House Plantagenet Alive!? What!!!

Holy …… lads I was browsing nanochan and came across this post called "House Plantagenet Alive!?. " nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/pol/

Who ever posted this blew the lid and possibly giving all of us a clue as the true identity of a royal from Europe according to Benjamin Fulford reports specially regarding one who Queen Elizabeth will be handling the committee 300 reins to a younger person (hint: Not Charles and not William) posted Dec 17, 2018. I went and Google to check if it history checks out on what it mentioned on the tapestries. Oh bugger. If the Plantagenet are back oooh bloody here we go again England and France… See post below that I pasted from the original thread in nanochan

House Plantagenet Alive!?

Has anyone heard the rumors on the darknet that direct descendants of Richard II of England are alive? They go by another last name is French and connected to House Valois. So the big news is that Richard II had a son escaped to Normandy under the protection of House Valois. Found out that Richard II second wife Isabella of Valois was 19 years old when she gave birth to their son and took him back to Normandy. The family years later commissioned The Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries which are 7 depicting the chase and death of Richard II. The family also commissioned The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry. On the top of the tapestry in french says "A mon seul desir" which translates to "my only desire" Richard II of England was well known for the unicorn and his force in Scotland. In other words "my only desire" on the tapestry translates to the family once again get back on the throne of England. The Lion and the Unicorn. In the IRC channel someone mentioned that the Plantagenet's are direct descendants of Charles Martel, Pepin the Short, and Charlemagne. Including Aurelianus Ambrosius. Below is a copy and paste of what someone posted. Took out identifying info because this was a shocker!
The Plantagenet's put Elisabeth I in power in England. Elisabeth I supporters reached out to the family and asked for assistance because of their financial and political connections. But Elizabeth I turned their back on them because the existence of this family was threat to her throne. Years later she, Sir Francis Drake and their love child Francis Bacon aka Shakespeare wrote an alternative history of Richard II the mad king.

Before Richard II died had a son was born. Richard II second wife Isabella of Valois was 19 years old when she gave birth to their son and took him back to Normandy after Richard II was killed and allowed to return. The family years later commissioned The Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries which are 7 depicting the chase and death of Richard II. The family also commissioned The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry. On the top of the tapestry in french says "A mon seul desir" which translates to "my only desire" Richard II of England was well known for the unicorn and his force in Scotland. In other words "my only desire" on the tapestry translates to the family once again get back on the throne of England. The Lion and the Unicorn. iluminarios, lords, and freemasons conspired to kill the king and kill of the house of david once an for all. The plantagenets gave the lords of england and iluminarious hell for 150 years then went into hiding. Could this be the branch that the Great Monarch Prophesy will come forth?

God almighty shall exalt a very poor man of the blood of Emperor Constantine, son of St. Helena, and of the seed of Pepin, (i.e, A French King) who shall on his breast wear a red Cross. Through the power of the Most High he shall confound the tyrants, the heretics, and infidels. He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them

St. Thomas a'Becket (12th Century) Archbishop of Canterbury.
'A knight shall come from the West. He shall capture Milan,
Lombardy, and the three Crowns. He shall then sail to Cyprus
and Famagoste and land at Jaffa, and reach Christ's grave where
he will fight. Wars and wonders shall befall till people believe in
Christ toward the end of the world.

St. Augustine, 5th Century):" A Frankish King will one day rule over the entire Roman Empire.

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good one

Ok…. Before we go on this tangent lads lets stick to the facts. Richard II died on February 14, 1400 according to history books. Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533 and died March 24, 1603. Sir Francis Drake was born in 1540 and died January 28, 1596. Let's say mums a word - had a love child Francis Bacon born January 22, 1561 and died April 9, 1626. As for William Shakespeare he was born on April 26, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. So dates check out and for a while there has been speculation that Francis Bacon could be a candidate for the real author in some Shakespearean works. He fits the profile and time period dates check out.

House Valois at that time period is connected to Brittany's dutchry (Normandy) and of course the royals of France. Thus the region's history is connected to the Normans and Aurelianus Ambrosius / Wales. We all need to do some diggin because went to wikipedia and found that King James V (Stuart) married Magdalene of Valois who also became the Queen of Scotland. Let's follow the money. Brittany was seperate from France and England. Queen Elizabeth I encouraged Sir Francis Drake to pillage and plunder Spanish ships as well as French kings all centered in Saint Malo it was a center for pirates. Then we have the Medicis who were very close to House Valois and its seen in one of the tapestries. I saw it yesturday and I flipped. Then with the Medicis you got the Pope etc…. connections.

