Apple extends keyboard coverage fo Macbook keyboardgate - BUT WAIT WAIT WAIT

At at the very bottom

This model came out only a few days ago at the time of this writing.

Which basically means Apple is admitting their products are potentially fucking defective even as they're shipped to stores

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Yes, and? That's probably a good news.

I do not mean do offend, but do you have Aspergers?


Chill out guys. Only a small percentage of Macbooks have this design defect.

Apple is a company making non-free software and it makes people buying their devices think they're special, while they're just exploited.
Every failure of Apple is a good news.

why is everything called *gate now

Hey Louis

I agree, and I saw that you think the same as me from your first post, but your lack of comprehension from OP's post made me think that you might have Aspergers.

I agree.

No, ALL keyboards with the butterfly mechanism have the design defect. It seems this design makes the keys extremely vulnerable to dust and debris. A little bit of whatever gets into it, there's so little room to move that it gets the whole mechanism jammed. All because Apple was obsessed with making their goddamn computers a milimeter thinner than the competition.

Because everyone wants their own asspain to become a global society-altering event on the scale of gamergate.

Wow, so you're telling me that the corporation that ruined keyboards forever doesn't make good keyboards. How surprising. It's almost like they only make cheap garbage that only a complete retard would buy even if they reduced their prices by 80%.

It should be gayt. Because they're fags.

I think you mean expensive garbage. These keyboards are over-engineered as fuck and needlessly different than others to shave off 1mm of case height that no-one cares about.

The proper term is Veblen garbage.

I have a hard time believing that it's not cheaply made. Apple's hardware is flimsy as shit. Everything else is garbage as well, but Apple created this trend, and is still in the lead. They have the worst designs and some of the worst build quality on the planet, to the point that they dragged the entire industry to the fucking gutter. There is no way in hell that making this trash costs them that much. Right?

They've been doing it since 1993. The 1997 Bondi-Blue iMac used parts stamped "Foxconn 1993", sold at 2x market rate, and as 'top of the line'. Same story, never changes.

Apple is China. Kill China.

Lad you forgot the jews 2x in a row.

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I sell Macbooks at best buy all day long. A girl walks in with that stupid look on her cunty face, I think to myself, rose gold macbook here we go. It's so easy.

And nobody ever comes back complaining about the keys. Ever. We have zero cases of geek squad performing or sending out that class of repair. It fucking mystifies me because women are the dirtiest most disgusting creatures on earth, which everyone who's seen a woman's phone or computer knows, and I keep waiting for them to come crying about the keys so I can gleefully turn them away for some reason I make up on the spot, but it just doesn't happen.

My hypothesis is that women never actually use the keyboard so they just don't notice.

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Very likely. Last time I used the keys of a womans laptop they were so dirty I used the vacuum cleaner on them, kek.

That was sarcastic mate

In all fairness, I think one of the reasons iPhones are so expensive, aside from Apple ordering higher spec'd displays from suppliers then others, is the fact they pretty much design their own ARM IPs in-house while everyone else just orders Qualcomm designs and obscure Chink brands of otherwise bone stock ARM cores paired with Mali GPUs.
I think Samsung has their own ARM IPs but Exynos IIRC are pretty damn close to just stock ARM licensed cores all with stock Mali GPUs. The cost of this shit adds up

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The reason that iPhones will always be expensive relative to everything else is that iPhones are a luxury brand. If iPhones are perceived as "cheap" it defeats the purpose.

True. But Apple still needs to back up the whole "Luxury" claim and they do that with shit like in-house chips/motherboards. in-house OS, and higher spec'd screens. Its shit that doesn't matter one fucking bit for the average person unless they're in the market and have the money. Its like Rolex vs a cheap Seiko Watch. both have automatic movements, but only the Rolex has the level of craftsmanship that while it doesn't matter to us poorfags probably will to someone with a hole burning through their wallets

The price certainly gives them room to perform up to. Craftsmanship is definitely on display. All I'm saying (as someone who can't stand Android, likes [jailbroken] iOS, and is awaiting a Librem 5) is that the price is set beforehand, and independently of what's inside.

You boys. I used to work at a used laptop repair store. When the most obese nerd comes in I could tell "ThinkPad T440 for the fat boyo". He comes in and buys the ThinkPad to fit in with his shitlord masters back on Zig Forums. What shocks me is that nobody, not one, ever comes back asking for a refund for the trackpad. Even though all their hair and lice got beneath the trackpad, they never come back.

My assumption is that men only buy ThinkPads because they're insecure about their dick sizes...

and that they don't even use the trackpad because it's shit.

As someone who currently has a LG G5 as their primary phone and recently bought a new iPad out of curiosity, I can say I hate Android now too and can see the appeal of Apple shit, except for me I don't really care for Jailbreaking, to me shit like filesystem access is really not necessary on a Smartphone and is just a novelty that is neato on paper but in practice it serves no real purpose and an actual PC is much better for that level of user control. My next phone will be an Apple device, because all I really want and need is a device with a nice polished and responsive interface that can browse the web, do basic media shit, and maybe run a handful of usermode applications. Everything else, I have a PC for

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t. sucks tranny dick and copy pastes other peoples stories on his iPhone to shit on Zig Forums while being on Zig Forums in a thread about how Apple devices are garbage
Ahh now I get it. You actually want to suck on my big dick while I play around with my retro T43 (didn't buy it; got it for free)

How is an "Apple-made" ARM chip better than any other? They're the exact same chink-made crap from chinkland. Just with an Apple logo on it.
Apple is part of PRISM, so maybe it's even worse and has extra hardware spyware inside.

