Veganism is idpol...

Veganism is idpol. Its liberal lifestylism and ethical consumption and therefore cannot be tolerated under any leftist movement.

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Enjoy your +300 replies from that one guy

Great job at pointing the absolute worst form of radlib LARPing we enjoy here.

*eats literally fucking everything in my path*
Yummy yum yumyum yum yummm!!!

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Antiveganism is idpol. Its liberal lifestylism and ethical consumption and therefore cannot be tolerated under any leftist movement.

I was shitting on the vegan for being a fucking retard last thread, and now you're acting with the same type of retardation. If people want to eat rabbit food, let them. Let people eat horse cum or whatever. Why do you give a fuck?

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I was shitting on the cyclist for being a fucking retard last thread, and now you're acting with the same type of retardation. If people want to dump carbon and lead into the air with reckless abandon, let them. People strip mine and frack or whatever. Why do you give a fuck that the dolphins will be long gone by the time the aliens bring us socialism?

This, if somebody doesn't want to eat meat don't force them, if they do, don't stop them unless it's human or excessively cruel (fois gras, veal)

heh, cool


I can be, but it isn't necessarily.

Though even then, a cyclist arguing for an end to the internal combustion engine is even more retarded than a vegan arguing for an end to all meat consumption.

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Though even then, a rando neckbeard shitposting about how you should stop being a good person is more effective than actually being a good person

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It's in addition to my argument, though you're obviously illiterate so you didn't read it. Also Tendou Maya is a cutie with a great voice, so that's why she's there.

Vegans have never proven that being vegan makes you a good person or that such a thing even exists. You should have left the spooky stuff for Halloween.

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I know this topic is trolling but I'm sure OP actually thinks that too

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Why read some pedo shitposter who argues that Nechayev did nothing wrong?

Those others are advertisements, offering a product for sale, not telling you that you should eat x or y because otherwise you're a jackass. The equivalent to those advertisements would be pic related.

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Just kill yourself now, bro.

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Oh, looks like I touched a nerve.
I thought values were spooks?
But diddling kids crosses a line for you, you insufferable hypocritical fuck?

I'm sorry but if you are a carnist that gets triggered by 'meat is murder' then you can honestly cry me a river, do you have any idea how many pro-meat messages I have to see in a typical day? Get te fuck.

I'm just pointing out how your retarded dig doesn't even make sense, but I get it. You were only pretending to be retarded.

People might remember you for something if you kill yourself with tide pods

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Can you show me the pro-meat equivalent to "meat is murder"? I'm not even saying it's "bad" to have signs like those up. I'm just pointing out how the picture shows a false equivalence. One is a set of ads, the other is a campaign. Not only that, one of the ads being compares is of diet fucking coke. Since when does that have meat?

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Speaking of excessive cruelty I just watched Ojka the other day, was fairly woke, I appreciated that the ALF were the heroes in a movie (wasn't expecting that for sure). I know you can call it 'commoditised resistance' or whatever but fuck I'd rather see that than nothing.

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Let me rephrase that. Your arguments don't follow any sort of logic. Values aren't real. We make them up. My values don't necessitate me being a vegan. Yours do. That's cool. You can do your thing, and I'll do mine. Some people struggle to stick to their values, and that's admirable. Maybe you do too, but my values aren't your values, and objective morality doesn't exist.

Obviously there aren't many campaigns that go literally as far as to say 'lol vegetarians are faggots' but every pro-meat ad is mildly offensive to me, I just have had to get used to it. Carnists bitch when they have to see factory farm expose images but every ad break there's some 'mmhh buy this new succulent flank from M&S' shit with semi-pornographic shots of cutting a slice.

protip: if 'values don't exist' then you have no right to complain about anyone saying anything to you, I mean if I was killing you in a deep green bombing you still couldn't complain.

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Not a lefty, but I happen to come across this on the front page. Its only idpol if the vegan in question makes it that way. Or if other people make it that way towards the vegan. It's just the way some people chose to eat, that's all. There's no "identity" associated with just happening to not consume meat product. Just like how there's no "identity" associated with people who live meat. We don't call meat eater "anti-vegans" you retards

Yeah, that's kind of my point. You'd be annoyed at that, as I would because it's retarded moralizing of shit that is nobody's business.

Okay, but that seems like a personal problem. I don't know anyone who gets offended by advertisements of vegan stuff. That being said, there are ads, especially fast food, that are basically saying vegans are pussies for not eating this, and so on. Those are pretty fucking stupid, but I guess it works on idiots who base their diet around triggering lib cucks and so on. I personally prefer to hunt, but I know most meat eaters wouldn't eat a squirrel just because, even though they are delicious.
I personally don't mind those photos or videos. I eat meat and don't mind being reminded where it comes from. I know it sounds corny, but I feel closer to nature knowing that my hands put the animal down and prepared it for it to be on my plate. Anyone who can't do that should stop being a hypocrite and just go vegan. Shit isn't even that bad. I've done it just because in the past.

