Brit/pol/ #2665: Animal Fights Edition

School children go on strike over climate change

No-deal Brexit could lead dozen ministers to resign, says Grieve

'Education, not indoctrination': Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender

Black pupils' schooling 'dumbed down over special needs'

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absolutely shameless repost

good lad

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nice one lid

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That's standard behaviour for New Lancastrians tbh

Good lad

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top fucking lel.


wew. tbh it should be obvious that hammering Drumpf's judophilia is the way forward.

wew, that summarises his administration

literally fuck dump he needs to get dabbed on while spider man slaps his thighs

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this. trump hates being mocked about anything.


smh the bullying wasnt meant to turn on me

Thanks lids

Good lad


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user has entered a fey mood

I think you mean thrown a tantrum tbh lad
*punches you*

What is wrong with the world?
This behaviour has to stop

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westie has been punched in the upper body by kents left fist, bruising the muscle and shattering the rib

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Oh fuck I had that

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That stuff would be illegal over here, right? Bit jealous ngl.

yep its obesity isn't it

keeek yeah good catch lad

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did you work on your model swamphouse lad? post some pictures

wtf happened to youtubes recommended section

everything is getting wrose

yeah I am almost done with all the rafters still need 3 more to do I am just taking a break because its hard. i will post pics once I do the sub flooring which will be even 'arda

They fucked it up
I just get recommended gay shit now

I'll give you a hint lad

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I get recommended Islamic dating sites

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they had one job smh

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bro wtf its literally all babys cartoons and playdoe videos

This is top bants tbh.


its all the diets for poorfags.

New video from Village People

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poisoning the food chain

good lad you should recruit the boomer joiner with the secret iron hand power to help you build the real one

did u clear your history recently? that fucks it up.

Absolutely nigger cattle tbh

story time lad

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dirty Belgian nonce case

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preddy gud documentary tbh lads

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Welcome to the Filternet lad
Wait until Article 13 passes

yeah he already said he would help me with shite like that

do tell

i could sum it up in one sentence quite easily


Fresh Herbie, he's doing better lads



so glad herbis didn't die

this lad has a networth of several million

all this ahrimanic shite is just poison for women to then pass the poison to men the forever youth mene where you just end up staring at a shotgun barrel because you are empty inside

you spelt faggot wrong

that lads fanbase is entirely ugly and fat women whom he teaches to layer on several kg of makeup in order to hide their actual face and helps make it socially acceptable to do so

ta lad

daily reminder that if yous were serious about saving the white race you'd just take on whatever single mother was nearest to you and dump like 6 more babies into her

yeah this

All wogs where I live lad but thanks anyway

literally just want a lass to like me don't even care about bolitics or how good looking they are so autism shy lass gets a pass unless she is somehow a nasty thot underneath her autism

what you gonna do when she asks to add you on facebook?

tbh, its the best way to tell if she can produce strong offspring or not
the problem is that they are all "muh independant womyn" and a nightmare to be around
thanks jevvs

Time to ==BLEACH== and ==COLONISE==

Sounds like something a single mother would post.

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Got to talk to her first, m8

I don't have one so that can't habben

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plan to donate to a sperm bank myself
shall be fathering more children than a bronze age warlord through the fertile wombs of fat dykes

this tbh THOTS OUT

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The Romans considered a single mother to have "proven fertility" as a desirable trait I know this is true because it was in HBOs Rome

why do I get accused of being a woman all the time lads, do you think there's any chance an actual woman would ever want to come here

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There are a lot of handsome studs posting here

do trannies count?

are you serious about saving the white race

It's a scouser so breddy gud guess I'd say

no tbh but yous seem to be

gimme a call ;)


A canadian mummy posted on newbrit but was scared away, said she found it through browsing ancestry haplogroup sites.

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Don't talk to me about saving the white race unless you're married to a valkyrie

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