So here is the big question according to the original post on the darkweb why would Elizabeth I and her supporters reach out to the Plantagenets/House Valois for help to get her on the throne being Catholics? The posts stated because of their financial and political connections. Before Queen Elizabeth I was placed on the throne she was declared illegitamet because her father Henry VIII marriage to Anne Boleyn was annulled. Elizabeth was later imprisoned for suspisously supporting protestant rebels. But in 1558 when Mary died she succeded her half-sister to the throne. How did she become elgible to be the queen is the big question? So when she took the throne piracy was in an all time high thus making money for many. Was there a deal struck with the Plantagenets/House Valois that we do not know about? Was this group ruling England and France secretly because of their wealth?

Before the Plantagenets came to power the family held the titles Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou, Geoffrey V. Henry II then so forth. Could there be connection between William of the Conqueror and this family branch, the Plantagenets? Did history repeat itself on how Charles Martel and his family came to power just like how the Plantagenets became rulers of the Normans?

There is a connection here. This connection brings to light the rumours of the past that a wealthy family of royal decent and their friends sparked the jacobite rebellion.
there was an attempt to kill not just the King of England but also the Lords of England by blowing up the House of Lords with gunpowder. Maybe a Plantagenet to seize the throne removing all opposition. It was no secret that the jesuits had a hand in this. Then there is a very strong connection and conspiracy theories surrounding Francis Bacon when he wrote New Atlantis and his connection to the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. This info could be legit. If its legit I can see many crying….

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schizo is that you?

On a serious note, Zig Forums is a Jacobite board tbh.

All good points. I don't think he or she has a schizopheria. It would not be the first time history was rewritten to hide something. Not long ago there was a referendum in Angers, France on the reunification of England and Anjou. Two weeks ago France and Germany recently signed a treaty to come together at Aachen for the EU army. Where did that come from?

From Kekistand…. Duh

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Lolz… On a more serious note there has been major leakage going on, but some of us who have been looking for these breadcrumbs. Lets say its hazardous because the cabal does not want us to know what is really going on. What we know is that the White Dragons have teamed up with a secret society that scares the shit of any cabal secret society we are against.

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I once read the story of Aurelianus Ambrosius who is a direct male decedant of Constantine the Great. He was the second of three children. Constants, Aurelianus, and Uther Pendragon. This family ruled in Armorica (Brittany) and Wales. They are buried underneath Stonehedge area along with the 12 spiritual families of the infamous round table. When Rome fell the monks of the church convinced them to restore the church after Rome fell and funded missionaries and aided in the construction of many churches. The father of Constants, Aurelianus, and Uther Pendragon I read was targeted by heavy witchcraft that made them him go mad. Vortigen conspired and killed Constant the oldest who was a monk about to become king. The 13th Legion along with many monks got Aurelianus and Uther Pendragon out of England area back to Armorica. When I read this and compared to other history records about the 13th Legion things just did not square. The only logical conclusion is why they were with them is because they were the last and remaining in my humble opinion sons of Brutus. A couple years ago I dug deep into this family history because why the English goverment on the hush hush about this family. Any mentioned of King Arthur and family of people who have come out with evidence disapeared its like they do not want us to know. I read what I could access on recorded latin texts which I will not disclose.

What I read the life of the monks is something like out of star wars. Seriously, these guys were not just men of God, but warriors. At times these guys had to fight directly the druids, witches, and even in hand to hand combat. Such as Saint Columba, Saint Malo, Saint Brendan, and St Bieuzy. The two monks that caught my attention was Saint Malo who went on a voyage with Saint Brendan the Navigator sent by the royal family to find the promise land of the saints, North America. According to the legend they even came across a sea monster. So my theory is that the royal family had a map or knew of the New World for a long time. I do encourage many to research the saints surrounding this area.

I live in an MI5 prison. A spy runs my prison. In prison, the spy tries to torment me. We can take away his knives by confessing, every day. In about 2000, I masturbated fantasizing about Marine Le Pen. She looks like star trek seven of nine! In 1985, at my sister's wedding, I roundhouse kicked a wog in the head because he was loud. In 1985, I tried to get a slag to lick my dick. From 1998-2003, I fantasized about leading a dafty army like dune, of pikeys or hooligans? that was dumb because they're dafties. In the BNP, on the high street, Nick and I said good lad or saddo as a way of evaluating members. On 9/9/1999, I killed an MI5 spy on purpose with my car. :-)

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Is that an extract from Joe's book, "Race War To Door Wars"?

