Stallman Going SJW on us?

From Stallman's personal website:
Stallman brings up various ways to solve the "genderless" issue. Using he/she doesn't quite cut it, since some people don't associate with either. Plus, it's "bureaucratic".
Here is my take on it. Use he or she depending on the person's sex, not gender. That solves almost all problems. There is only one problem. Which one do you use to refer to a hypothetical, imaginary person? Simple; use whichever. It's not a big deal... We are already doing it.

This article, along with other stuff on Stallman's personal website, makes me wonder if he is turning left, or whether he was always turned towards leftist politics. For example, he literally has a link towards an article about Bernie Sanders, and the link reads "Bernie Sanders for President". To be clear, that's not the article's title; that's just how Stallman named the link.. To be fair, there's another link titled "Support the Green Party". To wrap up, I respect Stallman, but I think articles dealing with pronouns is beneath him.

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Someone who eats shit from his feet is not a very sane person to begin with. Also unlike what Zig Forums and leftists think, people can have a mixture of "good" opinions and retarded opinions because the world isn't black and white where everything is either 100% good or 100% evil. His unwavering stance on software and technology is mostly good, but his stances on politics are shit every time I hear of them.

Anyway it would be helpful to have a neutral pronoun in cases where you don't know the sex of the person. Using "they" often causes confusion, and using he/she implies to other people that you know or think you know the person's sex and it's whatever you called them.

Just use he then. It's always was and always will be a sane default.


Try writing a story and using "he" for a mystery person who's meant to be female. The reveal and all of it's focus is going to unavoidably become "le omg she was actually a girl all along! XD bazinga" because you used the opposite pronoun for a long time. Use "they" and the reader will think there's more than 1 mystery people. This is a fundamental flaw in the english language and you're defending it because "lol it has been like this for a long time", it's like how Linuxfags defend stupid shit in Linux and are unwilling to compromise whatsoever even if they could keep doing the old thing just the same.

It's the same problem with the word "gender". Sexual intercourse and biological sex are completely different things that barely have anything to do with one another, so it makes perfect sense to use the word "gender" to refer to the latter and reserve "sex" for the former. Your "mental gender" isn't real anyway so it's obvious that the word when used would mean your biological "sex" and not what fantasies you have at night.

He's always been a socialist. He's just too autistic to really go full SJW, he's always going to piss off some tranny somewhere.

it's you who sounds like a SJW to me, OP

This is nothing new.
stallman is the type of person who rather then say no will immediently try and find some sort of compromise, where he believes both parties could be satisfied, the problem with this notion is that means he isn't technically "sjw" because sjws are literally all insane and will demand you say their perfered pronoun rather then something general.
So he's basically tryign to find an impass for those who will never accept such.

So, in a way he kinda is and kinda isn't in the most autistic way.
You saw the same thing with the Code of conduct debate, he at first was completely 100% against it, but like all things he doesn't shove it off, he then backed down into creating in some form his own CoC that he thought would solve the issue, his solution was to accept a CoC but make it more general and try to apease both sides.

Hell, even "gnu/linux" showed this type of mindset, rather then state that it's the GNU system he went straight to gnu/linux.

It's dirt, idiot and normal. What do you think people did before nail clippers? You're out of touch idiot.

That's what I'm beginning to understand.

That's not at all what I said, friend. It simply came as a surprise to me, because about 1-2 years ago there was no leftist politics mentioned on Stallman's website. At least I didn't see any. Regardless, I have no problem with Stallman being a leftist, just as I don't have a problem with anyone being whatever. Why would that make me a "Social Justice Warrior"? I'm anything but that.

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You got a link for that debate?

Back when Linux first added a CoCk anons were going ape shit over it.
One user sent stallman an email asking what he thought and his reply was something along the lines of not liking CoCs because they are restrictive by nature.
However, somewhere he decided to put up his own CoC called gnu Kind

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Got it. I didn't know, thanks.

he's had that sort of content for more than a decade
look at this article of his, for instance:

it's really unfair to call him anything close to SJW because of the article you mentioned. he's just high IQ and idealistic, and such people will tend to want equality among peers and individual freedom, and a broad definition of who their peers are. and the "genderless pronoun" matter as he presents it is a bona fide linguistics nerd issue.

I agree that he is smart, and that makes his articles even more odd. What's wrong with my solution - I don't claim to be the first to think of this - to the pronoun issues Stallman raises? Use he/she to refer to sex, and whichever you want for a hypothetical person. Like says, the idea of gender is pretty much man-made. So why over-complicate the issue when we can just dismiss it altogether? I was expecting Stallman's view on the issue to be similar with what I just described. That's why I was a bit shocked, and maybe disappointed, cause I generally regard him as a smart man.

