Brit/pol/ #2664: Pffpt Edition

School children go on strike over climate change

No-deal Brexit could lead dozen ministers to resign, says Grieve

'Education, not indoctrination': Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender

Black pupils' schooling 'dumbed down over special needs'

BBC Producer’s Syria Bombshell: Douma “Gas Attack” Footage “Was Staged”

trans-gender furry youtuber live-streaming outside a synagogue gets shot by a Mexican security guard

Szijjarto dismisses Swedish minister’s criticism

French schools to change ‘mother & father’ to ‘parent 1 and 2’ under new law

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some were born to sweet delight, some were born to endless night

good lad

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I wish dancing spider man was here

it's too late for me. i'm 33 soon.

*slams you against the wall*

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smh, misnumbered the thread

I wish I was a cowboy

shoot your gun out of the window lad

one day you are going to ride over the hill and some lass will smile at you on your horse as you ride into town and talk with all the other lasses how >(1)lad finally came back

no m8 that would get me sectioned real quick most yanks are LARPers about guns

although when I was 23 one time me and my roommate shot a 22lr inside our rented house at the a cardboard cutout of the guy from the subway commercials who was outed as a nonce



That's more like it.

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He's vibrating in a better place now lad.

Feel like shit lads just want him back x

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i need to live like this is a possibility still. i will try.

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yeah lad I thought I was too old at 28 for lasses to blush at me and act how it is rn but it randomly just started happening. just keep trying to be a better person lad volunteer at churches and stuff. I was an usher and then I workout alot and have been trying to do lots of good deeds because I was blackpilled and just wanted to sort to transform into a monk and either drop out of society or join the franciscans but idk. maybe thats a way to make lasses think you are a good boy or show scared lasses you aren't "just like chad" or etc. still makes you a beta in the eyes of based alpha male neetsocfags though but i don't care anymore. the alt shite is unironically sperg cope most of the time. most fags who are alt-shite don't even bother to read nietzsche or any other anti-modern philosophy anymore and just "fuck niggers" post like 2007 /b/

also do martial arts or something where you are in another person's personal space and they are in yours it will help with your autism my father's friend got his first gf and married her at like 40 and he has kids

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Though cashiers still don't ID me but I'm pretty sure it's just because they think I'm 18 now, rather than the real policy of if they think you look 25. Got ID'd once recently though

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colin made it lad, you can make it. never give up ever lad. what would roddy piper think if you gave up? what would jesus think?

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smh didn't mean it like that you did misnumber it though

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just grow a silly mustache lad.

I used to shave but I only trim now so I don't look under 18

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Tbh if I grow too much facial hair then it will end up hiding my decent chin/jaw structure

colin has a gf?

I can't lad the colour of my facial hair doesn't match my hair

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I have dirty blond hair with a reddish blond mustache it looks shite

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brown eyes don't look bad on pale people IMO

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i get this a lot with the orientals i am degenerate with. they also love chest hair, while white women hate it and will demean u over it, like they do with everything tbh.

Might bring up anime with the mute lass tbh, might be a bit autismo but she is probably into it if she uses ^_^
I have a few anime blu rays tbf

give it a rest lad. please.


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like alizee

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Good lad

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Francis E Dec sounds like a good lad tbh

Smh maybe asking for a kiss was too much for an innocent mute lass, or maybe she wanted a kiss in the cinema. Hence the finger stroking and thumb clenching towards the end of the Dune kino

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She might have just been shy about kissing outside the station

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Drinking tbh lads, had a bottle of lager at the cinema. Glass of wine and two bottles of lager at home since, more lager in a minute tbh

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It's a puglad episode again

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And don't say it,don't fucking say it

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Mayan home alone



there was a pioneer who walked all over america and canada in the 1500s, didn't get killed by chugs, and he came back claiming to have seen mastodons.