We want to know what is the connection with the druids and witches alongside the monks? Whats the story mate? Not worry about the that other post.

Bloody hell this bullocks! come on one of you fuckers give us a fucking update u wankers who knows more on this! FUCK FUCK FUCK EVERYONE ELSE just tell us more. Tells us the FUCKING good stuff! AND FUCK RACE WAR TO DOOR WARS! WE DONT GIVE A SHITTING CARE!

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A Medici in the center in black dress in House Valois tapestry

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Aaah Shit. They are alive alright

Before I write about into the connection with the druids and witches alongside the monks. I have to ring up a friend of mine who knows more than I on this topic. Will post on this soon. This friend of mine while I researched this topic guided me to many fountains of knowledge, also on this matter on the Plantagenet's a while back ago. I advice once you learn about this please be wise because the secret societies, specially the freemasons are not going to like the fact that cat is out of the bag.

The Plantagents roots go all the way back not just to King David, Troy, and Rome also they are direct descendants of Zerubbabel the governor of Judah. I was told that Zerubbabel alonside many others went thru hell to rebuild Jerusalem. Then a prophecy was given to Zerubbabel grandson of King Jehoiachin of Israel. A prophet from God named Haggai prophecied this over him recorded in the Bible Haggai 2:22-23.

I will overthrow royal thrones and shatter the might of earthly kingdoms. I will overthrow chariots and those who ride them, and horses and their riders will fall as people kill one another. On that day,’ says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, ‘I will take you, Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, my servant,’ says the Lord, ‘and I will make you like a signet ring, for I have chosen you,’ says the Lord.

Many went against Zerubbabel and scoobydoos sent word and told the king of Babylon who Zerubabbel really was a son of David. So Zerubbabel alongside many of his followers mainly from the tribe of Judah departed north to Troy. Zerubbabel family from then own because of the promise of God and because their own people after so much sacrifice they did to rebuild Jerusalem now wanted nothing to do with God alongside those who came with them. After the fall of Troy they went to Italy founded Rome and so forth. One can search the internet on the sons of Troy.

Is you sayin' we wuz Israelites n shiet?

"We want to know what is the connection with the druids and witches alongside the monks? Whats the story mate? Not worry about the that other post."

As for the early history of Britain it can be found in the following links other than those sources I mentioned previously. Please be sure to download or print this content because you never know if it will be taken down after this disclosure.

Age of Saints

The Trojan Origins of European Royalty

Irish and Scottish History

So the time period of 200 A.D - 500 A.D Aurelius Ambrosius, Uther Pendragon, King Arthur, as well as the saints is a biggie. A wee time ago I was told by a scholar monk that during the age of the saints in Britain was a period of great danger for many and that the christians were the light. There was dark magic and witchcraft in the land as well as other rubberish things that the saints had to combat. Was told that the King Arthur branch of the family were all beheaded. The Aurelius Ambrosis branch had to come over across the pond from Armorica with the help of Merlin destroy Camelot because it was being used for evil. The remains were used to build fortifications across the land.

What started the crazy conflict beforehand among the saints/monks and druids/warlocks was the Great Conspiracy. On the winter of 367 A.D the Roman garrison on Hadrian's Wall rebelled, and allowed Picts from Caledonia to enter Britannia. I do not have much information on this. It is a hush hush from what I was told.

The other information I have on this that I was told that there is a connection with the stonehendge and the american stonehenge. The oldest is the American stonehenge. Also that the 12 original spiritual families are buried underneath stonehendge here in the UK that merlin and the masons help build from rocks from Ireland ordered by Aurelius Ambrosis as a memorial of their kingdom and Brutus descendants on the island. (I do not know if it is true or not so do not quote me on this)

"Is you sayin' we wuz Israelites n shiet?"

The answer ye your question, yes we are Israelites. It was common knowledge in the Auld days, but our ancestors refused to acknowledge it because:

1. The Israelites who lived the ways of the Old Testament / Torah did not believe in Jesus and the message of salvation. The miracles after Jesus went to heaven.
2. Still sore (specially the masons and monks) about what happened in the past when the other tribes of Israel in Jerusalem tattled tale the rubbish to the Babylonians and forced Judah (us) and some others out.
3. Founded Troy, Rome, and many other kingdoms. Big Ego complex. We also have football!

