Brit/pol/ #2663: Rattle Me Bones Edition

Shamima Begum: IS teen's return to UK 'could be prevented'

Brexit: UK-US agree to preserve trading arrangements

UK retail sales bounce back in January

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who are you quoting, lad?

good skellyton

xth for din dins

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good lad

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good lad

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Good lad

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They're so cute I love him ahh

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never heard anyone describe anything as "lush"

t. soufern poofta

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Lush is used in the South West and Wales a lot tbh.

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abominable baboon niggermonkey tbh

live with the director of World Peace and his construction company mate who was in a few sketches:

Feel like chucking now that's been posting.

There's a few of the questions they used that list multiple options that you'd use. For example to say someone's drunk there's like a billion fucking words to use.

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I choose Pissed, Steaming, Wasted, Rat-faced and added ''Shite-faced'.



I tried that dialect thing and according to ((Mr Katz)) my dialect originates from chester and Nottingham. Utter bullshit tbh.
Just seems like data mining tbh.

Never heard "lush" tbh.

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Shamima Begum was quoted as saying ""I'm not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago, I don't regret coming here."

Now, this is her father. In a tearful interview with Sky News ( Hussen Abase said "they made a mistake" and "should be forgiven" because they did not know what they were doing and also claims that they could be "re-educated".
This is the same man who brought her to a Al-Muhajiroun rally at 13 years old, Al-Muhajiroun being the extremist group of which the Lee Rigby killers were apart of.

The gall of those deceptive mudslimes lads.

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Reminder the Lee Rigby killer literally spoke on a platform at a UAF rally and ended his speech with "ALLAHU AKBAR" while a bunch of white lefties cheered.

For the questions that you can respond to with multiple answers, try going with the one option you'd use most often. Seems if you chuck multiple ones in it throws it off wildly.

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Purple Hacki

I came out West Country every time in varying degrees despite changing the place of birth.

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If the pakis want to go fight abroad, I have no problem. It is our quisling political class that want to let them back in that deserves nothing but their execution akin to the caliphates very sanction.

I grew up in Jersey so I just have a vague southern accent with no discernable dialect.

Thanks lids

Pissing down

The last two seem less anomalous tbh.


Yeah, I did it with only one response for the multiple response questions, the second photo is the 25 questions and the third is the full 96.

Noice but with a typo.

Anyone got a link to this dialect thing?

here lad

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I want to know where my dad got "huckle" from, haven't heard it anywhere else

I just looked up Al-Muhajiroun and noticed strange language in the wiki. It claims Adebolajo was "corrupted", as if this swarthy grown man was an innocent child.

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Most of these are retarded tbh. Who doesn't use 'moron', 'cretin', 'idiot' etc to describe stupid people? Questions like that only make sense if you reframe it as 'would you ever call an idiot a 'melt'?' - and if the answer's 'yes' you're from essex or london or wherever.

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yeah it's brutal

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Exactly lad, some of these are ones that you'd potentially use multiple words for, but if you answer so in the quiz it seems to throw it right off.

How can the 'a' in last sound like neither the 'a' in 'cat' nor 'father'? Who pronounces it 'layst'? The Scottish?

Fresh Geoff

america is somethign else

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It looked like some cartel got him.

the whole story is a fucking laugh tbh

So glad that our ancestors don't have to see this mess tbh

link the vid



Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad of swindon says cretin a lot

This is what America is all about.

Imagine having to explain to an anglo saxon houescarl what sexual reassignment surgery is.

Then again, there are plenty of old people who buy into the liberal poz, if you look for a short while on the internet you can find endless reams of octogenarian trannies. If our ancestors were any better we wouldn't be in this mess tbh.

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arent you meant to lay them interchangably not just one on top of the other tbf

It's all so fucking ridiculous, our absurdist parodies couldn't match this.

looked like an ND tbh

Yeah, it distributes the forces evenly and if you take a chunk of wall out for whatever reason the top ones are still supported

think if you tried to explain it youd end up in a snake pit

Wish I had a faceapp'd Aella for this kek

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lads, yanks dont build brick houses, those are just for show

You don't even have to go that far back, even 50 years ago it'd be considered absurd.

It did roughly place me, but the questions were still retarded. Also it was clear there were questions designed to make normies go 'oh, we say that round ere', when in actual fact they more commonly say the generic variant (eg. south walians are more likely to describe someone as 'hot', but because 'lush' is more obviously associated with s wales, welsh people are more likely to choose that one to show their credentials). You could really boil it down to a shorter series of simpler questions (eg 'do you ever describe things which aren't in the strictest sense lush as being 'lush'? If you answered 'yes', you're obviously a taff').

Imagine trying to explain the migrant crisis and paki rape gangs to Isabella of Castile. She would spin in her grave at mach 10

Wew it looks like the spic was going to finish the job before he realised that there were other people about

Post it lad

Don't say I didn't warn you.


It's bearing the load of the bricks above it, unless they're just brick-looking fascias plonked on

True. I think the schooling system is how we have such rapid generational change, for example there was nothing about transgenderism in my schooling curriculum, yet if I'd been born just four or five years later I would have probably had a few transgender children in my class with me and been subjected to numerous assemblies on it.

Probably this tbh



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Don't give a toss about footballers or whatever. Just the image of the body that was recovered I found disturbing but also fascinating.

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It's only in the last couple of years that the whole trannyism has been considered anything but a joke tbh

kinda fitting Hungary is the only one not putting up with this shit today considering they were the bulwark of Christendom against the turks for a millennia and Mattias Corvinus and his Black Army were once the only thing standing between the turks and the fractured german states

scousers pronounce it eeeee

At least it was quick I guess, damn.

Not too bad, and I could have told them it was the plane crash that killed him without an autopsy

Is this pre autopsy? His head must have exploded. Bloody ell. Bit gross tbh.

Sala come back

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It's mad, the 2000's were like the third reich compared to today, and I thought things were pretty fucked back in 2012.

tbh then tried or at least thought about to finish him off to make up for the poor firearms handling.

Who are you trying to kid?

They've been fighting for so long. Really admirable stuff by those Huns.

this is deliberately because the economy is on its last legs so they have to double down on social issues before the pendulum swings back.

well if their origin story is true they were driven from their homeland by chinks and persians and were forced to settle in the ruins of the land Atilla and his ilk devastated

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