Brit/pol/ #2669: Kickin' Out The Furriners Edition

ISIS bride Shamima Begum 'has UK citizenship revoked by British government'

'British nationals have a right to come to the UK' MI6 chief says as IS school girl makes plea to come home

Home Office funding top London mental health clinic to treat returning jihadists and their children

Student 'plotted to copy London Bridge and Westminster attacks'

Man charged after incidents outside Parliament

13th century moated manor house in Birmingham with its own drawbridge, paddock and octagonal summer house goes on the market for £1.25million

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cryin rn thinking how we gon save evropa

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I miss her so much, lads.

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England is a beautiful, subtle little plot of Eden on Earth.
It's so heartbreaking to see the concrete monstrosities and Barrett homes being stuck up in the name of mammon and GDP, because this isle is surely the fairest on Earth.
This country has a mandate from heaven to rule the waves with a temperate and fair hand which is reflected in the simple geography, the winding lazy rivers and the pleasant green valleys.
As it was written, God gave the nations their bounds. Such as the Afghan has his desolate yet obstinate ancient mountain passes, the Englishman has his simple shire and river-ways.
A folk is born of the realm and vice versa.

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glad they did because it made me laugh

zogs are so cringy smdh

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Agreed but it's just so fucking pathetic, the fact it has been trending for hours now is just ridiculous."John Wayne"&src=tren

They won't be happy until the white man has been purged from history entirely

holy fuck I can't believe how badly the yanks actually fell for the Iraq shite. Have any of you lads ever met anyone who was proud of our involvement in that war? lol

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oops meant this video

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good lad

Lad, we already gave you more (You)s. What do you want from us?

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*turns up at your gaff with the shawm*

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He wants a gf, we can give him westie. Closest thing to, here

sorry lad I just liked that video and westie is a good lad anyway



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Westie's already in a relationship lad

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I hope that elephant lad does a Orestes tbh

westie doesnt deserve half the bullying he gets tbh

Was there annuda potato famine?

He has talked about the game a lot tbh


there are disgusting gayists on the chans who try to get younger lads into gayist preversions like fursonas and other forms of degenerate bumism

*bullies him more because it's so easy*

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speak for yourself lad

there are a lot of lads on here that deserve to be bullied more than they are tbh.

he was young and was tricked being mean isnt very redpilled at all

Good lad

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name some names, come on let's get it all out in the open

you can't bully mods

nah lad im a good lad forget I said anything

bullying is the natural order of the weak submitting to the strong tbh… if you allow yourself to be bullied, you are weak.

my girlfriend just broke up with me lads might just go shout paki at muslims until one stabs me

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Sums up Zig Forums quite well tbh

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what do you lads think of post-zog intervention tbh?
I think a lot of the aversion to intervention and such stems from the current order's past and present scoobydooish nature.
I don't think we should rule out taking thirdworlder resources that they are too retarded to use tbh.

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yeah I'm an imperialist, just without the yids at the helm.


Imperium and this time properly Christianize before fucking off again tbh

for the dumped lad

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koff lad im doing things the other way

muslim just shouted at me lads might go and stab my gf until she breaks up with me

Anyone got some tips on how to be an alpha male?

can I fuck her first?


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more footy and carlin

up the lyon boys




Africa needs to be colonized so that those animals don't get wiped out to make Chinese d*ck pills.

ah the childhood of a cletus

Be like Bush Poster and fuck anything
He'd even fuck the skin off a rice pudding

Don't post that fag here, please. Thank you.

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Why did you break up?

Wispas for supper

i fucked her

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Be better for Britain.

I'm the degenerate tbh she was a good girl

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good lad

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I'll be over there in a jiffy.

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Good lad

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needed this lad

Keeek that's great

I want to cut my right hand off, I use it to jack off but I dont think thats the reason