Behold, the typical carnist

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Nobody is complaining. I'm answering your claim that I'm a "bad person" for eating meat, when you haven't proven that to be some objective fact, nor have you even proven that a "good person" status exists. You can't do this precisely because values aren't fucking real and objective. I know you don't like being called out on making fallacious arguments, but do try to keep up.

Well no, I'd be dead. Other people would complain and this would turn out bad for you. Murder and terrorism are generally frowned upon.

Okay, if we're being honest, I was dating a vegan and it seemed easier and I figured I'd get good boy points. She ended up dropping out of school and going back home, which makes me sad because she was way more fit than any other girl I've dated. I'd be vegan if I was still with her.

I parse that as: Veganism is unimportant. Are you OK with that interpretation? If so, hold on to your butts for the tantalizing twist that follows.
I parse that as you demanding an action which requires paying attention to it, which looks like something in contradiction to the first part of your post.
An analogy: "That somebody is left-handed is unimportant and therefore cannot be tolerated."

Nothing wrong with that

Honestly, if you eat animals, you already don't really give a shit about them as anything more than a thing. "Cruelty" doesn't even factor into it. I'll eat some veal, foie gras, and even ortolan.

we have this thread every week

let's get this fuckin shit started

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Because I either know he either won't listen to what I say, or doesn't have an answer yet to my adblockers. You might listen or at least share my annoyance enough to fuck off, but I can't block you with adblockers.

You like it, you eat it. It's a bit much for me, and unlike >>106802's jaypeg diarrhea can't be done much more humanely. Not big into organ meat anyway unless it's ground into cold cuts or something.

Veganism might be horseshit, but some of their points are legitimate and valid.

For instance, we certainly contribute a fuckton of CO2 via the farming industry, so we need to drop the hammer on porky and his farming business.

All in all, I'm not a vegan, but I care about the environment and endangered species. Of course, there are always the obnoxious vegan SJWs that annoys the fuck out of everyone.

You don't think killing a conscious animal is murder? Imprisoning millions of animals for life, feeding them until they get old enough to be eaten. Milking cows ripped away from their children, who, if they're male, get killed. Those animals are kept in a state of terror almost perpetually. But you must mean bourgeois murder and bourgeois terrorism, that are specifically encoded in law in our liberal democracies, not a more broad and valid definition.

The more I read "idpol", the more I think it's just a word that attracts idiots.

You should burgeois kill yourself.

But that would be playing right into your bourgeois hands, carnist

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No, and neither do you, else you'd also be arguing for predatory animals to be tried for murder as well.

Not if you're not a statist???

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Yes. Murder and terrorism are illegal acts defined in law. Laws as they currently stand are a product of the bourgeoisie. In the UK, sharing leftist literature, is considered terrorism now because it endangers the 'safety of the State'. Murder also has a definition. For example, the State cannot commit murder, we call it 'execution' and is legal. Law enforcement also practically cannot commit murder. We have seen a lot of videos of cops committing murder, yet they're not charged with murder.

There's a difference between hunting wild animals and farming them on an industrial scale.

Irrelevant. If killing an animal is wrong, then it's wrong no matter the method. If it's not, then the method is irrelevant.

So how do you plan to end meat consumption?

Vegans would have you believe that this:
is preferable to this:

In fact no they are not. Most ranch animals have no idea that they're going to die and are killed instantly. Turns out animals that die in distress put a ton of compounds into their muscles that make them degrade and lose flavor faster, and ranchers try to avoid this. If you want a worse example look at the commercial fisheries industry which regularly hauls out massive amounts of fish in nets and then lets them slowly asphyxiate to death in the air.

Is anyone going to be holding thanksgiving at their place this year? For vegans, what do you like to serve? Honestly, I'm wondering how we can evolve this holiday into something a bit better instead of just the prelude to black Friday.
I have a vegan sister and I don't want to serve her shitty food just because I don't know how to cook for her.

Thanksgiving is a dumbass holiday and we're having pizza.

Why do you think this? And I don't think my sister would appreciate it if I threw a pizza at her, considering she can't have cheese.

Thanksgiving is a ruling class holiday designed to cow the poor into accepting their own exploitation. I could go bankrupt from a medical emergency, what the fuck do I have to be thankful for?

It's actually a harvest holiday and thanking God for this. It isn't about just being thankful, but this:

Also exists, and was given to the Japanese by Americans. It could be a day of thanking your family and comrades instead of God.

fuck "god" and fuck your family

I see your anarkiddie self can't read. Nice job.

