Brit/pol/ #2664: Clown Edition

School children go on strike over climate change

No-deal Brexit could lead dozen ministers to resign, says Grieve

'Education, not indoctrination': Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender

Black pupils' schooling 'dumbed down over special needs'

BBC Producer’s Syria Bombshell: Douma “Gas Attack” Footage “Was Staged”

trans-gender furry youtuber live-streaming outside a synagogue gets shot by a Mexican security guard

Szijjarto dismisses Swedish minister’s criticism

French schools to change ‘mother & father’ to ‘parent 1 and 2’ under new law

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Good lard


I love Harrison Ford, in a non gay way, as a lad looking up to an actor as a role model

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i doubt if beautiful women even exist anymore

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Just like Ryan Gosling

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Actors should be seen as they were before tbh, this idolisation is cultish tbh

Rutger Hauer is great in Blade Runner tbh

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For them

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supporting actor?


always wondered what it stood for tbh

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It stands for swollen arse, lad

Rudy youngblood was great in apocalypto tbh

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Mayan home alone

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night lads

chinpilled lads who will never be jawpilled are sad tbh

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They greenscreened in shots of Ford's son reading the lines then put the footage of Ford's son's mouth in

the moonshoes are just regular earth shoes too

The original versions of Blade Runner had mismatched footage with the sound


Got to the bit when Deckard buys a bottle of Tsingtao

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film with mismatched audio trigger me epic style

Drinking a Tsingtao right now

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Holy shite! The whole fucking world has LOST IT'S COLLECTIVE MIND!

Oh, and, regarding that LARPing potato freak that got shot by the guard at that synagogue:

(((I am in no way, legal or otherwise, obliged to indulge, promote or otherwise tolerate some freak's mental illness simply because they choose to call themselves a "female" even though they were born with "The Danglies". So, as far as I'm concerned, that freak can take it's VERY MALE danglies and go fuck itself because I'm not tolerating or accepting whatever behaviors it chooses to exhibit as a result of it's own mental illness!

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mate theyre shit
theyre like if fags were a beer

HoMM3 now that was a real pc game

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Smh fuck you lad, based chinky germanic beer

I hope the date with the mute lass goes ahead. Hope her parents aren't nazis about her getting home late smdh

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lads do you think herbie will go to heaven?

yeah my dad had a near death experience and went to dog heaven by mistake he said it was nice


Dog Heaven resembles the Mongolian steppe

kek and they can just run and run and run and run

is there stuff to sniff?

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yeah and it rains sosiges

I can't even imagine how horrible it is living in Australia


I hope so lad, But not soon, I hope he still has some years in him

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Is it really surprising aussies identify with a criminal?

Taigs are based


lad I think herbie is going to take the 12 guage express to the spirit in the sky

it's for the best

yeah the poor lad can't even breath. he should get a nice side of bacon and some nice beef then go on a walk to the park and then mummy should shot him in the head. its what I would do but poor herbie mummy can't do that for her bby so he will have to suffer for his mummy




*rides up*
sup brothers seen any cool politics lately
*revs harley*

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>Tech Journos going after YouTube tech channels retroactively for taking the piss out of poor PC building citing DAS RASIST AN FUR YOOSE

The example she used for idle talk is fairly shit because, judging by the dictionary definition (which she provides), tea actually must necessarily be made from tea leaves. The way she presented the anecdote hinged upon the idea that she was accidentally spreading false information, but based the information she provided, this outcome was never achieved, thus idle talk was never illustrated as she wanted it to be. Really weird thing to bring up tbh.

On a semi related tangent - does anyone else hate the way people quote and speak about philosophers in reverential tones, and use the names they give to basic observable realities as though it's some new thing? People place far too much weight on the words of intellectuals. trans&s=09

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Good feel ^^

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Also isn't there a similar situation in Steins Gate?

Yeah, to save the world from becoming a dystopia.

I hear the names of philosophers a lot, but that's about it. I never actually get anything from people mentioning them.

Then what on earth are you doing here?

Hey, I didn't say I have a life.


Anyone killing themselves over a video game clearly isn't mentally stable, these stupid fucks bitching about it are showing how unstable the neverever lot are.

That's more of a crossdressing thing iirc, and the character doesn't transition, they sent a message back in time to change them whilst still in the womb or something like that.

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According to roosh v's baste analytics , when women say they have a headache, they are often lying.

Just shows you that they don't play vidya tbh.

oh man they are fucking seeeeething

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Baste and redpilled.

I guarantee that 90%+ of these seething cunts haven't played the game and only heard about it through the trends that are bitching about not being allowed in the women's toilets.


I dunno. A lot of trannies seem to be genuinely autistic videogame nerds. They are actually particularly unfeminine (lacking any social skills at all). I guess autists are such outcasts that they can convince themselves of anything which will give their status legitimacy and provide for them a moral shield to hide behind.

Pic related was a good character imo.

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Anyone got the clip of the trannie from QT

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Of course you'd sympathise with the tranny bully victim

what is this timeline

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What possesses a person to become like this?


That lad just wanted to be a normal man like everyone else though

What is it with that really gay accent lol, even the right wing yanks have it like Spencer.

1942: The fascists, they claim that Europe belongs to them!

1966: The capitalists, they try to say that Vietnam is theirs!

2019: War has changed.

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tbh it's not like our side can claim we're doing much better.

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It's fucking surreal.

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cringe and vomitpilled

Supposedly a nationalist, but of what country? Look at this thing.

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