Brit/pol/ #2668: Greggs Edition

The Japanese knotweed map of Britain: Scourge of invading plant blighting UK is revealed in heatmap showing areas worst hit by infestations

Japanese car maker Honda is to close its Swindon plant in 2022, with the loss of 3,500 jobs - as motoring union blames Theresa May for 'chaotic Brexit uncertainty'

Tory Remainers 'warn 22 could quit' in private showdown with Theresa May

Euston stabbing: Eleven held after man dies in hotel reception

In a bid to understand why extremist attitudes are rising throughout the Western world, broadcaster Alice Levine spends a week living with British nationalist Jack Sen and his family

EU Article 11 and 13 Internet Copyright Laws Finalized

Labour party edges towards split as up to 100 moderate MPs face DESELECTION including Luciana Berger, Ed Miliband, and Yvette Cooper

BBC forced to apologise for 'bad language' as Spear Chuka called 'MAD' during speech

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remember to stay hydrated

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Is there something wrong with taking water to classes? A lot of the US is really hot, seems like a good idea tbh.

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literally nothing, they just wanted to scream about wypipo

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C L A N G! … C L A N G!

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Gonna need a knotweed-chan

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naah tbh knotweed is a right cunt, the reason it develops in urban areas moreso is cos of lazy councils and lazy furriners tbh

poor aussies

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"William the Prime Minister" ( 1930 )

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government will ban cars, but never even consider return to feudal living under lord and serf in walled cities

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Reverse the Beeching report and nationalise all the rail industry tbh, we need a focus on public transport.

this tbh

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Based nip weed gonna reclaim the streets

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fucking based
Italian 'revenge killer' who hunted down and executed two Albanian burglars because they insulted his mother's honour by leaving a vibrator on his parents' bed is arrested

bloody furrin weeds, coming over here, taking the jobs the lazy brit weeds won't do

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Being a serf doesn't sound like an improvement over the current situation if I'm quite honest.



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Actually going to do this lads. My local council are shit at maintainance.

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It's a crime to spread knotweed so use other plants.

get a local weed lad, cos when it comes to trying to reclaim the land later on you have to use salt-the-earth-tier tactics to remove the jap stuff

Oi! 'ave you got a licence for them seeds?

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Seems like they'd need planting anyway, so nip weed is off the menu. Any other native seed recommendations lads? I know bamboo is a cunt to get rid of once it's in the ground. Also Pyracantha takes a suit of armor to remove.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Weeds in the UK

Quite a few poisonous ones on here :^)))))))))

EU trying to start a war with Russia again

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Where's Westie? Isn't he a weed?

MET announce that they are "no longer racist".

This is all very interesting. But what about Nigerian poo weed?


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when people ask if I've ever read any female authors RC is the only one I can think of tbh

Dafties gonna daft

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She didn't fucking say anything, she didn't explain why it's bad, you got the full video?
justt ripped it as is tbh

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He's not wrong. Control Ukraine, control the oil.

From that clip I'm guessing she didn't actually fucking say anything.

Those evil white people and their habit of…
… drinking water.

the key word was "could" - it was all fearmongering

Alri lads

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>"hurrbladurr leavers just call it scaremongering but it's not honest!"

>f*ing p*
Flirting paedo?


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yeah la, you?

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is paki a swear word now?

it's considered an insult, it's fucking pathetic

im loving this salt lads, they are imploding

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If the mere shortened name of your ethnic group becomes an insult, it should really make you think, tbh.

The word "Scot" hasn't become an insult, nor have "Finn" or "Swede". Suspiciously, though, "Paki" and "scoobydoo" immediately raise hackles.

Not too good la, hope you're good la

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meanwhile in East Yorkshire

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Probably because it's what they were referred to during the 70's when NF was kicking the shit out of them.

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Not entirely wrong, since the farming industry is propped up by government intervention, and the hypothetical double-whammy of not having subsidies and having low import duties with the world would seriously undercut them.
Bit of a weird argument considering lamb is expensive and most of the stuff I see on the shelves comes from literally the other side of the bloody planet instead of from down the road.

wew the way it's worded almost makes it seem ironic

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Yea, it only needs something like "and the right to have as many children as she wants, to whom she can teach her beliefs"

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could be better la

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Be sure to remember the unconscious bias bit though when you remind them that you're an aboriginal who has faced 2000 years of subjugation.

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Smh la

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they joined a terrorist group? well at least they paid tax
t. council


would be nice if whites were treated the same. go join a crusading order and kill a bunch of pakis then come back to britain and get benefits jerusalem ackbaaar

immediately rekt

memi it lad, make a fake propaganda video using syrian army vids

smh every time I read her name I imagine a last of the summer wine type saying 'eeh by gum'

Yeah pretty much. There was a huge CIA operation to guarantee Ukranian sovereignty, and there are NATO contingents in Ukraine to ensure that if Russia ever tries to annex it it would trigger NATO.

If you control Ukraine you control Europe. Now that the British don't have the ability to rely on naval superiority as they always were, if Russia goes apeshit the British won't be able to save Europe from a 4th tyranny.

with how much europe has tried to fuck us over for leaving their gay little union we should probably just let the russian fleet dock in portsmouth as banter at this point

kek, i sometimes use that phrase love it, nobody says it anymore tho really

remember that huge shitfit the media flung when their fleet passed through the Dover Strait

Tell me about it

Corbyn has said he backs a peoples vote in the event of a no deal has he?
*you might have to rewind a couple of minutes




*gives Russia Gibraltar*

no deal then?

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Might as well, they're swarthy Remainers tbqh

I cba that honestly, I'd love to win a 4th fucking war because the alternative is that the EU win it themselves and Germany takes what used to be our seat of international power on an official basis. Rather start building the fleet, engaging in national service, update our helicopters and the like.


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so the story is already changing, when it was first reported he was attacked from behind now he is hit in the face while bending down

Russia is shit scared of our light infantry as-is, if we actually strengthened the union of the Commonwealth into a Greater Britain then we turn into the biggest superpower on the planet overnight.


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that muffin top

I almost feel bad for them. Almost.

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it will turn out to be the same deal as that faggot nigger in the states