Google Blocks Huawei From Using Android on Phones

>Huawei can still use Android’s open-source alternative but it will not include Google’s own-brand apps such as Gmail. Google’s move comes after President Trump banned Huawei from U.S. networks, and the firm said today it was taking ‘steps to comply with recent government actions’.
>The move from Google deals a major blow to the expansion of Huawei and is likely to cripple its expansion.
Huawei confirmed it has developed its own operating system that could replace Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows should it be barred from using American-made products. The prospect of being banned from such products has intensified for Huawei in the wake of its recent lawsuit against the US government.
>“We have prepared our own operating system. Should it ever happen that we can no longer use these systems, we would be prepared,” Huawei executive Richard Yu said.
Could this be a chance for a non-Google fork of Android to enter the mainstream market?

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Oh the horror, what will they ever do.

Anyway, any competition to the eternal jewgle, even if it's chinkshit, is welcome.

It will be proprietary chinkshit, so even worse.

It's not even about installing that shit. Those apps normally can't be uninstalled.
Users of Huwai phones will probably be glad not to be burdened with that spyware packet.
As if the chinese botnet wasn't enough.

t. NSA

Just tell normalfags it has less botnet which is true. Sales up.

ultra based

I get Google doing this, this is what I expect from them, but why the fuck does the U.S. have to support it.

Anyway, RIP Huawei, I don't really expect much from their chinkware OS.


It will just be Android with chinkstore.

t. chink

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The phones are already produced in china and probably came with chinese software before that news story.
We're just talking about additional NSA ware here.

lmfao who would've guessed that the end of globalisation would come at the hands of fucking bots

Chinks don't occupy my country though, so yes it is. No one is worse than google regardless.

Wonder if they'll try something with the FLOSS community and alternative stores like f-droid.

What a great change. I'm going to pay more attention to that brand now.

So basically all huawei phones are essentially going to have the same features as China domestic models, i.e. no google apps, just proprietary huawei app store, mail etc? This really doesn't change much to be honest; chinkshit is only good when you can boot a FOSS alternative like Lineage.

At the end of the day, you're forced to choose either the Chinese or American poison.

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I’m sure you’d rather live in China too? Retard

He wrote that he'd rather have chinkware than chink+NSAware and that chinks can't do shit to him whether they datamine him or not, NSA-kun.
I'd personally advertise for not having a smartphone.

Boycott Google.

Besides Apple being, well, Apple, is there any evidence they do shit like this? iOS is far superior to Android anyways in terms of overall user experience. It doesn’t let you do shit like browse the file system or open a command line but let’s be honest, for a mobile OS that level of access is a novelty and you should get a proper PC for that level of tinkering. Apple knows what their OS is for and what it’s not for.

I like how they even admit their own in-house software is only a last resort if they can’t use superior American products

More like most popular. Microsoft tried and failed, no wonder its a risk to switch.

At what you mean mobile? They probably use Windows in-house for a lot of shit. Most industrial-tier software for shit like internal debugging and manufacturing is still largely Windows based

What are you going to use your 100 phone server farm for when the price dives?

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Kindle fires come with Amazon shit instead of access to the google stuff. It takes all of 10 minutes to crack one and get the play store on it, and this will be even easier. Id people can pirate Pokemon go they can pirate the playstore just as easily.

Posting horse cocks on /v/

That sounds horrifying.

chroot/uboot should be possible

Uboot is only a thing on trash like Allwinner SoCs and is not as simple as a conventional BIOs because you need to compile device trees and deal with device tree files and other such autism.

That sounds horrible

But it's cheap bro

Sent from my 𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕙 𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕦𝕩 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕔𝕙𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕥 𝕛𝕒𝕚𝕝 𝕚𝕟 𝕒 𝕤𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕥𝕧 𝕠𝕦𝕥𝕤𝕚𝕕𝕖 𝕞𝕪 𝔻𝕄ℤ

You forgot the best part

It's for click farming. People pay the Chinese bugs to visit their site and give them views/clicks. A single bug will sit at a console of dozens and dozens of phones and tablets, opening and closing websites and clicking on ads and videos.

Thanks to android we already have a linux kernel on all those devices.
All you need is to stick a linux distro rootfs on the /system/ partition and it'll boot, with some caveats.
The kernel will probably be an ancient fork, so that might limit software updates and even eventually require you to mirror your distro's repositories.
Android's botnet kernel modules provide incompatible APIs only implemented by android itself and not your average unix software like mesa and so on, this is why things like PostMarketOS have missing hardware support.

If you want to use your phone botnet to send calls then the radio hardware will likely be unusable, but either way you're guaranteed to be able to run software and connect to the internet via USB, so everything except calls is doable from a phone botnet, and it can run any linux distro with ARM support.
A phone farm is surprisingly good from a cost perspective.