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And cowardly

I keep thinking about the mute lass' little titties smh


stop being vulgar and sending out negative waves, life is about getting better from where you were and being a good boy for jesus

people who make and produce porn should be killed

should I make a vocaroo?

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Love Martin Gore me

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good lad the alt shite sperg cope matrix is just another ahrimanic loosh farm to trap young lads

hahaha, well put. are you an accelerationist or a nihilist?


probably both but I have ascended to mirthpill where you just want to be a good person then die and fuck off from this hate sphere ruled by satan. there is literally nothing to "conserve" so acceleration is rational because it leads to the new beginning

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You better fucking hope so.

you aren't a proponent of cyclical histories? ever read the hyborian age by R. Howard?

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just got my painting program on this CPU so I can draw menes for you lasses again

Who knows is the real answer still I wouldn't put it beyond some great evil to have the phenomenal world constantly spiraling into something worse.

worse materially or spiritually?

have you ever read the ahrimanic deception?

do you get to the cloud district often?

No having all spiritually carved out of us, so were malleable grey slabs back to clay so they can play the game of living gods that's what they're going for it seems.


I hate pfds

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'ate pdf files me. sick cunts

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Kind of reminds me of the abolition of man looked at through the prism of Christendom.

a great part of modern Christian
theology. For it is simply the starkest materialism to which a great part of modern
Christian theology succumbs when it no longer sees the Christ in the man Jesus of
Nazareth. It sees only the human being, the v simple man of Nazareth,' the man whom one
can understand if one will only raise one's self a little to some sort of higher
understanding. The more the man Jesus of Nazareth could be regarded as an ordinary
human being, one belonging to the ranks of other noted human personalities, the better it
pleased a certain materialistic trend of modern theology. Of the supersensible element of
the Event of Golgotha, modern theology is willing to recognize little, very little.
The impulses entering humanity from a Luciferic source sank down gradually into the
soul. On the other hand, however, another impulse, which we call the Ahrimanic, is
growing stronger and stronger in modern times. It will become increasingly strong in the
near future and on into future ages. The Ahrimanic impulse proceeds from a
supersensible Being different from the Being of Christ or of Lucifer. Equally with
v supersensible' one can say v subsensible' - but that is not the point here. The influence of
this Being becomes especially powerful in the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch. If we look at
the confused conditions of recent years we shall find that men have been brought to such
chaotic conditions mainly through the Ahrimanic powers.

Just as there was an incarnation of Lucifer at the beginning of the third pre-Christian
millennium, as there was the Christ Incarnation at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha,
so there will be a Western incarnation of the Ahriman being some little time after our
present earthly existence, in fact, in the third post-Christian millennium. To form a right
conception of the historical evolution of mankind during approximately 6000 years, one
must grasp that at the one pole stands a Luciferic incarnation, in the center, the
incarnation of Christ, and at the other pole the Ahrimanic incarnation. Lucifer is the
power that stirs up in man all fanatical, all falsely mystical forces, all that physiologically
tends to bring the blood into disorder and so lift man above and outside himself. Ahriman

is the power that makes man dry, prosaic, philistine - that ossifies him and brings him to
the superstition of materialism. And the true nature and being of man is essentially the
effort to hold the balance between the powers of Lucifer and Ahriman; the Christ Impulse
helps present humanity to establish this equilibrium.

Thus these two poles - the Luciferic and the Ahrimanic - are continuously present in man.
Viewed historically, we find that the Luciferic preponderated in certain currents of
cultural development of the pre-Christian age and continued into the first centuries of our
era. On the other hand the Ahrimanic influence has been at work since the middle of the
fifteenth century and will increase in strength until an actual incarnation of Ahriman
takes place among Western humanity.

sounds complicated

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I feel like this is your version of 'read siege' tbh

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Yay we're playing host to a materialist anti christ.

the future is total frankenstein radio earphone slavery of mullato nigger monkey people and all I care about now is making people around me happy then fucking off from planet shite

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good lad

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