My cousin let me borrow her mac but she gave me the wrong password. can you niggas help me unlock it?

my cousin let me borrow her mac but she gave me the wrong password. can you niggas help me unlock it?

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If you put it in the microwave for 30seconds then the freezer for 1min it will unlock the password

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It’s iCloud locked. Using a terminal will not work and Apple will not unlock an iCloud locked device for you under any circumstance as they claim they have no backdoor and have even gone as far as to publicly stating they will not and cannot comply with LEAs who wish to unlock a criminals device for evidence. Defending the right to encryption under the 4th amendment. The FBI managed to crack it anyways but they won’t disclose how and so far they’re the only ones who have managed it. I was likely a brute force attack though using the best supercomputers the DoD can buy.
This is a problem with the used market since most Apple shit on the used market is iCloud locked and basically bricked since restoring an iCloud locked device is impossible without the original password. This has allowed reputable seller to get away with heavily marking up the prices of Apple shit with the guarantee to buyers the devices won’t be locked
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Call her, tell her what happened, try a new password.
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You're probably one of those niggers who keeps ripping off the Apple store. This isn't a support forum.

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OP is a nigger but you are a retard. Mac osx is just unix with shitty defaults and a fancy splattering of telemetry on top. Unless the user was smart enough to change the default root password to something other then blank. But macfags are going to macfag. Why would you use apple's shitty laptops/desktops anyways? Their build quality went to shit around 2017 or so, macfags correct me here. Now if they changed the default root password via terminal you are SOL short of one of those zero days the NSA hoards for special targets of the kikes.

iCloud lock uses APFS disk encryption retard. What you're describing is a way bypass a superficial password lock without iCloud. Your post uses an obnoxiously higher amount of greentext lines so I guess you look more right and sure showed me. Retard

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That's not a technical arguement. My arguement comes from five minutes of jewgling around and no experience with actual mac systems as I am not a macfag. If you would care to explain how encryption with APFS on post 2017 mac's vs filevault2 affects the boot proccess as for the above method to not work then feel free to explain it. As with the above method you need neither single user nor the recovery partition to gain access. With the plus being that icloud recovery via filevault2 is bypassable via root login with a ssh session to kill the crash that is supposed to prevent idiots from just accessing a login shell.

I came to this conclusion based on that filevault2 is the equivelent of dm-crypt in linux land and that APFS encryption is the equivelent of a modern SSD driver auto-encrypting your stored data at the drive level making it transparent to the OS.

Mind you changing the default root password negates all of this.

Filevault2 is also what is used for icloud protection, not the transparent encryption provided by APFS from what I was able to infer from reading about it.

Which one is greater? The answer right after a macfag tests it. I sure hope I am wrong. Someone test this and prove me wrong. I really don't want to be correct. But this lines up with the whole osx mantra of stealing your data with a harder to access backdoor then most. What nigger is going to SSH into a computer just to kill a proccess and then comprehend being able to login as root?

IIRC on Macs the iCloud lock is part of the "Find my Mac" feature that allows users to remotely lock the device using a key stored only on Apples Cloud Servers tied to an Apple ID but you can remove it if you do a reinstall of Mac OSX. For iDevices though its a lot more complicated and virtually impossible to remove because it uses Factory Reset Protection (Also known as a "Kill Switch" to basically kill any access to the phones storage. Meant to deter theft by wrecking the resale value of a stolen device. Its protected under the Smartphone Theft Prevention Act of 2015
iPhone and iPad cloud locks are impossible to bypass by design. Mac uses a similar method but as Macs are proper computers that are meant to be self-serviceable from software the same locking method is crippled on Mac OSX.

so just dont connect it to the internet and it wont get the lock request? somehow the average nigger always does that tho


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First run the system in the single user mode, then type
It'll reset the password, so you can enter the system.
But please use the sticky next time.


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