Also, I will once more agree with . Stallman is not a SJW. He genuinely tries to find solutions, contrary to SJWs. Would you describe him as politically progressive or Liberal?

I meant to say >Also, I will once more agree with .

he cares about equality in a sense that is probably unappealing to shrieking SJWs, he doesn't care about corporations and states... he's pretty much the definition of a radical centrist.

Using "per" as a pronoun makes no sense grammatically because neither "he" nor "she" are syllables of "man" or "woman". Singular "they" and neutral "he" have centuries of precedence, so just use those when talking about a non-specific person. When talking about a specific person who does identifies with neither "he" nor "she", that's their problem, there is nothing but those two in human biology.

Nah, he's just half-Jewish. He got the memo that said to give bad advice to the goyim, but he did not get the other memo that said not to actually follow the advice he gives out.

Nice mental gymnastics there, fag. Singular they makes no sense grammatically.

It all makes sense now

now that you mention it, every single LISP advocate that I met IRL is a faggot
holy shit


negro please

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Why are you bringing Haskell into this?
Oh wait, you're cnile. You've probably forgotten what we were talking about.

He is the exact opposite of this. His stance on free software is completely uncompromising to the point where he will sperg out if you use the term "open source" in front of him or any other terms he dislikes (there's a whole list on somewhere). He even rejects the term "FOSS" or "FLOSS" as the middle ground for "free software" and "open source".
His issue with CoCs was that they are often worded in such a way that threatens to exclude people from a project if they break the "rules" and are used as a policing tool in general. So his take on CoCs was to create "communication guidelines" which is supposed to serve a similar purpose, but without having a CoC enforcement team whose job it is to ban anyone who "steps out of line".
>Hell, even "gnu/linux" showed this type of mindset, rather then state that it's the GNU system he went straight to gnu/linux.
As for the GNU/Linux thing, he wants the efforts of GNU project to be recognized to spread his ideas of free software. He knows calling the entire system "GNU" is retarded because linux is an integral part of the system that someone else developed and he doesn't want to take credit for other people's work (this is in contrast to the people who insist on calling the whole system "Linux" which doesn't credit the work of the GNU project).

He is turbo autistic about "freedom". He believes you should have the freedom to say racist shit; a view SJWs reject. He may have some leftist views which aligns with SJWs, but he really isn't one at all. And he definitely doesn't give a fuck about satisfying any parties.


Sorry, I mean linguistically. Stallman proposes "per" because it is the first syllable of "person", but "he" and "she" are not syllables of "man" and "woman".

Those are men. Sure, men with deformed genitals, but still men, nothing in-between.

LMAO, sure.. that's why this exists
Clearly he's a true blooded Zig Forumstard like you and me ;^) mein fellow racist.


Try to reading a post before replying to it next time.

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found the propriertary software shill

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OP confirmed glow in the dark CIA nigger.


Uhm.. actually... it's "free software" FOSS is something different completely.

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Vote Green in Australia.
Support the US Green Party.
Support the Citizens' Climate Lobby.
Please donate to the Free Software Foundation to support its work for your freedom.
"They" is plural — for singular antecedents, use singular gender-neutral pronouns.


be careful, he just discovered that he's not among national socialists after all. give him some space so he can deal with his feelings.

The GNU Project encourages socialism.

where does it promote gassing the kulaks?

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you know I'm right: the only people who care about dead ideologies are apologists of others dead ideologies

You are right about what? Me being a nazi? And that's based on an absurd hypothesis that
First off, SJW is not an ideology, it's a description of a person. Obviously that person has some ideologies, but SJW is not one of them. There is no "SJW-ism". Second, even if SJW was an ideology, it would certainly not be a dead one. It's alive and well over at twatter, whence you came. And finally, you pathetic excuse of a human being, why the fuck would a person be a nazi if he/she opposes SJWs? SJWs are despised by pretty much anyone who is not on the extreme Left.

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you're right, but leftism tends to be

That's it? That's the best you could do? I responded with 3 solid arguments, and that was the best you could come up with? You are pathetic. Don't call people nazis if you can't back it up, kid.

pretending I was talking about SJWs isn't an argument, it's wishful thinking at best and lack of reading comprehension capabilities at worst

Stallman is a non-practicing jew, that's still a jew.
You have to be wary of his jew nature and hope it doesn't apply to free software.


"Argument to moderation is an informal fallacy which asserts that the truth must be found as a compromise between two opposite positions."

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Also known as the dreaded compromise.
When a middle ground which satisfies neither side and has the disadvantages of both without the conclusions of either and ensures more conflict is to come is forced upon 2 conflicting parties.

