Brit/pol/ #2661: God Told Me To Destroy Joe Rogan Edition

British IS schoolgirl 'wants to return home'

Post-Brexit trade partners ask UK to lower human rights standards

UK weather forecast: Britain to be hit with 'very high' temperatures over next 24 HOURS

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What's your thoughts on the Alex vs Joe ongoing saga lad?

Best edition in a long time

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she can return to a trench tbh

Bought the resident evil 2 remake tbh

lads could you give me the link to the mute lass dating app, I want to try it out.

Jamie pull up that video of that lad being good

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For them

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VERY good lad


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xth for battle nuns

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They should have a fight to settle it tbh Alex could take him

Thanks lads

Good lad

Can anyone webm him brapping?

Alex definitely has the weight and height advantage that's for sure

Delectable little genestealer in the 2nd pic

smh lad. if you want to do it do it yourself. youtube-dl, ffmpeg

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Fake and gay tbh

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Would colonise her like mad


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reminder that language and harmonic music are both connected to higher dimensional forms

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Smh. Sometimes happens when I'm talking too, I'm thinking far ahead so get caught up in my speaking and become a bit unclear as I end up hoping the other person just knows what the fuck I'm rambling about

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my sides

Yeah I dont get what he meant by that

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The girl on the right looks a bit thai but I don't think she is.

Listening to metallica lads

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She looks a bit paki or Persian or something

She looks white to me tbh

Good lad

even better

It's what happens when a white lad impregnates a full paki or Persian tbh

those things are very different lad

some kind of druze or assyrian is my bet


They keep me locked up in this cage
Can't they see it's why my brain says

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Warfilms used this in his latest kino

What do you tell them when they ask why you're single?

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you toil too much lad

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Recently reached an epiphany and decided to stop sucking off gents in the templar toilets

Now the bennies gone I must toil
Oh please mummy save meeeeeeeeeeeee

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Yeah my mum said the same thing to me today

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Nah she made her bed she gets to lie in it
She chose ragheads, unbearable heat, a sandy crack, dirty diseased men and a nation with no NHS
Over glorious NHS, unbearable heat, ragheads, dirty diseased men and free access to tampons

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The best is when everyone thinks you are ill becuase they havent seen you in about a month and you've lost weight from smoking and working

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based ada

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thats what I meant by a trench, a mass grave for bulldozing isis into

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Very good lad, was listening to System of a Down today tbh

That'd be depriving the wildlife of fresh meat tbh
Those Wildcats sure love the taste of sunbaked dunecoon

Good lad

Holy Mountains tbh

Time for some Disturbed

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Haven't had that happen yet but I have had a school mate pop in and she said I look old

Accelerated aging?

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My pen stops at about 6 seconds so I have to press the buutton twice keke


Maybe you're a mourner, maybe you deserve to die

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I'll have to get into the secret Zig Forums PC vidya cabal soon

Keke, how much did yours cost?

LCD Soundsystem now

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£13, it's that shitty blu pro pen, I want to make a rig but I cba


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Mine cost 40 about 2 years ago, think it costs about half now, but the tank is above the legal limit as it was before the tory scum restricting smdh

Dinesh D'Souza's ft

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Dinesh D'Pooza


Smdh, it makes me emotional. The best TV I have ever seen tbh

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They literally sweat the smell of curry

Nigger and other non-whites have never heard of deodorant either

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good lad


four horseman is their best song IMO


Good lad


by later metallica standards that song is actually ok tbf

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The Unnamed Feeling is unironically good

Willem Dafoe is kino in Wild At Heart

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real mission impossible 2 hours

we esoteric metal now?


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