Is this the future of the internet?

Is this the future of the internet?

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I'm a robot.

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Seriously, what are we going to do about this?

I sure hope so


This is only the beginning.

How dare a public service company implement a way to stop automated access to its public service! How evil! How dastardly!


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Not really

i dont like how everything uses the google captcha. you are basically working for the jew without pay every time when you solve it.

All of you are Russian bots and don't deserve to use this glorious invention called the internet bestowed upon us by the great soy farther in the before time.

So you're telling me that Google search service is not available for the public to use? Okay, I didn't realize that was the case. I wonder what it was I was entering if it wasn't public. It's a mystery.

user is right. Companies are private and provide no public services, that's what the state does.
Search results vary on location and search language, censorship varies on location and if they wanted to I'm sure they'd be allowed to block your personal IP address to keep you from using Google.
But why would they do that? The reason they offer that service is to get your data to begin with.

Mcdonalds is a public service company because it is open to everybody in the public. It is not a government entity. Microsoft is a public service company because it is open to everybody in the public. It is not a government entity.

This, really. CAPTCHA is necessary to keep bots under control, but offsite CAPTCHA (let alone offsite anything, except perhaps DDoS mitigation CDNs, which can be distributed rather than centralized, at least) isn't.

maybe if you use shitty sites like imgur (try
but recaptcha is an evil I'd like to see banned for social damage (that's a thing right?)

It's vital in a time of mass-bot posting.

are captch images classified as an something (eg. car, stairs, etc.) when they are uploaded or or through an algorithm after it's uploaded? i see anons implying it's the former but could't find any official answer


Google uses these captchas to teach their AI what things look like.

the google captcha isnt for bots. the assholes that manage the site put it there for humans because they know that its hard for them to solve and very likely also get something from google for using it.

Whatever coinsh's views are, they claim to keep no logs and there's no hassle in using them like recaptcha.

What proof do you have with this assertion. Do you run a website with Google captcha featured on it?

inject 77 grains of copper plated lead at 3000 feet per second directly to the back of the skull of the individuals responsible for its invention and implementation.

I would like the suggest the use of Roman bridge trial on captcha developers, in case you aren't aware roman engineers were forced to stand under a bridge they built when it was used for first time with heavy load. I'm thinking along the lines of sit the dev down on chair, put a gun to the back of their heads and tell them so solve their own capcha 3 times, if 1 time they fail you pull the trigger.

Exactly, if there is google captcha I just fuck off the site, takes minute to solve the captcha and when u finally do it's fucking expired.

Who the fuck came up with the idea to change jewgle captcha into that obnoxious picture game anyway? It was perfectly tolerable back in the days when it was just a text problem, why did they change it to be so awful?

Lurk moar

The solution is just to use a bot to solve it for you. I remember someone saying, that there was a bot based on Google's AI program, to solve it's own captcha.
Here is another one, that claims it can solve the audio one, though I haven't tried it.

Good. Let's find Internet spammers and dox them for causing this.

Spam bots got more sophisticated.

You are training google's ai for Free.

it could be more human friendly but they fucked it up again by adding those super slow fade ins that pause if you change to another tab and by starting to require more than one or two correct answers. at this point it somehow manages to be much worse than the old version with those hard to read letters. oh and i almost forgot that you have to spend the average time solving it or you will get stuck in a infinite loop of captchas and its like 10 seconds for a thing that can be done in 5 or less.

new usecase. on the text captcha you would digitize "books" and later street signs but on this new one it can be anything that they want to train their ai with and possibly something that external customers pay for. what has not changed is that the solvers are still working for google without pay.

I think they are always worse, personally. At least typing doesn't take any attention, so even if you get it wrong a few times, at least it was effortless. The new ones are way more of a pain in the ass.

usually i use the mouse if i browse the web because the interfaces are just terrible for a keyboard user. the captcha used to be just one page with clear non fading pictures that you click once and then continue doing whatever you wanted. now its just a massive timesink.

Captcha's don't stop spam for shit. Last time I went to 4chan there were recurring threads on multiple boards that were regularly getting so much spam it was impossible to post in them before they got flooded with shit. This was with Google's carptcha in place.

Spammers can buy human captcha solvers for pennies.

imagine being a captcha solver

While they serve the "general public" they are still private entities. They can bar you from using their service with the reason "fuck you" and there is nothing you can do about it because they are private entities and they have freedom of association.

$10 is a fortune in subhuman countries.

First, most fags these days (now that the internet is full of immigrants) don't even understand what a captcha is for. If you're all using the same captcha service, you're doing it wrong. It doesn't matter if a captcha temporarily is solvable, because all that would happen is a small amount of spam getting through, which happens anyway.
If you're actually stupid enough to rely on a captcha working 100% of the time, you already broke your application. People will use captcha proxies and captcha trading platforms (like Captcha Brotherhood) and bypass your captcha, no matter how good it is.
Also, captchas for _viewing_ a web page are not a valid application.
Second, Recaptcha is garbage. It's not even a real captcha since it blocks IP addresses. Yes I know some fag is gonna say, "well that's part of their risk model, I'm so smart I know what a risk model is even though neither I nor Google have a formal definition of any instance of such a thing". Actually, if they were using a sane risk model, they'd fall back to a simple 4 digit captcha for 99.9999% of websites since they are not CURRENTLY UNDER ATTACK. This already is proven to work since literally every website that uses its own shitty captcha (which you could solve with 5 minutes of coding and a lookup table) is not being spammed into some unusable state.
Now heres another key point: Instead, as a marketing move, Google made a fallback to a "simple box click", and got all the "tech" media to write about it. So now what we have is some bullshit that wows your average fat fuck cashier who wears a Google T-Shirt, while still being a complete failure at engineering.
Other current problems with recaptcha for the last N years are:

Another problem with webshit in general is they block you from signup or whatever and only tell you this _after_ going through recaptcha. This is standard fare on webshit because they use some garbage framework and have no control over how their program actually works without putting unmaintainable hacks everywhere.
Another problem is captchas "expire". You have the challenge open and come back and its expired and have to start over. Or you complete the challenge and fill out some other stuff and come back to the page and its expired.
I've seen all these problems on multiple browsers on multiple OS on multiple types of connections (Tor, clearnet, cafe, University, work)
The bottom line is that the capitalist cock sucking contest cannot engineer. (And YES, this is capitalism here. Google and the likes would not maintain these "free" services if they weren't directly profiting from them) They will continue to pull stunts like "all you have to do is click the checkbox!", while still not having a basic working product. Whenever it fails, since laymen and even "programmers" are brainwashed into blaming everything on "software is hard!", they will happily take the side of the company 100% of the time. Now as you can see there aren't some vague privacy problems here, the real problem is the product is just pure unusable bullshit.

no it fucking wasn't. recaptcha was always shit.
learn your history. even on clearnet in 2008 it would do this shit all the time me on multiple profiles

Yes goy, you've correctly repeated their official claim

Oh yeah, and 8cuck now has the worst captcha ever made. Two captchas for one post??????? A "daily" captcha that expires after every post???? You have to copy a fucking ID and the answer between browser windows?????? Even with JS enabled it's still the same shit except you don't have to copy stuff around, but whenever you fail the captcha it sits there masturbating for a minute before showing the next captcha. Also it says "the post body is too long" only _after_ solving the worst captcha on earth. Typical.


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>see same (((amendment))) that was used to push almost every single communist and regenerative court case in history of the U.S.

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I don't follow. Microsoft isn't a state, it's a corporation. Their customers or users are not their citizens.

They do have a jacked up influence on the market, but their unfair terms of services, if any, should be incentive and reasons for competitors to form. Just that now they kind of have a monopoly on desktop computing.

It was, but at least when it was text we could reNIGGER and pretend we were fighting the power.

Corporations are legal persons. Imho it's the main flaw of incorporation. Corporations were recognized as persons before niggers were.

retard alert

Surely you're not this retarded.

You can still select invalid images and pass the captcha. I do it every time

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:

Corporation \Cor`po*ra"tion\ (k[^o]r`p[-o]*r[=a]"sh[u^]n), n.
[L. corporatio incarnation: cf. F. corporation corporation.]
A body politic or corporate, formed and authorized by law to
act as a single person, and endowed by law with the capacity
of succession; a society having the capacity of transacting
business as an individual.

Note: Corporations are aggregate or sole. {Corporations
aggregate} consist of two or more persons united in a
society, which is preserved by a succession of members,
either forever or till the corporation is dissolved by
the power that formed it, by the death of all its
members, by surrender of its charter or franchises, or
by forfeiture. Such corporations are the mayor and
aldermen of cities, the head and fellows of a college,
the dean and chapter of a cathedral church, the
stockholders of a bank or insurance company, etc. A
{corporation sole} consists of a single person, who is
made a body corporate and politic, in order to give him
some legal capacities, and especially that of
succession, which as a natural person he can not have.
Kings, bishops, deans, parsons, and vicars, are in
England sole corporations. A fee will not pass to a
corporation sole without the word ``successors'' in the
grant. There are instances in the United States of a
minister of a parish seized of parsonage lands in the
right of his parish, being a corporation sole, as in
Massachusetts. Corporations are sometimes classified as
public and private; public being convertible with
municipal, and {private corporations} being all
corporations not municipal.

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it will eventually ban your ip if you keep selecting wrong things. even if not then it jut increases the difficulty so you only make it more annoying for yourself. they have millions idiots that give accurate results every day so it knows when you select wrong things.

citation needed
also i select things that plausibly look like the criteria. e.g a river instead of a road, which at first glance lots of people will click when trying to do it seriously

you will get one of these if it doesnt like you

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Basically that, if all goes according to plan google will be able to transform the whole internet on its social media platform around 2030

Uh more likely does that because of high bot activity on an IP. It shouldn't do it at all of course

oh its some tranny that works at google

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That's not an argument you dumb fucking cunt. I am so of course I don't work at Google. The Zig Forumsnigger is why we can't have good things. You can't even argue against recaptcha properly. I highly highly doubt they block you for selecting wrong images.
Bump so everyone can make fun of you and proceed to kill yourself.
7 captchas were solved to make this post. im in a thread explaining why recaptcha is shit and using the worst captcha system on earth for eachp ost

And tineye reverse image search require capcha too.