Is there a kosher free alternative to (((Android))) that I can install on my Moto Z2?

Replicant and PostMarketOS are the botnet-free operating systems targetting mobile phones.
Or just plain old gnu+linux/any BSD, but then you run into the hardware manufacturers intentionally blocking the user from running those systems with bootloader fuckery and 0 hardware support.

Not to my knowledge. I'd keep my eyes open though.

This is probably the thing that stood out the most I guess. 5G may become bigger than we imagine if Apple has access to the technology. And I'm not a fan of 5G in any form.


I didn't even realize it was a daily stormer article, kek wtf

I hate when journalists use the phrase "open-source alternative". It implies that closed-source is the genuine product and open-source is an inferior knockoff.

Only overseas. Chinese phones in China don't come with Google Play it anything. They have their own stores etc.
They'll just have to make a new shop for the west, which devs will flock to easily.

How would anyone with a healthy functional brain even come to that conclusion? Are you brain damaged? Amazon has a hard enough time getting support for their shop let alone some company that while massive outside the west, is virtually unheard of in the western world at best and at worst has a completely tarnished reputation even if they do manage to gain any presence in the west at all.
Learn proper English chink

Anglin is technologically retarded, I'll tell you that much.

They could just use AOSP and microG, no?

It sure smells chinky in here, let's clean out the threat
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So you're not American/European/Australian/Philipino/Brazilian/South African/African? Man what a coincidence

What the fuck happened to this place?

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China is the final real redpill.


On US/EU/UK (royal jew + templars bloodline)

On China (based bloodline)

Enjoy larping with your qresearch and trump kekposting. Trump == bad blood elite and dines with the Queen and Hillary Clinton at the same table == basically they all 1 bloodline RH negative blood

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Okay stormtard

For a web cluster/experiment, USB 2.0 would be tolerable, or having a dedi wifi router in a shielded, saturated room of wifi cancer.

Does anyone know which would be the best model for price/postmarketOS compatibility? Can we beat the botnet by running our own botnets?

if anything its a good thing because the phones will have slightly less botnet by default

I don't get it.
Don't smartphones come with a fucking browser? can't people just use the fucking browser to access Gmail, Maps and whatever?

I wonder how many phone niggers completely neglect using a browser.

Man the chinks really predicted this years ago when they banned google and other silicon valley tech giants don't they? This should be a wake up call for other nations currently relying on western tech. Imagine your country's critical infrastructure relies on google and some future nut job POTUS suddenly raised a finger and all your electricity and telecommunication are gone.

kys, weeb. also see


>using modern websites with a dual core cpu and

China's power lies in its manufacture base.
Trump (and the world elites) learned their lesson and they won't ever allow a single country to concentrate all of that. Major move next is to make companies leave China and spread throughout Southeast Asia and India, that way power will be decentralised.
China will go down to the dumps as well, because it chose being a Exporter, and it's too late to shift strategies now.
Actually, China's Belt & Road initiative was a necessary maximum for their shift from Exporter to Consumer economy by creating Debt-traps, that way finally managing to raise the standards of life of the Chinese, but even this is going downhill.

yes (seriously)

ARM has severed ties with Huawei. I don't trust the US government anymore than I do the Chinese or Huawei, but this is protectionist bullshit. Now would be the right time to through support into RISCV.

Pick one, and only one.

And what makes you think the next president won't undo all of Trump's policies?

Democracy is America's greatest strength and weakness.


Well now I've heard everything.

I guarantee you half the retards there unironically believe android is run by based aryan techno gods.

That's just the shitscript, you fucking retard.

Huawei to build the Linux desktop?

Because Trump is a globalist puppet and he's breaking up a threat to the globalist power exercised using the USA as a front.
The globalists know that China has a lot of power over them and they want to do away with that.
This is not about 'bring back the jobs!', 'bring back the factories!', this is about defeating a threat.
Just like with the post-Soviet Russia, they wanted to dominate China via debt traps and globalism, but China's Mercantilism and Protectionism defeated their 'muh free market' mechanisms and now they want to put down the monster they created.

For a smartphone yeah it is a novelty. Especially in Android where every application is ran under its own user anyways because the Pajeets in charge fail at security. There’s no point in poking around a smartphone OS user, you’re not going to be doing any serious hacking or programming or shit from a smartphone, you might try and go full LARPer but it’s not worth it and isn’t an ideal experience

You don’t know how China works. Nobody does, not even Trump, but especially retards like you. China has no interest in overtaking America’s military or economic supremacy. 1.) because China doesn’t want the burden of playing world police and their military infrastructure isn’t even equipped to handle itself on a global scale (domestic they are a force for sure but are in no way prepared to put bases everywhere) and 2.) Because they are not economically prepared to start pushing the Yuan as a global currency like the USD. 1 Yuan is only 15 cents. They keep it low to keep working wages low relative to the west so exports are cheap enough to justify other countries outsourcing labor to and China doesn’t want to forfeit that position even if that means increasing the value of their currency. I is more then comfortable with sitting back and letting America take the blunt of running the world if it means they can get away with forcing Muslims and niggers out.

