You motherfuckers know your shit

You motherfuckers know your shit
So I am asking if someone could help me do a simple personal HTML where I put images and gifs and they'd be scattered around like so in the page, where I could see everything
And I'd want the page to scroll down automatically, as to showcase all the images I've put on display and if there's a possibility for the cycle to start from beginning in a loop

Right now I am using very bare bones version of:

I can only scroll it down myself, the images are next to each other horizontally and theres huge gaps between the images, I don't know how to make them packed tight
I only know very basic code so go easy on me

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I found a javascript that automatically scrolls the imagery from right to left

The problem with it is that it only shows 1 row of images and scales them to a certain size

Here is a pastebin for it, what should I change in order to get images to go on top of each other or at least stay in full scale before scrolling?
Here's an image as to what it looks like right now, it's scrolling at a set speed nonstop, which is what I'm looking for

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OP stop sucking dick and RTFM. is a great start, you can test almost everything - just hit Try it yourself and play with the code.

I just realized it scales to the size of the first image on the row, but then when there's a smaller image, there's huge empty spage next to it all
how can I fix this?

Put your question in the sticked tech questions thread next time you faggot. Why not just make a libreoffice/word presentation? Unless you have hundreds of thousands of images you need to go through....

hundreds of thousands
hu1dre3ds of thousands
If these aren't the same theres a word filter in place for such.

For scrolling you can use jQuerys scroll or window.scrollTo()

This is Zig Forums tech support, faggot, not /helpmewithmyhomework/. Fuck right off.

Display thumbnails for your images that are all the same exact size. Like the image could be 4k or 1080p but the thumbnail is always 640x320 or something like that.

This. I went through their tutorials, which are very good, on html and css in one day, skipping some of the "advanced" stuff, mostly on CSS, since it seemed to be of little utility. If you have the javascript you need, then that's all.

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Simplified autoscroll

Use flexbox and it will be easy to do.

It's another one of these problems where you don't even know what you want.

Reconsider having the autoscroll shit. What is the point? Let people scroll at their own pace.


OP get ready to put in some time, because although it's simple and straightforward, it can be tedious.


actually thinking in the whole html,js,css shit is actually retarded

HTML? The only issue would be the scrolling from top to bottom, HTML can only handle left to right. As for the other stuff, I would make a table and use relative positions so it scales well. As for the scrolling, you could use GIF/apng but it gets heavy the more you want to achieve. Really without using CSS or javashit you are limited, interesting exercise though.

Have you installed Gentoo yet?

no need to use javashit for this at all, you can use css animations to make the images scroll