Black security guard stops potential mass shooter and is shot dead by responding officer


The police force is currently hard at work desperately looking for pictures online of the security guard smoking weed.

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is the source legit?
if true, LMAO

It's real.

3rd verse of the Star Spangled Banner, 2nd half:

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Can't wait to hear bootlickers say "See? The 'good guy with a gun' will just get shot by the cops!"

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Don't security guards wear fucking uniforms? How does this even happen?

Everyone chalked it up to white people having guns.

Cops don't care because they know they'll get away with it.

I don't think his intention was to kill someone. It's just an issue of cops being trained to panic at everything. These are still people, not automatons. The problem is deeper.

Lel, it's Night of the Living Dead.

fugg, beat me to it

Damn. This is a clear story of a corrupt and unchecked police state murdering innocent citizens. All people could really learn from this…
Naw, let's make it a racial thing with a progressive purity spiral and contradicting resolutions =D

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Reminder that security guards are pretty much cops but even more directly in charge of guarding private property.

It was already a racial thing dumbfuck.

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More white proles are killed by cops than black proles. But retards like you make it a primarily race issue rather than a class issue which just gives fashies an opportunity to absorb disgruntled white proles into their ranks.

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And…..50% of people killed by cops are white. Yes there is a racial component but its primarily a class component. But its cool, just pretend its all about race and you're sure to get chicks to like you on your college campus

Nobody did that, faggot. The entire point of cops is to suppress the working class. Race is one component of that.

Then say its about class. There is no solution to this crisis that comes from looking at it through race. Only the overthrow of capitalism can end police brutality.

This poster is absolutely right.

Zig Forums's justification for the conspiracy theory that joos control the world.

Funnily enough I did.
The problem isn't a lack of mentioning race. The problem is declaring that race has nothing to do with it, which is patently false.
That's strongly implied by the post you're replying to.

Overrepresentation in the bourgeoisie is not the same thing as overrepresentation in fatalities dealing with the state apparatus.

In this case it obviously wasn't just a class issue. Dude was killed for being black and having a gun, not for being a security guard.
Class is indeed the predominant factor in killings by police and the hairtrigger racism which caused this incident is the result of the association of a certain ethnic group/skin color with pertinence to the lumpenproletariat.

Americans are taught from a young age that everyone around them is either in competition with them or poses them a threat. Any stranger is a potential kidnapper, murderer, rapist, pedophile, thief, robber, etc. etc. Cops are people who spend all day around criminals and see criminals of all walks of life, colour, religion. This makes them wary of *everyone* and scared of everyone as a potential threat to their life. This fear makes them act erratically.

Or, you know, the pig is either a fucking racist or a cowboy who was just waiting for the opportunity to kill someone.

They are indeed both the same thing: a fundamental misuse of statistics. Any time you see positive claims made based on disproportionate representation of a statistical group you will find a charlatan pushing it. That is absolutely not how statistical evidence works.

This makes me want to watch "Paedogeddon" again.

Yeah, that's a great skit.

One kicker here is that the article says the guard pinned the first guy down - meaning the fucking armed security guard managed to use non-lethal force on the actual armed attacker but the cop just came in and fucking killed the wrong guy immediately.

Idk what Illinois law is like, but a lot of times bar managers are basically required to call the cops if there's a serious brawl or anything going on like that.

More white proles end up doing mass shootings because they cant stand being around other proles different from them.

No, we're not. Stop making shit up, retard.

A security guard is a private cop.
I thought you radlibs liked it when cops get shot but I suppose skin colour idpol is even more important.

You know damn well the optics of him being a black dude with a gun was the reason they shot him, stop being naive.

If he'd been a white security guard getting shot by the actual police while saving the bar's patrons, do you think I'd be ok with it?

The message here is that police, employed by the state with public money, routinely kill or harm people they're supposed to be protecting and in this case that person had also already dealt with the threat the police were called for. There is racial bias in how America's police do this, too, but I've known white people it happened to as well and there've been a few cases (like Daniel Shaver) which were national news. Also, your 'private police' thing is disingenuous semantics - security guards aren't police in the sense that actual police forces are police - they don't hold legal authority over the rest of the country, usually fulfill very limited roles, and if they had more authority and broader roles people would quickly realize how wrong that was.

Ftr, I'm not even saying race wasn't probably part of why this happened - it plays a role in the disproportionate policing (and murder) of black people, and part of the reason for that is the amount of black people and communities who ended up in long-term poverty and have had trouble leaving it post-segregation. IE racism being a factor does nothing to deny the overarching relation of class to being abused by police.