When Henry I took the throne in 1100. Henry I retained scoobydooish counselors at court and continued a favorable Norman policy toward the scoobydooish people, issuing a formal charter reiterating royal protection, and special privileges of liberty which fostered great prosperity under his leadership as their king.

When the scoobydooish people living in England found out that King Edward I (Longshanks) was of the eldest branch of the House of David and Troy. Many along with the other branch of the House of David demanded the King surrender his throne or share to the other branch in front of his subjects because it rightfully belong to them too. That did not sit well with the King. Then they hurt his kingdom's fiances and went to war against him. The King defeated them, revoked Henry I policies towards them, and told them to get lost. They did it to themselves. Out the door they went.

Around about that time period I learned too about the Welch Prince Madoc full of beans set sail in a voyage in 1170 along with 2,200 men at arms in the name of adventure and vengeance for what the indians did to Saint Brendan and crew 514 A.D mid year and for something else too. I was ye told by my confidant monk friend it is best not say for buggers sakes. So back to the story so Prince Madoc landed in Mobile Bay in the Gulf Coast of the United States and recorded their cheeky landing. Then went northward along the Mississippi river all the way to Quebec area. Later when exploration to North America it was found that Indians in the region spoke Welch. Regardless, made notes of their exploits to have killed 500,000 on their crusade. (Bugger they were pissed for over 500 years.) After their crusade, came back and reported to the royal family. I know it a stonker. I been wondering how pissed this family is and with who today? Anyone?

time to zzzz

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Good morning, it is about time someone posted our ducky breadcrums. We are here now -L.

Before we say what we are going to write on this forum to the turkeys and the chickens. We would like to enlighten the audience on what has been posted by others and confirm it's authenticity that is all true. To the individual who posted the Zerubabbel and Prince Madoc history congratulations, you nailed it.

The royal family later came back to Europe, years later from the Americas after a major event. Constatine the Great lead and reconquered what was lost in the East of Rome. The legend of the City of the Caesars in South America is real. We are part of the guardianship of that city and much much more.

Now on to why …. Why Prince Madoc came to North America. It was in the name of justice. He was sent because of The Promised Land of the Saints agenda and to avenge the (Roman Western Empire) indigenous roman citizens, many innocents were slaughtered and something else. The Hopi Indians is what remains of the North and South America Roman Empire. (Many relics are in plain sight and others are hidden away by the government) The word is vadum.

-L's Message

Our ambassadors have visited all the major lodges. Yes the turkeys, the chickens and painful sauce. Still many of you fuckers do not want to change, you are all full of monkey brain shit! We have destroyed many of your cloning facilities, bases, satellites, removed the grays from the moon / milky way, destroyed the negative waves emanating from Saturn, and removed many of the cabal….. We have superior technologies and the most lethal space force. Yet after we have shown you all this, you are still full of baka monkey brain shit! Now things are going to get alloooot fucking worse with painful sauce. Better to surrender now because new orders have been given to initiate the next stage. That also entails wink Wink the removing all your protection barriers.


By the way most of you turkeys and chickens are buggy clones… Don't believe us check your dna markers. Quack! Quack! More rubber ducky skunk bombs are on their way!


To answer your latest question for the 100th time. No, House Plantagenet is not going away nor will they take no for an answer. For the last time because some infamous lodge and some Lords of England got together and decided to poke the Lion. That Lion, the one you all killed motherfuckers.

Then right after that incident House Plantagenet rose up. Many cried like cunts until Pope John Paul II intervened. Everyone saw him standing with a member of House Plantagenet on TV… Tada. The Pope passed away and you poisoned another member of the family a little over 20 years ago. (The video is on YouTube) As well as hire many warlocks/witches and your voodoo crew. Do your thing in Stonehenge. So when the mantle of the high king of Europe got passed to the one who holds it now. He blew up worse than a mad Sicilian/German called his cousin. Then came the activation of the ducky force who his grandfather prepped all right under your fucking noses turkeys. We became active. We showed up and now stand on the very top of the pyramid.

As you are all very well aware the lion was not very happy on the many attempts you tried to kill him and the wealth that rightfully belong to the family hoarded it for yourselves and you did much evil with it. That evil is being exposes every day by the many.

