Brit/pol/ #2667: Zig Forumsbol Edition

Sleeping with the Far Right
In a bid to understand why extremist attitudes are rising throughout the Western world, broadcaster Alice Levine spends a week living with British nationalist Jack Sen and his family

EU Article 11 and 13 Internet Copyright Laws Finalized

Labour party edges towards split as up to 100 moderate MPs face DESELECTION including Luciana Berger, Ed Miliband, and Yvette Cooper

BBC forced to apologise for 'bad language' as Spear Chuka called 'MAD' during speech

Speaker John Bercow's protégé is found guilty of bullying a female deputy amid probe into 'toxic culture of intimidation'

'I'm okay with beheadings… but please let me come home': Smirking ISIS bride Shamima Begum admits it would be 'really hard' to rehabilitate her - but insists on bringing newborn son back to UK

Unisex toilets in schools are leaving girls 'too afraid to use the loo over fears of "period shaming", sexual harassment and a lack of privacy'

Doctors at England's only NHS transgender clinic for children warn lobby groups and pushy parents are exposing young patients to 'long-term damage'

Honda set to close Swindon car plant

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Did you want to buy some Zig Forums CryptoNonce coins lad?

xth for the Iron Pill

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Super snow moon to dominate Gwent skies this week


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Bizarre moment man goes to the toilet in middle of road in Newport

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I enjoy this sort of autism tbh

It's great

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This is the best one

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Behold, a song about my local town.

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Real oldfags will know that this is at least #2667 because we had 2664 twice.

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oh we did lel

renumbered this one

I don't know what this has to do with the Cotswolds.

This happens all the time, we hit #1000 due to ending threads at like 300 posts as well.

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Why is Zig Forumss political compass backwards?

It's not, we're based third-positionists

Because we oppose globohomo stuff so it puts us as left wingers when in fact we've ascended the "left vs right" dichotomy and settled on the blessed and based third treetop of political and economic thought.

Yeah, the whole left wing and right wing division is part of that whole Illuminati obsession with dualities complementing each other (which you also hear from Peterson).

That's what the hexagram symbolises, too. The opposing triangles, overlaid, create the symbol. We've escaped it.

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Nothing, just Brecon Beacons are nicer.

must be a lie tbh

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Beef fucking casserole for din dins.

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Late 19th/early 20th century Socialists were fairly militant against foreigners and hyper conservative, at least in this country.

Teaspoon of almond butter and vape tbh


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This can't be right lads.

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Poor cunt. Some paracetamol and a good nights kip will sort him out.

Top kek. This shit storm in the Labour party has made my day and took my mind off this sodding man flu.

For men or women?

That's higher than I expected tbh

The way they perk up when they hear blasphemy. Iconic.

The problem is that they're unmarried at the time.

It should really be a word filter

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Fucking brilliant

Combined I bet where women are 12 and men are 30

What should it filter?


there's nothing it'd work for though

too many variables


I suppose.


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perhaps this was a corbyn-MI5 spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) op to sink the british barrack obama, Chuka Umunna

You Kipper is a bit tinge tbh


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Is Zig Forums on there?

was there a page on gi?

dl'ing it now, I'll upload it in a sec

Here's the HnH State of Hate=
Zig Forums listed as one of the top far-right forums.

lelling at what they consider far-right

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Shame we aren't mentioned directly, smh they probably don't even know about us.

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no way im dling that glow in the dark shite

Would laugh hard if HnH got Charlie Hebdo'd by one of their pet muslims



Can't even make a fucking bar chart.

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I dl'ed it so you don't have to

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the whole thing is a mess of formatting

They have no fucking clue how imageboards work.

Hope you fucking scanned it with Temple OS lad

SA is 6million of them

Never heard of that one tbh.

I wonder where that number came from, I thought at most 10,000 people used this site across all boards.

Lurkers and not interacters tbh, wonder how many people are reading this that have never posted.

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But yeah that number has to be way off tbh.

Britain is too small and densely populated for successful hidden white nationalism and successful cessation from the state, or take over of the whole country. But Australia……. could be a gold mine. Or many of the abandoned islands around the world.

it's a lolcow site

It just seems implausible.

exactly lel

The chart of pure mindless stupid as fuck Autism?
Like real disability level autism?
And the left is threatened by this powerless autism?
Hahaaa what a fucking joke

out of 750,000 theres only 20 active posters on this board which is on the front page almost all day?

g boy.

So Zig Forums is left wing? Can we drop the left/right bollocks now? You all know it's a falacy.

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Nothing but the left wing trying to claim that all whites on mostly white autistic forums are nazis out to get ya.

Even if you added all the active ISPs up you still wouldn't hit 10k, and even then many of them would be IP-hoppers or people posting on multiple boards.

wrong rural guerilla warfare does not work in a society as industrialised as ours. Look at the Northern Campaign in the 50s, the IRA proved urban and sub urban guerilla warfare operated out of politicised communities is the only viable form of resistance.

Check the ratio for likes and especially comments relative to views on a site like YouTube. The number of lurkers is always huge compared to the number of interactions. Maybe 1/100 people will interact with a video.

Zig Forums is stupid autism. Nothing achieved ever. Just stupid robotic autism. No kids, no money, no nothing. Just disabled autistic retards trying to use the internet to form human relationships

I can imagine quite a few browse /v/, /mu/, /tv/, /b/ and Zig Forums but I doubt our splendid isolation would get more than I'd say 100+ lurkers a day.

However, tbf, it's much easier to watch a YouTube video without interacting with it. I'm not sure how many people would willingly lurk here since they're not exactly listening to Mozart.

We have around 20~ regulars and 50~ semi-regulars I'd say.

thats true but even then its unlikely that 750,000 people lurk here and dont ever post.

another stupid autist. The IRA is a fuck up, Northern and southern Ireland are fuck ups. Britain is too populated for any rebellion to ever work.

Can you imagine if we had 750,000 active users.

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Japanese car maker Honda is to close its Swindon plant in 2022, with the loss of 3,500 jobs - as motoring union blames Theresa May for 'chaotic Brexit uncertainty'

Now the facts