Class and race are actually often mistaken for one another - I used to go to this bar in town after work some days, which had a set of homeless folks who'd hang around outside who were in particularly rough shape mentally. A couple times later on I tried to go there and was turned away for reasons which later showed up in a posted dress code - hoodies and draw bags among the items banned. There was an uproar about it being racist, but they were actually just snooty assholes who mostly wanted to keep all homeless people out after a couple incidents with these homeless people with untreated medical issues. But, yeah, the list had like sweatpants, draw string bags, hoodies… and a bunch of stuff associated with black people (most damningly oversized chains or medallions) but most of it would also be associated with poverty (or at least not having a car) so my being a guy who dresses like shit and relies on transit weeded me out even before the list was up.

Although, for the record, there are also white supremacists who go into policing specifically because they hate black people and want authority. Kind of a tradition of that, but it's come to the surface again recently that it's still happening.

And most white proles are just regular people trying to provide for their loved ones. Stop demonizing people based on their race.

I don't and neither do you.
Nobody has ever proven that the occasional black person getting killed by a cop is anything but a consequence of blacks' astronomical violent crime rate, and you simply assume this is connected to race.


Who's the fuckin liberal now

You're completely right. Cops do kill more black people because they commit more crime on average. This makes up for the statistical difference between cops killing white proles and black proles.

Theres lots of minorities in the police force. Its not that cops are racist more so than that they are all dicks.

Guess it's not true then.

It's both.

Most are non violent drug arrests and bullshit charges that lock them up in for profit prisons. Most have no choice becuase theyre living conditions are 2nd world and the state refuses to help these communities in any tangible way.

Whenever an incell mass shooter strikes and gets peacfully arrested, theres always discourse about alienation under capitalism or women not fucking them because capitalism etc. But for something like this its always a simple (violent baboon nazbol meme). When you try to raise an eybrow and contest it, its idpol. Class reductionism taken to far and turning into a pathos.

I'm not even going to argue that black people don't commit disproportionate amounts of crime - it's not beyond belief. But as far as I'm aware, don't those statistics usually come from law enforcement? If they just charge black people for crimes more often than they do white people, wouldn't the end result look exactly the same on paper?

There are white supremacists in the police force. But theres a lot more black,latino, asian cops. Looking at the police force in aggregate, its not a race issue but it is completely a class issue. Communists shouldn't be blind to reality.

Homocide rates for black people are much higher than they are for white people and they do commit more robberies and violent crime than whites. This is due to their material conditions as a legacy of slavery and their residence in dense urban areas which foster crime as opposed to their poor white counterparts who live in rural areas. You may doubt the FBI stats and for good reason. However, even the FBI will accurately report murders committed by certain racial segments and blacks do commit more homicide on average than do white or other minorities. This cannot be disputed and is evidence that the environments and historical conditions that blacks have been through create material conditions that lead to higher crime rates and thus disproportionate killings by the police force.

I don't understand what you're complaining about. Racism does exist but in terms of police killings, it is by far a class issue. I'm not blaming black people for committing a disproportionate amount of homicide but pointing out that its due to capitalism that we have a racial anomaly in the first place.

As for the incel shooters, of course the republican media outlets will not condemn these people however the democratic media outlets do. This issue is just a divider between the idpol of the democrats and the blatant racism of the republicans. The root force that causes incel mass murderers and police killings of black people is capitalism.

The police supress the working class

This is a stupid way of looking it since bourgeois police came forth from garrisons of the British Army, mimicking their command structure, except with even more indoctrination to prevent sympathies with the working class.
The cop on the street has little ideas of their own, they are mostly mindless robots following the doctrine of the police bureaucracy to the letter. Those that do have self-initiative use it to work with organized crime since only organized crime can protect them from the police bureaucracy.

Are you unironically supporting niggers here? No niggers = no nigger problems. What kind of mental gymnastics do you go through to deny black crime rate and the fact that average non-white in US makes less money than they spend?

The working class is composed of a variety of races. I agree with what you said but it doesn't contradict the point that the police force is used to oppress the working class, not a specific race.

However it is also important to keep in mind that the police force is part of the state which is owned by the bourgeoisie. Eventually the working class will need to either crush the police force or take it over and turn it towards an instrument of oppression owned by the proletariat.

In capitalist society, the police force is a tool of the bourgeoisie however it doesn't have to be that away. In order to overthrow capitalism in the first place, the state and its apparatuses like the military and police force will either need to be beaten down by a proletarian army or taken over because even the police and the military are starting to lose their wages. There is a widening rift between the lower level police and their management and the military officers and their sergeants which is something that can be exploited.

I think the most confusing part of the "good guy with a gun mentality." Is who wants to be that guy? If I was armed and witnessed some random act of violence why the fuck would I want to get involved? Doubley so for anyone that's not white. It's just such a weird train of thought.

We're reaching sophistry levels that shouldn't even be possible.

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