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*Xi is more then comfortable

You're more retarded.
You don't know that for China to successfully raise its standards of living, they would have to forfeit their export-powerhouse status because that way their labour costs would go up and become too expensive.
That's why it needs the Belt & Road initiative, to make sure the manufacturing base of cheaper countries will be tied to China, like vassals.
This is the same strategy the IMF does for the West, and that worked wonders before China appearing.

Do you even know cost-of-labour theory? I really don't think so. As a country gets more developed and standards of living rise, companies flee to cheaper harbours - that's exactly what happened to Europe and the USA, and is going to happen to China. They're preparing for that by doing its own kind of Imperialism.

Only an imbecile who doesn't know economics wouldn't know that, and this person is you.
If the West didn't exist, China would have to do what it is trying to do, this is not some bellicose cause against the West, this is a necessity for China to survive.

The Belt and Road initiative is to ensure China has a steady stream of people buying Chinese products. China has no interest in exporting labor themselves, they’re not setting up factories in other countries or anything like that retard. The Belt and Road initiative is targeting poorer countries not to export labor but to turn desperate nations into debt slaves to them

So you’re agreeing with me

This is inevitable. Their rising standards of living will make their labour too expensive.
It's already happening, companies were leaving China for SEE even before the "trade war".
Yes, and that's how you control the manufacturing base of another country, make it perpetually indebted to you, and that way you can safely export jobs.

I don't care about what you think.

This is inevitable. Their rising standards of living will make their labour too expensive.
It's already happening, companies were leaving China for SEA even before the "trade war".
Yes, and that's how you control the manufacturing base of another country, make it perpetually indebted to you, and that way you can safely export jobs.

I don't care about what you think.

The Chinese central government is always manipulating the Yuan keeping it low enough to keep labor costs down.

Also, China does currency manipulation so that the Yuan value can stay low, artificially deflating the cost of Chinese exports.
This worked wonders and made them hoard reserve Dollars like no one.
But as the USA puts sanctions on them, they compensate their rise in export prices by cutting the Yuan again - this is destroying a finely crafted balance they had a hard time to create to benefit them, and Dollar reserves are starting to outflow from China, as Dollar-denominated Chinese debt (be it public or private) is getting harder to pay, because you need more and more Yuans to get a Dollar now (Dollars are fleeing China like crazy). This is also creating rising inflation in China, prices are soaring, meanwhile companies are cutting costs and jobs are diminishing.

It's getting really hard for China to escape and the future looks grim for them.

By the way, I'm not defending the USA. The USA is a Globalist Machine and it is acting on its own interests - but it's also not good that the West descend into a subservience position to foreign powers.

Solution is crushing China and domestic revolution. The USA is lost, but things are looking good in Europe.

Read what I wrote above. Also, this is not cutting anymore, as I said, companies are already leaving.

Someone get xi jinping on the line, I just came up with a genius idea: introduce a new banknote worth 7 yuan, called the "chinese dollar". Suddenly chinese currency is worth 1.05 times USD, and it becomes the worlds backing currency. Sit back and let the money flow in.

Dual currency would destroy their weaker currency, and destroying their weaker currency would destroy their exporting power.
They're trying to prevent that at all costs.
Also, it isn't just having a 'strong currency' that makes it desirable for people to have.
People/Nations want currencies in which they can pay debt with, and that's the Eurodollar hegemon.
The Yuan simply cannot make a dent on it no matter what. The Belt & Road tried to increase the Yuan-denominated debt (and consequently the demand for it), but so far has failed miserably.

It wouldn't be a dual currency. They would have a single currency, with bills freely convertable between yuans and chinese dollars. This is guaranteed not to devalue the yuan, because someone could take their chinese dollars and get 7 yuan, no matter what.

All that free market stuff is just a meme that murrica likes to push as propaganda on foreign countries as so to have its own companies and interests flooding in whatever foreign is dumb enough to buy into it but when it comes to its own internal market murrica is always quick to show the middle finger to the free market and apply protectionist measures if it deems necessary.

And who would want Yuans? Yuans would have no value as "Chinese Dollars" would take the position of importance as a reserve currency.
And you simply ignored that this "Chinese Dollar" wouldn't catch as a reserve currency at all in the first place.

>using modern websites with a dual core cpu and

But they'd be worth more than USD! You clearly don't understand economics.

They could just make Android apps be installable via some other source in their Android-clone or whatever. This is not as bad as it seems. But the thing is the message and the precedent it creates.