Sounds cool actually.

He was talking about the 'original' Thanksgiving being thanks to god. Then he says 'also exists' as in exists as a separate thing. This is Zig Forums, give comrades the benefit of a doubt.

By diversity of tactics

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That's not an answer. Nice job showing you don't have one.

It is an answer. You just didn't like it.
I don't have to hand you, the FBI, the keys to the castle.

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You don't have an answer. It's a nebulous non-answer that doesn't say anything about what you actually think might be a solution. Face it, you don't have an answer and hiding behind "lol ids a seekrit" is fucking transparent and stupid.

Yep, you figured it out. The galaxy brain FBI contractor here found us all out. I didn't turn in my revolution schematics and diy tsar bomba plans to him in a timely manner, so leftism is canceled.

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I remember an interview with a green anarchist in Syria who made some good points about vegetarianism, but even he admitted it was a bit absurd.

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All you pussies should get some self-control and learn that REAL communist MEN don't need meat to realize a revolution

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This is why I never try to argue for veganism from a cruelty point of view. People give half a shit about starving children why would they care about animals feels. It's that it contributes to our demise from climate change that matters.

And you faggots need to get over the fact that shit doesn't matter and people can eat what they want.

who's this qt?

We can care about both, without going towards the autistic misanthropist way. Of course, starving children are far more important than random animals, but that doesn't mean we should condemn to extinction endangered species.

It's all about rationality. Eating chicken, beef, fish, etc is ok, as long as the species are not endangered, not mindlessly tortured or it causes catastrophic environmental damage.

Veganism, on the other hand, is the SJW version of environmentalism.

Eating meat is worse for the environment than literally throwing trash everywhere wherever you go.
You just don't see it because it's all externalized in the production of your food.

If you think it's justifiable to throw trash everywhere you go, then you're a bad person. I'm not going to pander to your carnist fragility when you think the equivalent of taking bubble baths instead of showers is worth increasing your carbon footprint many times over.
Yeah, you not murdering folks won't end murder, but it still doesn't give you license to murder people.

this guy has the right idea

It is liberalism. Not even successful. Dated many vegan sluts. It's all self grandizing you could just as easily accomplish with religion. The same way Christian women convince themselves they're saving their souls or someone else's despite being vapid cunts. Vegans think they're saving the bees or improving good health by being vapid cunts.

They're not.

Eat all the fucking meat you want. Go keto.

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dude almost all women nowadays are vapid cunts

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I don't HATE vegans as a whole, but i do find that most vegans are pretentious and awful people on the inside

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Since when did MAGAtards want the working class to rule the country?

Amazing how incels are able to turn the discussion of veganism into a woman-hating narrative.

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just cuz they don't like your ugliness that deosn't means they're vapid, not even dudes like your looks homie lol not even your fam get real

it's all about that personal interest, you don't look like a main character yourself you look npc af homie

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Yeah, nice pivot and addition to the thread.

vegetarian here (more or less vegan but not exactly due to some inconsistencies with milk-derived products)

I don't even talk about it unless people specifically ask me, and even then I tend to keep it short. Trying to convince others so indoctrinated into flesh-eating is as counter-productive as "god hates fags" picketing. There are much more significant fundamental things which are of concern

That being said, all unrepentant flesh eaters will be executed after the supreme victory

Holy shit user, it's almost like "incels" aren't the only group with low opinions of women, but you apparently didn't know that since you'd rather fling buzzwords around like a retard without actually thinking.

If a person that calls themselves by any label that has a bad reputation btw, and acts like a big jerk to me, I will call them out on their nonsense.

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conservatives (of any kind) have low opinions of women (& other races) (& other nationalities) (& other social classes) (& other fucking anything).

I'm not disputing that, I just want people to think for more than 5 seconds before applying their fingers to the keyboard, that's all.


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Be sure to eat extra for me. I love watching you insecure lardass boomers gorge yourself and drop like flies because you think cholesterol is a food group.


praise be to godly trips.

Agreed. Tell the billions of people that can barely afford food that "hurrr meat is bad".

I will, because 90% of food going to animals for porky to eat is completely stupid.
Growing food to eat is much cheaper and more efficient than growing food to feed to your food.
Keep blaming vegans for poverty instead of capitalism though. I'm sure those John Birch climate denier guys from the bbq will definitely not throw you under the bus.

you know farm animals aren't exactly fed "people" food? Neither do wild animals.

I like how meateaters go through life believing all these things that just sound right to them without actual reason to believe them.

Flesheaters are the most self-deceiving people on the planet while at the same time being the most hypocritical