Mobile Safari finally getting native file downloads

Apple finally just making iOS on iPads Mac OS-Lite instead of iPhone OS-phat yeah I’m thinking they’re back.

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Oh shit also


OK, shill

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Finally getting what Android had for ages.

If only Android can finally get a decent user experience

What's your objection to Android's ux, though?

If I had Apple stuff I would be excited to hear this. However, my HP Elitebook can do all those things and has a nipple, which the iPad doesn't have, so that's a level of performance they will never have.

It’s fine to someone who hasn’t experienced Apples UX but after you do there is no turning back. Android feels very clunky and poorest integrated more times then not. Especially outside of stock ROMs which are usually a mix of stock and OEM components that barely function together. Tier wise I’d say the various Ubuntu flavors and Windows offer the best UX on desktop but on mobile it’s no contest Apple blows Android out of the water

As someone with an android phone, I don't see how the UX is a problem. It has a web browser, can call and text, mobile hotspot, and a long battery life. I have a difficult time imagining how someone would want to use a phone for more than that, as you would be much better off using a small form factor laptop or tablet for anything else.

You have little perspective and/or low standards. That’s all

You literal just described exactly why iOS is superior to Android in terms of user experience. Android feels bloated and like is trying too much to be like a desktop

I'll agree that OEM-tweaking often sucks. But then, installing a launcher can override much of it anyway. There's no way to override an iPhone's interface, which I seriously dislike.

They're not "back"; "i-Pad OS" is now on the level of the average Android tablet. They could do all of these things in 2014.
Or hey, guess what? I've got a tablet sitting right next to me that runs fucking Windows 8.1, and it costs 100$. It can do everything you described, plus things that are actually useful. The average i-Pad has more hardware than that thing's packing, yet they are nothing more than paperweights to me because of Apple's gatekeeping philosophy.


Tablets are cancer

I have one of those Intel Atom Chinese tablets you're talking about. They're trash. I know "you get what you pay for" but for 100 bucks its still not worth it. The screen is soft plastic that scratches from your finger being dragged across it, the storage is the really cheap slow NAND that has worse I/O then most smartphones, and the display itself is a really cheap panel with a very limited color space that makes everything look really under saturated and has dithering everywhere. And compared to iOS, Windows 8.1 really isn't that great of a tablet OS, I guess you can impress your retarded friends by firing up Steam on the thing and run TF2 at lowest settings for 60+ FPS before the poor little Intel Atom starts throttling and the novelty will wear off in exactly 5 minutes. Those things are just barely passable in the usability department.

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Oh yeah and it starts smelling like burning plastic and gets warm in your hand from basic web browsing.
You've never actually used an iPad

I have one of those Intel Atom Chinese tablets, and yeah. Total dog shit. Only useful for one thing - reading comics.

Lol, they're not. They've just been keeping this stuff as an insurance. Think of it for a while. If they had added ale these features before, what would they add now? They just made their users get used to the fact mobile devices are nothing special, nerfed botnet without the ability to even search files, and now people say "Wow Apple is soooo innovative!". It's like putting someone into prison, then putting him into a box with only a toilet for 6 years, then get him out of this box, and he would say "I'm finally free". He'll be enjoying his new prison. No wonder they call cracking these devices a jailbreak.

This. Stockholm syndrome.

I don’t think anyone thought this was anything but what you described user, from a business perspective it makes a lot of sense though and besides it gave Apple to iron out and polish the core of what makes iOS what it is

that took them like 20 years.. others have always had such basic features

So its as big as a laptop but not as powerful or capable, still closer to a phone in specs but much bigger so you need a bag to carry it around



As a computer it is shit, but as a graphical tablet would probably work great , despite the fact you can't run GIMP or Krita on it.

Tablets and Laptops are mutually exclusive markets and neither are directly competing for the same users and/or use cases. There is no reason you can’t own both an iPad and a proper laptop you autist
The iPad Pro uses an 11 inch screen, most laptop screens start at 13 inches and folds out with a keyboard attached, are you literally high right now?

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I like the phrasing: No reason you can't be an Apple fag and kill yourself.

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graphics tablet, sorry user, English is hard
sooo, how would actually a graphical tablet look like?

Okay retard

the make or break for a graphics tablet is pressure sensitivity and an actual stylus, so no they're not any better

I just wish I could watch webms on this fucking thing. The quantity of addons is lame, but if you wanna do it a native safari addon its also a bit of a pain in the ass. I'm not using Chrome because it sucks my macbook battery life like a whore.


These are basic features from the early 00s. Is this why you need to complete a degree to be able to use their creative suite instead of just doing it with professional foss tools?


their=/=it's, I was speaking about Apple in general. None the less, you could achieve these on some s60 phones before the first iphone, though through opera and other 3rd party software.

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Wow so it can finally do things that an entry-level Surface or literally any laptop could do forever? Seriously, I don't understand you fags. If you're actually doing work with your devices (which requires the features you mentioned) there's literally no reason to use an iPad instead of a laptop.
I am extremely tired of Apple shills. This is a 4/g/-tier post and you need to go back.