No, they wouldn't, because you couldn't​ buy anything with them because people wouldn't want it.

I'll repeat myself:
What makes a currency desirable is the fact that you can pay debts with it. A "Chinese Dollar" strong currency would have no demand as there's no debt accompanying it to be payed. Just look at some European currencies - many are stronger than the Dollar and the Euro, but do Peoples/Nations want them? No.

Aha! I see where I erred - the Yuan being worth 15 cents is a sufficient but not a necessary condition for it being worthless as reserve. Carry on

China couldn't raise its standards of living even if it really wanted to.
There isn't enough planet to support a demographic as big as China actually consuming them goods you know?

This is not for the government to decide and it's already happening. This is really a market force. Compare the standards of living of China in the 70s and now.

You're retarded.

Very difficult to do considering the way China obfuscates their data, but I was under the impression that out in the country, where China relegates most of it people, life is still pre-industrial bar some modern technology.

I'll spell it for you: it increased. By any metric.
I'll also repeat: companies were already leaving, before the trade war, because of this, even with Yuan manipulation (which is unsustainable).

The "trade war" is mere accelerationism. Everything that is happening to China would have happened either way, but it would take close to a decade to manifest as it is today.

I'm not sure if it would be that bad tbh.
I'm honestly pretty fed up with crappy american "culture" shitting up the planet with its retarded identitarism, modern "feminism", niggers niggering and being shoved everywhere, you know, all that crap.

Here, real Germania.

You have it wrong. America doesn't want identity politics. America has to be a place where human rights are paramount and defended at all costs regardless of your background or beliefs. However, European liberals twisted this idea into identity politics and misinterpret this as "LET EVERYONE IN!" including the Sharia Law Muds that want nothing more then to see faggots hang.

No. Jews from Frankfurt school did that when they immigrated to the USA. Marxism did that. Cultural Marxism did that.
The replacement of Europeans by hordes of Afro-Asiatics is a well documented Jewish enterprise being rolled out.

Lurk more, or have 8ch died for good? I filtrated by boomers, redditors and underage faggots?

They are just trying to attack China's economy. What moral argument can fucking Google make against anything that the Chinese do? They are hypocrites. They are in favor of everything as long as it's done to us. So I say good. I side with the Chinese. They aren't an immediate threat to me, and honestly, they are the ones making everything, whether they do it well or not (sometimes they do). These "post-industrial" countries don't deserve any success, and don't deserve any influence. Making China develop software is a good thing, because nothing can be worse than what the west has been making.

Of course, this is only for phones, but it could become a trend, and they might end up developing real software. If they come up with something new, that can't be a bad thing, considering that the west just keeps rehashing garbage, and constantly making everything worse, while problems are never solved. After a decade of unprecedented decadence, I have no reason to be against a change in the global hierarchy. The Chinese have earned it. China is a shithole, but it deserves to be top dog, because everyone else is too incompetent to be in control of anything. These corporations can't handle competition.

Good riddance...

Now they just need to do the same to: XiaoMi, Lenovo, OnePlus, ViVo and RedMi. And we’ll be all good and safe.

You are over thinking chinks. The Africans don't sit down their and say they're going to supremacy nations or world trade. They don't even know what those things are. They can't even complete the sentence. Instead, they get as far as "africanoid supreme." In this way, the chinks, as well as all the rest of the Asiatics, think "asia supreme" and maybe -- maybe -- complete one or two extra words. But they still cannot complete the sentence. Their economics are worse than kikes, and they are the prototypical Kazakhs. Incidentally, this addresses their 'tech' -- if it can't be stolen and supported from those stolen from, it falls back down, or never even launches. "Doesn't want to X" is not the same as "Can't even into X."

China cannot stay where it is. It has decided to try to eat more, as a solution. It cannot, and in addition, there is no more. Thus keeping the outsource and currency arbitrage position is untenable. That's why they doubled down. And being the idiots that they are, they have zero self-awareness that doubling down halves the clock not extends it.

The dead bag of leaves falling over that is the africains and asiatics has always happened. It's been happening for the last 25 thousand years. Welcome to Earth. The cheapest will iterate the fastest, hence why Caucus Man is so good at killing them all.

Even killing them all wasn't enough. Too many. Hence winter, and the retreat to the high lands. And this entire precipice is precisely because winter is already here, and getting colder. Hence the mad dash for applied force, the doubling down on currency arbitrage, and the arrival of more dead leaves.

Asiatcs are not Mankind. They don't behave like man, and personifying them with Man's traits will fail implementation. They will only be spared, and even then only transiently, if they remember my image. Otherwise this all happens again, and we have to go kill them. Again.

China can't handle the competition.
They have never once actually competed.
That's the whole point.

And there's little left to pillage/arbitrate/Jew out of their position.