Is it possible for someone in this day and age to break modern casino slots...

Is it possible for someone in this day and age to break modern casino slots? A man once told me Las Vegas slot machine software is more secure then the NSA. Do you think this is true? This type of shit has just always interested me. The average person never really thinks about the software engineering that is behind slot machines

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The smaller the software the easier it is to make totally fireproof. The software for something like a slot machine, not counting the algorithm to guarantee profit, is trivial.

Some casino was experimenting with networked slot machines in 2006 with Gambling officials. All the slots are connected to a centralized server in the casino backroom where a licensed operator can gather and log data from all the machines on the floor, and then adjust the RNG seeds accordingly for the max house advantage while keeping people playing. Its also believed the seeds can be scripted to change based on time of day and even time of year according to expected floor traffic and demographics of the average age and sex playing that particular day. Information about this is naturally scarce however. Traditionally the way a digital machines seed was updated was by physically swapping an EPROM in the machine itself, and this had to be done in the presence of a licensed gambling official to ensure no malicious third parties could install a backdoor.
We know that whatever software these machines use are prone to bugs that could lead to higher then expected payouts

Each individual machines chances of winning at least at one point in time, was documented internally on the Probability and Accounting Report (PAR). In the past PARs have been leaked to the internet and have given people significantly better odds at finding a payout

Also in the 90s Ronald Dale Harris, a programmer for digital slot machines, discovered RNG flaws in several machines he worked on and after he retired was able to take advantage of such flaws on machines he designed and won big

There is a bigger question: are these thousands of unused machines mining crypto?

These machines are super tamper proof these days. Trying to get to the electronics in any way basically fries them. Probably easier to just rob some people at the place.

Easily half of everyone in any given Las Vegas casino is carrying a gun user, that's not even counting security

They would need to be networked to the blockchain I think and that would compromise their security being able to phone the outside. Pretty sure that wouldn't pass US gaming regulations either

What about small machines in Vegas, like those in a Restaurant, Bar, Convenience Store, or even a Supermarket? Las Vegas has small machines for these purposes too. While still connected to the Gaming Commission, they are nowhere near as secured as the Casino's.

It might be the same software, but its likely the seeds are not updated as frequently either. Still, your average gas station slot machines wont have nearly as big of a payout as actual casino slots either. But thats a good potential attack to look at. Basically scope out all small gas station and convenience store slots in the Las Vegas area and then just hop from store to store, would still need some way to reliably reverse-lookup the seeds though

If the NSA gets hacked they lose other people's data. The people that they don't care about because they're serving the jews and not the people.
If a casino gets hacked it loses potentially millions of its hard earned money, separate from the fools who frequent them.
In the computing world, things are only done well if the ones doing them are forced to, usually by being threatened on their lives, or on losing more money than their lives are worth. A casino falls on the latter category.

Probably the dumbest idea possible. The entire city is full of subhuman mongrels addicted to cocaine going on spending sprees, rob them instead, and they won't even remember it in a few hours.

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surely that's a ruse

arent they basically just computers with some proprietary game program now.. the real mechanical games died a long time ago.

laptops with thouch screens are a real thing and they have virtual keyboard programs too. such keyboards already existed in xp.

duh! Probably some raspberry pie hooked up to a tablet display with constant slot games running on the background.

idk how they are in america but here they just have a pc in some kind of custom case and it runs linux. can be seen when its turned on. then the maintenance dudes can open the machine(the thing around the screen is actually a door) and some special maintenance interface comes up where you can do stuff.

Don't tell me you never seen a ThinkPad X-series Tablet before?

The policy is any win over $1200 in one of those places (Such as Dotty's or Terrible Herbst) requires the owner of the machine (usually JETT Gaming) to come and pay the winner. It's a tax thing. If you don't want to arouse suspicion you'd have to win small (100-500) repeatedly.

In America these machines used to just typically be Windows CE or occasionally some form of embedded Linux spin but the gambling regulators wised up and its all in-house software nowadays

Woa no shit what an incredible revelation you have made truly big brain hour right here lads

I know laptops with touch screens exist, I meant how someone can be retarded enough to use a touch keyboard in a standard laptop layout mode with the physical keyboard right there

Easy. They're young'uns whose parents gave them a cellphone at age 2.

Maybe the keyboard was broken, or the driver wasn't recognized?

All laptop keyboards are generally recognized under generic drivers in Windows. It would be more likely the touch screen driver not being recognized before the keyboard

It's not difficult nor expensive to make them tamper proof. It's usually things like a microswitch that gets triggered when opening the case wiping the firmware or, even if you cut the case open in the right places by other means, the circuity being sandwiched in PCBs you can't even cut or drill into because you'll cut very closely spaced traces, again wiping the circuity. Since it's trivial to reflash these days this isn't a problem for maintenance upgrading/looking over them, but a very big problem if you want to get at the firmware or manipulate it. Pretty hopeless.

Welcome to the future. Remember when the future didn't suck?

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You could just go Ocean's 12 with Julia Roberts pretending to be Julia Roberts. Or you could go the original, true Ocean's 11 with The Rat Pack and not the scientologists' Fuck Party version

You realize Las Vegas was built by mafia families, yes?

Here's your answer to everything:

Don't Gamble, it's a waste of Time and Money!

I mean, I'll play a Poker game once in a while (it's like Chess for the Greedy), but anything beyond that is taking your chances with a system more rigged than a Lottery Ticket.

The on-screen keyboard does have the advantage of having more characters, even in standard layout. Usually for a laptop the touch keyboard is the easiest way to write characters like þ, û, or ß. And since the on-screen keyboard normally auto-closest when a physical key is pressed, if you're typing words with many accents it can feasibly be more convenient to just use the screen for all of it.
That's surely not the case for that guy, but still.

Gambling is fine as long as it doesn’t become an addiction and you don’t expect to win anything