Our message to you this morning is the time of mercy is now over motherfuckers! What sucks for you all, it is now harder to wipe peoples minds of the truth specially those reading our words because of the ground we have gained. Your fucked and cursed! People are receiving messages letting know alternative media should also not be trusted as well. Infowars more and more are finding out they are part of the cabal.

Keep your fucking hands off of France! We are coming to their aid and are there now. Also Europe! You dare say that France has been ran without legal right or title since 1948 in court? You shitters, the only fraud going on here motherfuckers is the fraud that was committed in 2008 among many others which you forged 750,000 tons of gold backed bonds equating to $23 trillion out of thin air. This scheme is over and the U.S is now fully bankrupt under your leadership as well as other countries. We are not bailing you out!!! We are the only ones who can do it with a true bond that will process legaly. We have the biggest gold reserve in this planet. Its more than double than what the Chinese have.

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To those who are in the trump train we want to let you all know we have jumped off the trump train. The crimson duckies have as well jumped off because Trump recently accepted George Bush's former position and title as Warlock of D.C. Other junk also went down. (Without us the attempt of the presidential race would have been futile alongside the hand of God.) Q we know you are watching this thread. You know what you need to do, we will not say it again. Jump Off! Too much blood of patriots was spent.

To China, we want to rebuilt the silk road and are for it. Thank you for releasing a couple years back the light of rome song. A song lost from the past. To Turkey and Iran… We are watching you motherfuckers!

Words of Wisdom

A kind word of advice to the radical muslim idiots in Europe. Do not provoke any longer Europe also Israel. Knights of Saint John, Malta, and Templars… Think about it.

Also to the blacks worldwide who believe they are scoobydooish, you are not all scoobydooish. Europe was never full of blacks. Not all whites are scoobydooish. Kindly educate yourself or duckies will step in.

The manipulations of man have never stopped a grander design. To those of you playing a game with this information, know you are being watched.

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I was honestly shocked how my own Mother could hold a complete stranger higher than her own son

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Take your Lizzie Borden bullshit somewhere else.

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Bacon was also in the committee that wrote the kjv that was translated from the hebrew satanic bible's_alleged_involvement

We want to give everyone heads up. Shit is hitting the fan, begin to prepare. Things are going downhill fast specially in the last few days. Just look at the daily news. Now many alternative media sites are just spitting out shitty nonsense news.

Keep in mind truth is a light, it is a sharp edged sword like no other. Everything is coming to light about everything including hidden things. No one can stop this, even us.

-L's responce to the fags

"The manipulations of man have never stopped a grander design. To those of you playing a game with this information, know you are being watched."

Did they hurt you all with their comments… You baby manipulators and your grander design. poof! That what happened to your grander design. Ours is better.

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didnt they find out pic related was related to Richard II?

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Well the thing is that Richard II is a direct descendant of Pepin the Short and Charlemagne. That is why they used it. They a referring to also a prophecy of the Great Monarch will come out of a cut off branch. Has anyone noticed about what is going down with Russia, China, and Iran. Its looking like World War III is about to start. So this secret society of duckies with L*. I wonder what else will they disclose. I read this article here few days ago. Now would it be crazy if Putin is backing this family like this article says?

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I wrote a whole piece a couple of years ago about how the government and monarchy will fall and Danny Dyer will return to his rightful place on the throne and restore the empire.

Ok, Danny Dyer so sorry its not him. Compare Richard III DNA with Richard II… and Henry II. :) Many will not like the findings the impostor. The acid test is to compare it to Charlemagne DNA.

Down the rabbit trail bulletin - we have a disclosure update for everyone about the wankers. So the wankers of the York and Scottish Rite the ones full of monkey brains 3 weeks ago including the rising stars of the Eastern Star were told by “ -L “ us and the true masons from the York and Scottish that they will be soon loosing their heads for not wanting to comply. No mercy and no something. You laddies are all fucking responsible for the mess that is here and for not wanting to do anything on stopping the depopulating of more than 2/3 of the world. You attempted to kill recently many times the emperor. All you are doing is pissing him more and making him scheme more fantastic against thee which has proved to be quite fatal. Think of all they clones you have made of people and of yourselves.

Brothers do you think you can stop the emperor? First round you gave him a warriors death gesture alongside his right hand man which turned out to be a disaster numbered 3,000 vs 2. Then right after that he alongside 2,000 of his troops laid waste 300,000 specialized soldiers with all the toys money can buy to take him out (China is still pissed at him). He had no combat experience in the beginning. It was all God and activating all of his ancestors skills. We have shown you the videos and you lads had have first hand experience of those coming close attempting to take him out have ended up with a broken hand or lose an eye. He received insights from God and warnings on every move you guys make. He is a genius with an IQ of over 320. He does not shy away from battle and enjoys being in the front with his men.