You should read your own sentences before you post them, shill.
So you can only install applications from the store like a good slave.
I want to remind you that you just denigrated the positives of Android with no arguments in favor of iOS
Surprise: You can do that with any operating system!
Hey shillstein, nobody buys such an expensive piece of shit out of curiosity.

1.) Apple does a lot of design tweaks and has a lot more custom silicon on top of the otherwise bare-bone ARM cores. An example is the Apple A8X that was tri-core. IIRC no stock tri-core ARM designs exist. It’s basically Qualcomm levels of custom chip design but Qualcomm doesn’t make their own devices and have a thousand OEMs licensing them. Apple doesn’t because they don’t want to, it’s not how they work.
2.) The main SoC comes from TSMC while the memory can come from TSMC or the USA. Taiwan is not the same as mainland Commie China despite what China wants you to believe

iPads are like what 300 bucks new? That’s not that much unless you’re a massive poor rag

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You want criticisms of Android? Alright. The interface is generally trash, OEMs try adding bloat to the interface to sell it to you and it makes it a cluttered mess. I don't want shit like the brightness slider in the notification bar, I want that in settings. Sometimes you can disable that shit, other times you can't, its a dice roll from OEM to OEM. LG for example has a feature called "KnockOn" where you can turn on the screen with a double-tap and turn it off with a double-tap. This is useless, its a dumb gimmick, and my phone is always turning on in my pocket as a result. You used to be able to disable it through an app on the Playstore that let you access hidden settings, LG got rid of the hidden settings. They had to consciously make this decision and it makes me wonder why their UI designers still have jobs and aren't homeless and on the streets yet. And no, you cannot disable that shit with root. And if you brick your device you better have an OEM flashing software ready. If you're lucky you have a cheap Chinese device that uses stock Android recovery and can adb push a stock ROM if you ever brick but none of the big names do that for security reasons. Android applications have gotten significantly better after they introduced Android Runtime and the Bionic C library God before then Android was barely usable) but developers still even to this day need to bootstrap Java to native code. Android applications will never be more optimized as a result and its why Google wants to trash Android in favor of Fuchsia finally. Alternative homescreens are a fucking joke, they're all no better then the OEM stock homescreens, made by Pajeets. Going back to where I said filesystem access is a novelty. Yeah, it fucking is. I installed that one terminal emulator that gives you apt-get and has its own sandboxed GNU system (forget the name, F-Droid is fucking dying right now throwing 504 errors so I couldn't look it up) and I never did anything with it. Why the fuck would I? Who in their right mind would use command line applications made for an actual PC on a tiny screen and touch keyboard unless they were a complete LARPer trying to gain hacker cred or some shit? And emulators? Who the fuck wants to emulate games on a touchscreen with touchscreen controls? I'm not saying these are points against Android by the way, but I am saying they shouldn't count as advantages either, they can be ignored as non-factors in my opinion. Maybe the ability to install APK files is nice, that is one thing I will admit Android has over iOS, but you can still install IPA files, including cracked ones, from iTunes IIRC. I'm just saying Android isn't as great as you think it is

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Sage for samefag, I'm not even finished yet, I forgot about updates.

iOS 12 came out this year in 2019, it supports devices as old as 2013. This level of support is unheard of in the Android world. Can you imagine Samsung releasing Android P for the Galaxy S4? Because I sure as fuck can't. Android devices, including thousand dollar ones, are fucking dead in terms of support after 2 years tops. By that time Android could've gotten shit like new security updates but your ass is left behind. I get Google can't just push out Android updates for all available hardware on the market, but what the fuck is Samsungs excuse for example? Samsung isn't a small company. If Apple can support their shit Samsung surely could do the same thing right? They don't fucking care. They never cared

Thinking about it now, I've never seen a chick use the keyboard. Just scroll and tap through Instagram.

excellent simulation of a woman-tier reply

No. Retards have always thought this, and it's never been true. The last couple years are only an exception because Apple refuses to update their actual top of the line computer, the Mac Pro.
The iMac sold because it was colorful in a beige world, had USB ports and was relatively inexpensive. It also had the slowest G3 CPU Apple ever sold at 233 MHz, a pitifully small amount of standard RAM at 32 MB, and a low resolution screen intended for 800x600 that could also be set to 1024x768. It was marketed as an appliance that retards could plug into the wall and get themselves online with in 10 minutes without help. If you wanted a top of the line Mac in 1998 to get work done with, you'd spend about three times as much and buy a much nicer beige Power Mac G3 desktop or minitower with a 333 MHz CPU, 128 MB of standard RAM and a standalone 1600x1200 monitor.

t. upgraded from a IIvx to a beige G3 desktop in 1997

Saging because the thread is dead and I'm not contributing anything of value.