Why are we letting women abort if this hurts our fertility? Why are we letting them do men's jobs that are dangerous for their health?

First we let women build railroads and drive public transport, then we see them birthing immoral degenerates like effeminate men (trannies) and faggots

If a woman doesn't want children, she should be locked up and not released until she changes her mind

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Because we care about freedom.

this unironically. women are the breadbasket of society.

anarkiddies will defend abortion though.

every successful communist country had birth and family programs.

might is right proves anarchist societies will get crushed by bigger opposition. and then you're in the hands of your enemy.

freedom is overrated when it upsets the macrocosm of a given community. the USSR, and China to a lesser extent were successful because they opposed bourgeois notions of freedom.

one thing though, it upsets a lot of people (mostly anarchists) when you start talking about government arranged marriages.

Women are devilish creatures exactly because they give birth. The only policy regarding women in a true socialist society should be stripping them of their reproduction rights so that nobody will ever born again and finally private property will disappear.

Why are we letting women exist at all? They will destroy everything if we let them continue

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This thread is autistic as fuck lol

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I cannot >>>Zig Forums you hard enough, faggot.

I'm sorry sir but I have to ask you to hand in your Manarchist badge, you're not extremist enough.

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this unironically.

we need sexbots that can be impregnated.

I'm not joking either, they bring down every political movement in history, anarchist, communist, fascist, etc. its a proven fact.

Women are garbage. They have the mind of a downs syndrome toddler and demand everything. They exemplify liberalism

I'll give you an example. I was on okcupid talking to one who SEEMED interested. Than I musta said something she either did not personally like, or understood, or maybe the message was too long, God only knows. A woman can't process more than "ey girl want some fuck?"

So she was like oh ok, I don't like smoking

This isn't random. This was her monkey brain trying to tell me in a nice way she doesn't like me as a person. Because she knows I'm far too confident to just let someone walk all over me she has to attack something else about me in a neutral manner. Find the prop.

She saw i smoked, thereby can use that as leverage despite how it had nothing to do with the conversation, nothing to do with her, and had no bearing on anything.

They do not get rights. Rights belong to people. Not animals that can just so happen to bare us children. I'm sure a gorilla could do the same.

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muh femdom, muh imaginary genders

unless its your wife who lets you watch her fuck other men.

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sometimes men need a little pee pee in their bums. its ok. stimulates the prostate.

I go for hard shit like sticking electrical wires up there, the jolt makes me ejaculate with pleasure. don't judge. its the currenterer year. don't shame muh kinks.

wtf I'm attracted to gorillas now.

we can throw poo at each other. its a mating ritual.

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but seriously. good point.

Don't half of you wanna get pegged by Jim Profit? And there isn't anything feminine about him unlike sexy Bowsette Contrapoint

real men fuck dudes.

only a sissy fucks petite women.

If you gave Jim Profit the super crown he'd probably end up looking like this

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If you gave Jim Profit the super crown he'd probably end up looking like this

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I want to be a stay at home mom. That’s what I’ve always wanted to be - so then why do I feel guilty then? It’s really frustrating. I don’t have goals to go to university, I hate the bar scene. I like being at home. Having a job I slave away at doesn’t sound fulfilling at all. Taking care of my children and taking pride in my home and family and knowing I’m making my husband happy is where it’s at. It sucks it’s so hard to meet people….

creating more people is worse than killing them.

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fun fact for you massive faggots: abortion was legal in soviet russia since 1920 and was only later outlawed again due to stalins autistic reactionary family policies

based stalin, abortion should be illegal. no easy way out, take your responsibility bitch.

it's literally stealing souls from paradise, i can't imagine anything more horrible

We should encourage abortion more
It decreases the number of people like OP when you educate the mother not to drop big human turds like him everywhere that just spew carbon and vile shitposts every which way



There's a whole other board for this shit. Go relieve yourself there.

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We don't give a shit what women want to do with their lives; that's the whole point of socialism: live and let live. We are neither pro-feminism, nor pro M.R.A. Both are equally as autistic and IdPol as it gets. We are pro-working class, regardless of race/sex/ethnicity/whatever. All else is spooked gabage

If women wanna join the anti-IdPol left, I'm not gonna stop them.

I'm gonna relieve myself on your gay dad's balls

There is much stupider idpol. Gender issues do actually exist. The problem with feminism and the MRM is bad theory. Both respond to legitimate problems, unlike some idpol like huwite genocide.

naa dude you're a virgin incel just fuck off here, go to /r9k/ where you belong creep fuck.

What you mostly refer as "gender issues" are in actuality class issues.

Simply put: Women being stoned to death for wanting an education is a class issue. Women bitching about manspreading, the so called "rape" stare and "muh sexist media" is IdPol garbage and belongs in the trash.

if anything, feminists are the ones to blame for their own bourgeois reputation and women are the only ones that can de-spook their movement and bring it back to the Emma Goldman and Rosa Luxemburg path.

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They all relate to class but there are different ways that class position affects men and women. Same with any substantive idpol issues. Women being restricted to domestic roles is both a class and gender issue. Men being conscripted is both a class and gender issue. It's worthwhile to recognize these issues exist and are distinct to identity groups. The trap is when you react to idpol with more idpol - "patriarchy oppresses women, those awful pigs." or "gynocentrism oppresses men, fucking bitches." It's a response to people or groups instead of structure. Even a lot of structural critique ends up being idpol when you imagine that group is in charge of the structure.

Of course. Gender oppression certainly exists in some countries, i.e: saudi women, kurds, etc. It's worthwhile adressing those issues, since they are class based, not gender based as such. Of course women are also part of the working class and they deserve the same rights as us, men; albeit mainstream/bourgeois feminists oppose equality in favor of equity (quotas, affirmative action, etc), which socialists should oppose.

Long-story-short: If their oppression is systematic (class based) it must be adressed. Most 1st world feminists, however, make a tempest in a teacup (mansplaining, manspreading, muh sexist media, some random asshole called me a bitch, etc), which are completely bogus, asinine and absolutely irrelevant.

Socialist/marxist feminists are the ones responsible to defeat that cancer. We, so called "brocialists", are not their enemies. Liberal feminists are their biggest enemies and the very reason anti-idpol is a thing.

boo hoo

"muh autism"

"virgin" "creep"

no arguments found

moderators be like

"imma anchor a thread because it hurts muh pussy"

"incel" is also not an argument either

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Boy pussy at that. As women are too busy having petty bourgeois privilege sitting around eating yumyums getting fatter and sassier while pathetic low life betas try to impress them by harassing and slandering other men.

Malcolm X used to call them house niggers. House niggers are even worse than ma'ssa. Because they believe ma'ssa's lies.

Pic related. Even a woman can be revolutionary when they acknowledge moderators are the evilist of the evil.

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Zig Forums

Why do you hate single moms but are against abortion?

Jim Profit constantly shilling himself is not representative of this board.

Have you seen the world? It's pretty shit. Global capitalism, death, poverty, imperialism and oppression. Sage.

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