You were all warned to prepare. War War III is here. Be on the look out for news coverage regarding the South China Sea. They have yet to report publicly how many ships the fearless Russians have alongside China. Also the troop building up in Venezuela from China, Russia, Iran, and others. North Korea has already made their move. So has Europe. You should take our warnings serious. We know many of you went haha… You not now. China is not sorry for hurting UK relations. There is no way to escalate this, only thru war.

____ fall is now imminent. The hand of protection from us has been lifted. The political class only cares about their own, the agenda, and not the people.

To those who owe us and the emperor money. You will pay it one way or another. There is no escape. It is the way of the duck.

Just like how Charlemagne went to England and visit the good Oldle Saxon king for insulting his father Pepin the Short and killing his priest with him. He got him butt naked and spanked the king in front of his men with his sword. Right after he killed most of his troops and forced many to join his army for his campaign against China which he scared the shit out of them. Threatening them either to leave Europe alone or leave them all with no males with an army of 900,000 troops. That one is not in the history books. Should be. They also left a skunk in China.

gilets jaunes onward….

L* here

Disclosure about the dead sea scrolls. ****** painful sauce.

Another thing. We came across this post from someone

So in regard to the Saxons never invaded Britain. It is pickle true and fiddle true. As for the laddy who posted on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Intel it is pickle true and fiddle true lass. The think they are gods and are working towards turning the population into cyborgs. They also communicate with the wrong beings thru mediums. (we dropped already video on this on the darknet) Its all about the algorithms and who will be on top. Apple and IBM know, they do not believe in this enslavement.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google the worst. They are all about plugin in into the fiddle sticks system. They are the media and many journalist have lost their lives publishing the truth thinking social media would feed the message to the masses. Nope its tapped out and controlled. We no longer live in a free society, its a matrix. Those who live outside the matrix are the free and the controllers. There are many controller around you and you do not even know it.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google must come down including Intel. Research InQtel who funded facebook. The truth is out there.

Les Plantagenets sont vivants. Pourquoi ne sont-ils pas sortis en public? Le Vatican sait-il qui ils sont ?

Et Henri d'Orléans et Louis Alphonse ?

Pour répondre à votre question, oui, le Vatican sait qui est cette famille et travaille avec d’autres pour le dénigrer. Nous allons continuer à répondre en anglais pour que tout le monde le sache.

Catholics such as myself and hundreds of thousands no longer believe the Vatican is steering the Catholic Church in the correct direction. Look how the abuse scandal is being handled. The biggest scandal is when Flammas emus Lucifer matutinus inveniat: ille, inquam, Lucifer, qui nescit was sung at the Holy Church!

There are few true believers left in the Vatican and there are those who are in hiding from the Vatican. The Church of Rome is no longer part of the true body of Christ. It is the church of lucifer and evil spirits that manifest there now. Only a miracle from heaven can save it.

As for your question the legitimacy of House Plantagenet, all documents are in order and authentic with all the seals dictated by Cannon Law as well as Roman Law. Some of these documents are over 1,500 years up to present day. DNA tests verified the bloodline authenticity linked to Richard II, Henry II, and Charlemagne DNA. The pretenders do not have this kind of proof or backing such as the Plantagenets.

What many do not know that the Plantagenets made their mark in South America. They were working with the Jesuits in 1600 - 1700's and defended the indians. Together eliminated a little more than half of Spain and Portugal army. If there would have been no interference from Spain and Portugal the Indians would have developed to modern society. During this time period the Plantagenets along with the Jesuits also visited Japan and China during this time period. They learned their style of fighting. This is why they fought with great tenacity.

This is no tall tale and it would be a true sin to wrongly to mislead you and those who are reading this. If you do not believe my words I encourage you to pray and ask for God to show you a sign. The Vatican will not confirm this truth, they are against him because of their apostasy.

Many catholics are making pilgrimages to Brittany such as the Knights of Columbus. According to the prophecies this will be a place to be when everything burns. That time is soon. Knights of Malta, Knights of Saint John, Jesuits, and the Knight Templars who know his identity are not say one word till the time. There are freemasons who support the king, but it's not the majority.

We live in dark times and must be vigilant.