Brit/pol/ #2662: GCHQT Day Edition

People's Vote's 'Bregret' Poster Boy Actually Voted Remain

Prince Philip will not be prosecuted for Sandringham car crash

Man sentenced to 15 years for killing 100-year-old Holocaust survivor

British Teen Doesn’t Regret Becoming ISIS Bride But Wants to Come Home to Have Baby

John McDonnell says Winston Churchill was a ‘villain’ over Tonypandy riots

Heads should roll over Garden Bridge debacle – but the odds are they won’t

Aspiring rappers in Birmingham more likely to be sentenced that white kids

Clement Vandenborre, counterintelligence chief for Belgium, has been placed under house arrest over suspicions that he might have spied for Russia

Yank Border Wall bill of Conference Report.pdf

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xth for boomer Nick Land

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sorry future goth gf i mvst save evropa

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when we save evropo we will make the state fashion into "gothic fash" and all get big tiddy fashy goth gfs


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wew wot, apparently he wasn't signing that bill

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totally retarded, trump cucks again epic job amerifats.

weew that's a good song, tad lidl.

Lads, is anyone going to be (illegally) watching (((BBC)))'s new scooby news they've been throwing crap overblown promotions about for the past month. Trying to get hype by not actually revealing what it is.

Will it be funny bad or just crap bad?

Drumpf hasn't actually signed it though

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hear hear, steiner

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What the actual fuck is he on about, it's a sweltering 10C here.

Stefan is so creepy. He always sounds like a psychopathic propagandist.

I would rather boil my own head but I'll watch it for the thotties anyway.

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I trust the WH tweet over BNL tbh

there is like 4 inches of snow and ice on the ground rn

Weren't a bunch of Dems and FBI talking about trying to get Trump removed via some legislation if he goes the emergency route?


His mum abused him, that's where the whole defooing thing he preaches comes from.

Stefan is unironically one of my idols and I wish he was god king of europe tbh

Didn't know it was from a real song. Interesting stuff.

That explains why he recommends fantasising about smashing your relatives with a baseball bat.

nip outside and ice your balls then

implying he isn't

Oh apparently he's doing both, he's signed the bill and is now ignoring half of it and building the wall through the emergency powers.

which will 100% fail and just mean another major loss for trump the gigantic retard

In other news, water is wet.


stefan is like the archteypical kind empathetic altruistic h'white man but with autist rage thrown in and also he's started to hate the anti-whites with a fire and contextualised it within a narrative that places whites as the reluctant herrenvolk of the world. i love him lads.

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They've been saying similar bollocks since he got elected.

wait what, what is he ignoring then

She fell on him inside the taxi?


funny title to give to momentum tbh

fell on him from the backseat


Isn'tgrace blakely the sexy corbynista? I'm guessing the comedian bloke's a leave supporter, because otherwise it's 4 avowed liberals against one baste guy.

The bit where they put limits on the wall and funding.

I imagine the bits about how he's not allowed to build a proper wall, build at all in most areas and/or the limited for the wall

would haterape her tbf


and dappy from ndubbz

would make her westie's buggery slave tbh

it was good lad
you sounded less williamy


w what


Standard BBC panel show tbh.

They might as well call her a dame.


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Tbh they usually at least try to hide the bias by having an unashamed free market capitalist - who still thinks trump's a pig and brexit's wrong, but that we need to bloody well get on with emulating thatcher anyway - to appease the unwashed plebs.

Can't see shit

I hope grace blakely gets her tits out tbh.

what town is it in?

These MPs are calling for an end to indefinite detention for illegal immigrants

Would the bbc ever have a non-scoobydooish, right wing equivalent of jimmy wales on? (ie an american businessman who has bugger all to do with britain)

Judge calls for review of fertility law after transgender man used sperm donor to give birth




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Pretty sure Norcott is a baste right-wing comedian.

I don't really give a shit about if he's right wing or left wing he's a fucking court jester, why should he be on a politics show?

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he should not, you can really see the decline of quality of this nation by looking at the oldest qt episodes where it was two pipe smoking mps from labour and tories discussing politics

now we have squabbling women and faggot poets, artists and musicians

I imagine it's part of the BBC strategy, to 'spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine) up politics' for the zoomers. Been trying it for years.

Come full circle, fuck.

Need to apply for my masters soon. Applying as a white lad is always bad, especially when there are limited places on a course. Still, who'd have thought white working class males weren't interested in spending £27,000+ to study African bongobongo mating rituals?

still worked though tbf


sined a bunch of fucking spergs

If they mention the bus tonight I'm going to start shooting smack.


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The wheels on the bus go round and round
Round and round
Round and round
So where's the bus Nigel?

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and with that racism was destroyed

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Thursday afternoon President Trump will sign the latest funding and border security bill in addition to declaring a national emergency. The White House has also confirmed the news.

No idea mate

No chance, the last time they had someone like that was nick griffin and instead of politics it just became a lynch mob episode. That was several years ago, possibly longer.

Noice, that's tonight's wank material sorted.

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>he hasn't seen the latest /milkers/ update

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why do people act like black people dont all fucking hate whites? They openly enjoy seeing white children in pain.

Bit of a haggy butterface ngl tbh

Are you referring to Assange?

Dunno tbh

Burnt tattie wedges for supper

just poured boiling tea on my hand lads

Good lad

These supper posting just get worse and worse

necrotic burnt hand for supper yum yum


was giving the bag a last good poke over the bin and it schloshed out over my hand lad

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Crunchy Nut vape for dins tbh

it wasn't supposed to be like this lads

send the buggers back
and renovate africa

I've heard that, in Nigeria, you can get your car held up and end up being allowed to go on your way if you're part of the same ethnic group as your would-be mugger. Interesting place.


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did any spill onto your bollocks?