Self-Driving cars

When self driving cars become a commonplace thing, how can we enjoy the luxury of a self driving car without being at the mercy of others?

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Whenever the goverments decide let let us.

Not at all. Self-driving cars are bait to get you right into full control.

They may not allow us to drive non-certified cars on public road
GNU+road when

do you think we'll be able to mess with certified cars to an extent so that they think they have control but don't?


a fucking book could be made about a cyberpunk guy who starts out just as a simple hacker spoofing cars until he spoofed the wrong car and ends up tangled in world stakes. Would be very Snow Crash

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Self-driving cars it like turning in your guns, except instead of outsourcing your safety to the government, you are outsourcing your right to control your movement to the government.

People managed to move without cars for thousands of years

I want some self walking legs too.

They already do that retard.

Self-driving cares are retard-tier botnet shit. Cities shouldn't be build around needing a car, and there's this thing called trains that most of the world uses. That said this will primarily effect ZOGmerica.

Well tell all the niggers and Asians to learn how to drive and get off their fucking phones so we stop having so many retarded accidents that are extraordinarily easy to prevent.
I'd love to stand against self driving cars but the average consumer has forced me to support removing their driving privileges with their sheer incompetence alone.

you're already at the mercy of others with your car. disregarding sophisticated (and thus more error prone) mechanical designs, we already have remote control cars. your ECU is 10 gorillian lines of C written by an industry that's lived under a rock for 40 years. self-driving cars should be an obvious no-go

they already are and they're already shit

What are you doing nigger? I'd sooner walk then get in a botnet deathtrap with one of those things. Just drive cars made prior to 1991 and its no big deal. Or make your own car and get it liscensed, or dont. Maybe driver a old motorcycle and or equivelent without a computer on it. Get a ATV or make a zepplin, whatever you do avoid the botnet like the plauge as the bubonic plauge is much more safe and healthy.

Flying cars are gonna be a doozy.

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Not going to happen.

Self driving cars are always going to be untrustworthy garbage, but they shouldn't really pose a problem to somebody not stupid enough to buy one within my lifetime. There will always be plenty of cheap old cars to buy, and the government is unlikely to be able to restrict their usage anytime soon without massively angering millions of car owners.

>(((they))) order it to drive into a tree at full speed

very old cars are unsafe in case of accident, unless you buy a truck or Hammer

But I like my crunchstick.
Only argument for fully self-driving cars are that you can take a nap or drive home after going on the mother of all benders.
People who can't drive are why public transportation exists, get on the bus casualfags.

First don't get in accidents. Second you are a liar. A full steel framed vehicle vs a cheap peice of cy+4 botnet plastic with alluminum frame, the winner is the steel frame vehicle in a head on collision. Third anti features like a remotely controlled computer in your vehicle is more dangerous then any bullshit excuse you can make up about pre-1991 vehicles. The older vehicles are able to be fixed and callibrated yourself with simple tools unlike the newer ones that require propietary software just to change a spark plug or adjust compression ratios.

Pick one. The company behind the car's software can easily get anyone it wants killed. It can also have people it dislike take the worse route during peak hours, etc.

Yes, but some people would prefer they rather than the car survive the accident. Modern cars are made to absorb the shock to ease things for the people inside. You can also control and stop a lighter car much easier. I do much prefer old car designs though. You didn't address his point btw, which is that with a self-driving car the car may decide to get you into an accident.

You lack imagination. Regulation won't even be necessary, what's going to happen is the FSD cars will get more and more popular, and as their safety track record gets proven (yeah, they will have bugs and do stupid/dangerous, but less stupid dangerous shit than the human drivers), insurance rates will adjust accordingly, to the point where it becomes uneconomical to have anything else.

Not in the near future.
Tangential related news:
“Do you believe in magic?” Google asked attendees of its annual developer conference this May, playing the seminal Lovin’ Spoonful tune as an introduction. Throughout the three-day event, company executives repeatedly answered yes while touting new features of the Google Assistant, the company’s version of Alexa or Siri, that can indeed feel magical. The tool can book you a rental car, tell you what the weather is like at your mother’s house, and even interpret live conversations across 26 languages.

Are you implying modern cars are lighter? Cars have been getting heavier since the early 2000s, and a big reason for that is all the safety bloat.
If engine tech hadn't advanced enough, a modern car would be a gaz guzzler compared to an equivalent one from 20 years ago. And imagine how much more mileage they'd get if they were as light as older cars.

This. Cars have been getting heavier. More weight means it requires more energy.
If you put the same engine in a modern car and an old car, driving the old car will cost less.
At the same time there are giant gasoline taxes in Europe (In Germany and France the gov takes more than half of the price) while they add regulations to add to the plastic heap.
Another thing is the room. Modern cars are huge on the outside, while in the inside there is barely any space because everything is covered in plastic.
Then you have those pesky warning signals which beep if you're not strapped even if the car is standing in the parking lot.
The accident argument is the only argument speaking for modern cars. However old cars had weaker motors too.
Now I tell you the funny thing: Here in Germany car accidents have been declining for 20 years!

In Germany, people are required to do serious training to get their driver's license. This leads to a higher quality of driving behavior. In America, all that's required to get a driver's license is to drive around a block and park the car behind another car. It is a complete joke of a licensing qualification.

there are reasons for that
in Germany cities are compact and packed, so distances are smaller, there is good cycling infrastructure and public transport
in America cities and states are spread out, distances are bigger, no cycling infrastructure outside of biggest cities and shit public transport except biggest cities like NY

Europe and European society are just better designed, America was made by capitalism and greedy jews
Communism and Socialism are superior to Capitalism and Corporationism

Lol nigger, back to Venezuela with you.