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Former Met Police Ch Supt Dal Babu condemns decision to remove Shamima Begum’s UK citizenship

'British nationals have a right to come to the UK' MI6 chief says as IS school girl makes plea to come home

How would I deradicalise Shamima Begum? With Islamic scholarship

AP PHOTOS: Where pro- and anti-Brexit forces collide

New £200 Million Port to be Built on the Thames at Tilbury

Honda: Plant closure is not Brexit-related

Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston Quit

UK Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has been arrested in Brussels, along with two other foreign Green MEPs and Belgian peace activists

Belgian Nazi collaborators still receive pensions for ‘loyalty’ to Hitler

Holocaust Survivors And Victims' Families Receive Millions In Reparations From France

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Sajid Javid's revoking of Shamima Begum's citizenship 'RACIST and DANGEROUS' says academic

Dangerous for you yeah you furrin paki fuck

vote UKIP tbh

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Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad will save the aryan race

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no but atleast they're filled with based people, the more power they attain is more power for a legitimate movement after them.

Building parties in this country takes decades, UKIP is really the most viable choice right now.

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i agree lad, UKIP are gonna REKT the libtards epic style and theres nothing that will be able to stop batten storming number 10

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The higher the better lad, why are you pissed on the pavement?

lad egg wraps shouldnt be green. it had more microcultures than slough. I was expressing my shock that such a terrible place got a good hygiene rating. It's difficult to find a phil for every situation.

would be pretty comfy if they did tbh

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This though ukip was the most ripe for a takeover by a group of naughty. shame batten decided that instead they'd appeal to the 17yr old gamergate crowd.

foodies have shite taste tbh

*group of naughty lads jej

Ah, poor lad. I thought it was some intended Doctor Zeuss dish. Check the last inspection date. Also in England restaurants and such don't have to display their rating in the window, so if you don't see a hygiene rating in the window check the website

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yeah, checks out lad

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SA licks the floor clean

A better one would be 'f you don't see a hygiene rating in the window, don't go there' tbh, it's only shitholes that won't publicise it tbh

Probably put poo in the food nowadays smh

Not every place might remember to put it up tbf

It was a budgens which is normally alri but I guess in a highly 'tinged' area the malignancy starts to seep into the food

I don't see why they'd forget tbh, a place with a good rating would be proud to show it

wonder if there's a body for rating rentboys or those wogs you get trying to put pour homme on you for a quid in nightclub bogs

based budgens

Search "toilets" in the reviews.

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xth for Imperium I guess

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Vote for the Brexit party or none.

>woman : apparently the toilets are impressive

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Nige's party isn't even running in local elections.


vote English Democrats

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t-the tumchum clubhouse?!


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why are there broken tiles? seems like a high end space to have broken tiles like that

I also hate that off white flooring tile, its walmart bathroom style. that stuff gets so disgusting with stains overtime

where lad? I must be blind to not see it
Also it's a wetherspoons lad, they are cheap pubs.

the only thing getting stained in the Templar toilets is SA

the square cut by the door has broken tile

oh lel I completely overlooked that, I was trying to find one with a crack in it

what tiler


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It's a drain cover, someone must've slammed it down.

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that's ten times better than the lads bog smh

Women's loos are like that, so many have excessive decor like that

Better than a tile fetish tbh

Tbh, having beautiful surroundings probably improves people's self-respect, so you feel like a man instead of a corporate drone. At the very least, beauty is definitely soothing.

So lads, are the McCanns connected to an elite paedophile ring?


what did you think of his dando one?

Tonnes of holes and leaps of logic/imagination. He's another bloody 'truth seeker' tbf. They all seem to lack genuine skepticism when it comes to their own narratives. Having said that, I assume that there was state collusion in her death and his theory (the nail bomber one) COULD be partially right (but his videos give basically no reason to think this is the case).

theyre hedging their bets on more tories defecting

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they probably just drugged up maddie so they could go to their sex party but miscalculated the dose tbh

Redpill me on elm guest house, lads. Is it still being investigated (/"investigated")?

*votes for Plaid instead*
Just kidding, I vote for fucking nobody instead.

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Is it possible that these defections are being (((directed))) in order to somehow fuck up brexit/votes on it? I mean are they intended - not to provide an opposition or even really to stand on a point (or series of points) - but to disrupt the parliamentary process, possibly force a general election, and ultimately bring about a sequence of events that will lead to brexit being cancelled?


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i think they think it can, imo though govt could issue no deal declaration and call a GE, shutting down parliament ensuring the process of leaving cannot be reversed as it will be legislated before the next govt

Maybe anyway. Don't memi this, lad.

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what's her number?

01628 450357

I can smell whelks

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Blueberry vape and coffee for lunch



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t. former terrorist

he licks everything clean

Mummy went to a baby meetup thing with my nephew and when she came back she noted how ugly the Lithuanian babies were. Such a raycis smh. Another case of relatively anti-racist normies being pretty uncouth

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I'll install it for you for £200

Whilst this post does not contain details of shemale sex, it's pretty fucking offensive for different reasons.

After meeting with 2 previous TS escorts (as reviewed in East England) I was in Northampton and fancied the hat trick.

I called Selina after reading his/her profile. Looks good in the photos I thought. So I called and heard a slightly more feminine voice than expected which I thought was a bonus, and in the photos I swear she looks like a friend of mine (female) who I would love to fuck.

Arranged a meeting, and was given her postcode - in a cul de sac of a newish estate not far from the city centre (10 min drive).

Arrived, knocked on the door and a voice called out to let myself in (s)he was nearly ready. Then she appeared at the top of the stairs, and said hullo. Selina appeared, and I was stunned to silence. Whilst it was definitely her in the pictures, they are as flattering as fuck. It was clearly a bloke with a wig dropped on top of his head. I managed to squeek out that I'd left the money in the car and had to step out to get it. I went to the car and scarpered as quick as I could.

So if any of you lads are seeking a TS girl in case they are all men in a wig, I would not recommend a visit.

i'll do it for free just need a £200 deposit first


I'll do it for £150

my autistic mate just found out his gf from yankland he met online is actually a fat gay man


anyone watching the antisemitism debate lads

he got catfished by your dad?

fucking slavs undercutting honest english labour


in the long run that's unironically less sad than being in an e-relationship with someone you've never met and never will meet

stick it in the hole

Bangladesh just told Sajid Javid to fuck right off with that, Begum is not Bangladeshi

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How's this for a fucking conundrum, her baby has 3 nationalities to choose from.

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Yeah slavic babies (and slavic adults too tbh) are a bit of a mixed bunch. Some of them are like Nazi Germany's classic ideal but most of them look pretty alien.

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