Purism: *Autistic Screeching* It's ok when we do it

Social justice warriors are buthurt because Purism refused to sign their CoC and censor the "harmful"content.
Tbh I didn't trust purism (and still don't) because of how they lied about the librem (sojucs were praising it) but with this they're just coming back into my interest.
Old sojuc fagshit: vulpine.club/@rey/102021797820482084

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Congrats, you fell for marketing.

sage isn't a downvote

Mastodon seems to be as useless as Twitter.

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Unfortunately the fediverse became like that since journalists began to shill mastodon.
People like soc.freedombone.net/users/bob were less of a commie cattle and enjoyable before mastodon was a thing. Mastodon literally brought the worst of twitter to the fediverse and gargron is just a well paid puppet see >>1050200 >>1050662 >>1058072 >>1060318

Librem 5 honeypot or not?

what "harmful content" would they have?

Mastodon trannies are butthurt that Purism doesn't want to censor people who PAY for their premium server. Though removing the ability to report posts entirely was kinda weird, though.

It was removed only for external servers, locally speaking it was still possible to report content.
Secondly the report mechanism is only for censoring and group control. That sort of tool was deemed dangerous a long time ago even before gnu social.

WTF? Are there moderators in the fediverse?

of course they have it since these are almost exclusively used by mentally ill trannyfags and they cant stand people that have different opinions. any normal sane person will never be a user of any "fediverse"

why is sage even a thing then? its pointless since its so hard to flood off threads with all these captchas, high bump limits and possible thread creating limits.

or maybe its just old leftovers from a time when the internet wasnt full of kids since imageboards often use old and abandoned software

We should just make karma a thing on here and embrace the future. Upvotes and downvotes have gone mainstream and everyone else is just lagging behind the flawless system

Server-side mods, but admins often publicly share their blocklists and give each other advice who to block. We didn't have that shit before Mastodon became popular.

Is pleroma an option?

Image board tech has basically been stagnant for over a decade. I suspect, Good help us, VOIP dens of degeneration, like Discord, are where the user base is going

I've had a lot of scenarios on forums where I wanted to post to a thread without bumping it. Like in cases where the OP's question was already answered, but it's buried after 20 pages, yet there's still retards answering and bumping.

Or to comment without necro'ing.

I started posting less, because if I wanted to do any creative endeavor beyond an image macro, drawing, meme propaganda, or youtube webm rip, there's no real place for me to do so on Zig Forums, and I'd have to conventionally network myself for an audience.

Also I can't post without js because of the captcha. There's something, but every attempt says it's either wrong or expired.


I'm pretty sure purism isn't about creating and cultivating communities but rather about providing the means to an end (the end being free as in freedom hardware and software)
So demanding that they sign some arbitrary CoC is all kinds of hypocritical since they're not in the part of the loop where moderation happens unless the CoC people like dictatorship like shit when they do it.
It's like telling a hardware store who they can and can't sell plumbers equipment to because with a lot of work with that you could make a crude shotgun.
It's the CoC equivalent of feature creep.

Any piece of content that makes them feel bad is considered harmful. They're that fucking sensitive.


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It seems even more useless than twitter upon seeing the smallthink mongoloids who use mastadon. You could drive to a nearby highschool, visit the tard room and witness more intelligent discourse than on these groupthink niggercattle pens.


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I don't know why you faggots obsess over masto instances. You fell for journo marketing. Fedi was around long before the dykes showed up, and we'll be around long after they're gone.
t. SPC/FSE/LALL gang
install bleroma and instantly become a toxic nazi rapist

At this point matrix/riot is better

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so the thread op is some faggot sjw tranny?

There's only one thing I like more than disrespecting and raping women, and that's heiling the fuhrer

Matrix is definitely better than masto, which isn't saying much. It's still shit.
Pleroma runs on a nanode or even a raspi.

What lies about librem are you talking about?