May 1916, Townshend was taken in an Ottoman motor boat up the Tigris to Baghdad and was run past by his men, who cheered him as he saluted in return.[101] Despite the whips of the guards who tried to keep their charges marching down the road, the POWs rushed to the bank of the Tigris to cheer their general on as he sped past them, shouting "Three cheers for our brave general! Hip-hip-hurrah!".[102] It was the last time that most of Townshend's men were to see him. The Ottomans provided their POWs with a few hardened biscuits for food.[101] Braddon wrote that after eating the biscuits: "The following morning, they began to die. Frothing at the mouth, their bowels and stomachs disintegrating into a greenish slime, dehydrated and moaning, they died one after the other".[101] The illness that afflicted the British and Indian POWs was enteritis that was contained within the biscuits.[101] After the surrender, the Ottomans forced the British and Indian POWs to embark upon a brutal "death march" to POW camps in Anatolia, during which the prisoners were forced to march under the scorching hot sun while being deprived of water, food and medical care while constantly being whipped by the Kurdish and Arab tribesmen the Ottoman state had hired to guard them; those who faltered on the "death march" were shot on the spot.[89][101] In the evening, the men on the death march were given biscuits to eat and water to drink. The only reason why the guards kept their charges alive was to rape them and during the course of the death march all of the POWs were repeatedly gang-raped.[65] McKnight stated in an interview that: "Once they arrived in the prisoner-of-war camps, conditions were little better and hundreds died every month from starvation or being beaten to death by the odd casually brutal Turkish guard".[89] The Indian Muslims serving as support troops at Kut were the only POWs (other than the officers) who were well-treated by the Ottomans and many promptly joined the Ottoman Army to fight against the British.[99] When the Ottoman Empire signed the Armistice of Mudros on 30 October 1918, only 30% of the British and Indian soldiers taken prisoner at Kut in April 1916 were still alive with the other 70% having died in either the death march or in the POW camps.[93] By contrast, Townshend and his officers were well treated. Only one of the officers who surrendered at Kut, the commander of a Gurkha company chose to go on the death march with his men while the rest of the officers accepted the Ottoman offer to be held separately from the other ranks.

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You mean, europe fought off the islamic hordes several times and drove them back into their snake pits.

The crusades should have been used to finish them off completely. To the very last one.

Turks are trying it again in the modern era, bragging that through mass immigration to the west they will overrun us, or at least their leadership is. I despise them.


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they aren't human

Best thing is they think that through this they will inherit the countries they are occupying, when in reality they will just be turning it into another 3rd world shithole like their home nations while trying to ape the culture and traditions of the country they destroyed, it's a bit cargo culty tbh.

Just got back from the gym, had an ice bath. Feel like I could curb stomp a hundred remainers.

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wait, why is corbs thug lyfe? surely the other MP should have the shades after BTFOing him

We should have just let it collapse and met the Russians on the field honestly.

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