🤔 really gets ur noggin joggin

🤔 really gets ur noggin joggin

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Bookchin wasn't a fascist, but he was definitely fucking retarded and contrarian for its own sake.

Must really loath the idea of being told to put down the KFC

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lol, twitter tankies…

This. It is clear that he wanted desperately to be the new Marx for careerist reasons but success never materialized because he was so unlikeable.

I find it hilarious a twitter personality who advocates for ethno-states is accusing anyone of fascism and I hope that this ends up being revealed as a parody account but anyone whose encountered PSLcucks knows it isn't. Bookchin is shit for reasons other than the false claims he was a zionist or fascist. Here's some criticism from someone who knew and worked with Bookchin, better than some bootlicking eceleb. academia.edu/36127432/Critical_Comments_on_The_Politics_of_Cosmology_

19/68 some good bits but fucks up the execution and falls flat on its ass.

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John Clark might have worked with Bookchin, but he split and became vehemently opposed to Bookchin. I would take his words with a grain of salt, because he intentionally distorts and slanders Bookchin whenever he gets the chance. There's some bad blood between him and Bookchin and he's not really an objective source


what a fucking retard

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I guess someone had to find someone dumber than bell_shakur to post itt.

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That actually sums it up quite well. I hadn't even thought of that, but it makes perfect fucking sense. I usually just paid attention to what he wrote, not why he wrote it.

That's always been the most hilarious part of Bookchinites. If you ever ask them to explain, they'll either link you to a book, or spit out word soup and claim you're just not smart enough to understand them when you point out that they haven't actually said anything. I've explained babby's first Marxist analysis to my niece, who is 12, and she seems to correctly understand it, though she obviously has tons of questions. Bookchin fanatics could not do this. But I think I wouldn't be aware of this if I hadn't been a fan of Richard Feynman. If you want to know if you actually understand something, teach it to a child first. If you can't do that, then you don't actually understand.

Do you have a non-cancerous link for this?

J Barg needs to swallow a bullet or catch one.

I never said those posters should be banned, its all just banter. Anyway I am not sure why you'd actually hate J Barg so much honestly, its not like he is popular enough to be cancerous like Muke or even Bell Shakur

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Police are irl mods, by joking about arrests you're reinforcing the greater hegemony that reproduces compliance with moderators. This just shows you don't care about mods but only mods enforcing rules you dislike.
It should be clear why socialists hate a guy who calls himself "Adolf Stalin"

I chuckled

(S)he is as bad as Bookchin tbh. Another stupid nigger who wants decolonization and white genocide. BUILD THAT WALL ALREADY

For reference this was the image in xyr post.
No I'm not saving it or screencapping it even though I have the ability to do so fuck off. Basically people are using the whole "Bookchin tried sucking off lolbergs and ancaps" argument again. Which isn't really fascist. *Shrugs.* It's just not.

This isn't reddit. Fuck off with that shit.

Why would he want the deep ecologists and lifestylists he pissed off as followers though

Fuck off to Zig Forums cunt


Respect my pronouns, you shitlord. They are

Bookchin was a liberal and as Zizek says, liberalism always leads to Fascism.

Both of the people in this screencap are schizo tankies who have breakdowns if you say “retarded.”

can we purge the liberals yet

I mean, it wasn't for careerist reasons, as Bookchin was basicaly broke his whole life and barely made it by through selling his books and teaching. But he did try and bury Marx (to a fault) a lot, which he actually came to kind of regret doing later in life as he opined for "The Left That Was" (great essay).

I don't think you understand what liberalism means

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Please find the nearest cliff and jump off.

He wasn't fascist at all but he clearly had some tribal inclinations/loyalties and some Zionist sympathies resulting from that. You don't need to be a insane black nationalist feminista to see that

Not really, his "Zionism" is claiming that "arabs can be bad 2 and have attacked Palestinians" in a situation where it was irrelevant, despite being true. These false accusations against bookchin are bad because they obfuscate the actual issues with Bookchin in favor of buzzwords.

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I used xyr because there's a good 90% the person tweeting is some weird transgender mesh that isn't worth calling "his/her." Although I assume it's a female.

*90% chance
Check my dubs.White vegans log off confirmed for being a tranny.

You were right the first time and you should call him a fuckwit because his gender identity is the least thing wrong about him.

awww someone has hurt feels

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Almost sounds like a Bookchin criticism of Bookchin, lol.

I don't think so, Bookchin certainly wasn't above smearing his opponents. The problem with such smears is that if they can be contested then the entire critique will be reduced to the smears and likely discarded.

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thanks for the 2014 reactionary anti-sjw throwback joke


I wouldn't even say he was even a zionist tbh

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His article which you are talking about criticised the view of crude anti-imperialists who reduce all problems in the Middle East to Israel, while ignoring Arab imperialism which uses Palestinians for its own aims. It's not irrelevant at all.

Most anti imperialists talk a great deal about the gulf monarchies though and are very quick to point to them as an example of imperialist actors in the MENA

His point was about Pan-Arab states such as Syria

It's lame whataboutism at best and imperialist apologia at worst. It doesn't make him look good.

Through some hard-hitting dialectical naturalism and a thoroughly confederalist libertarian socialist analysis I can conclude OP is correct and anyone who disagrees with him is a liberal bourgeois first worldist who needs to read Bookchin to understand the naturalist nature of Democratic Confederalism and reject utopian reactionary liberal bourgeois first worldism.

I do not believe that Syria exports capital though, their economy isn't really advanced enough to be imperialist

Remember Syria held Lebannon under military occupation for decades, capped off in the late 2000s with a round of assassinations the Assad regime denies to this day, ranging all the way up to the president.