Stallman is compromised. Just like with Linus.

Lol your ass is compromised. Linus is an open sore fag adding blobs to Linux. Introducing a CoC was actually a good idea, because he was just toxic. Stallman on the other hand have always been and will be protecting free software. He was a socialist all way long.

Yes, but until the cock he always kept his evil politics separate from free software. It's part of what made FOSS good: you could be a cum-guzzling commie, literally Hitler, anarchist or whatever the fuck, if your code was good it was used and if it wasn't it was ignored.

RMS is ultra based.
On the other hand, contributing to a program like Emacs takes real
skill. That is really something to be proud of.

Newfags don't even remember that RMS was in the picture. Now it's some mentally ill faggot whose only claim to fame are his inane ramblings that he livestreamed.

deal with it


GPLv3 should we worded like Mein Kampf IMHO
Other than that Stallman needs to get gassed so we can make way for ESR
t. Zig Forums

He is a fucking retard. He fucked up Fetchmail:
He couldn't figure out how to concatenate two strings in Rust:
He spergs out in public:
Zig Forums indeed

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So why didn't you do it?

t. Zig Forums


RMS trust the shit that he reads in papers.
If you want him to have more balanced opinions send him by email urls of blogs or papers.
He'll have a mitigated view of all this shit after some time.

No it wouldn't, languages are already complex.
If people are angry because you made a mistake it's their problem to control their own feelings.
If people intentionally misgender them then that person should take his courage and ignore such teasing.
Just stop trying to find half assed solutions when the problems comes from yourself, even when it's people who are trying to start shit.

That only works when the subjects nature can't change, a rock is a rock there's no middle to that, people on the other hand have a various spectrum of reasons for their choice (normally) and can change/evolve with time.
Your reasoning is fallacious.
Want example of people who are intelligent but absolute insane ?

t. /trannypol/

Agreed. That's why gendered pronouns should be removed from languages. They are actually fucking useless. Persons have names. Use those.

t. incel

That's why you give the mystery person a nickname. Much like how user is used. The problem has already been solved.

"that fucker" works too.
And Yes, Stallman is essentially encouraging something similar to the user thing.

9 out of 10 times the people he ripped a new one utterly deserved it.
And 9 out of 10 is even when I'm putting the numbers in your favor.

They're not useless, they convey information you retard. Also you'd break the languages by doing that. Even if it were official most people would speak it wrong because your abomination of a language is fucked. And some languages have gendered objects for example, there's no way to remove the gender from them. For languages with three genders (male, female and neutral) you could make everything neutral but it'd sound wrong to everyone. And in languages with two genders you'd have to make everything female, which would sound wrong as well. Go speak lojban if you want a synthetic language.

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cunt is a good pronoun

Done. By viewing this image you forsake all your rights btw.

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What's that shit? If Stallman did the same to UNIX, it wouldn't work at all. I meant with a real brush and paint. Drawing UNIX shell on a piece of paper isn't a working operating system dumbass.

All hail St. Ignucius

Yeah if stallman copied the fucking code from unix it wouldn't work at all. Yeah totally. Congrats on not even understanding Stallmans entire point.

What do I do to fix this learned momentary lapse of reason.

Install Gentoo and then kill yourself.

Zig Forums - Technology

RMS is technology

tbh it really should be:
Zig Forums - Software philosophy. because god knows no one actually talks about technology on thsi board

everyone knows politics of Free Software Foundation are somewhat uhh out of control, other than that its great organization

Stallman's been writing weird lefty shit on his blog since whenever. You can just safely ignore that type of stuff from him.

wtf is that video

This. It's the default in other languages like Spanish which have gendered nouns.

A painting was a bad example, especially in the information era. Software is different, because what you got is a nonfree binary and the source code is missing. So by looking at how a program works you must make the source code that'll do the same thing. That isn't easy at all. It's more like trying to build a car, without looking under the hood, while having basic mechanic knowledge. You see that it has wheels, drives, you can sit inside and drive it, but that's all.
I shouldn't explain it on Zig Forums, but guess you all are just LARPers not knowing even what they talk about, so you think copying is easy and make threads only about SJWs and CoCks.

lmfao you think GNU was a paper based reverse engineering of unix. Holy shit I haven't laughed this hard in years. Imagine being this delusional.

That's exactly what it was conceived as. Have you ever read Stallman's early Usenet posts on the GNU project?

Just because a cow is perfect at producing milk doesn't mean I'd consult or listen to its opinion on macroeconomic factors giving rise to the depression in the first quarter of the 20th century.
TL;DR A cow outside of its field has no use to me.

Next post better be you pretending to be a dumbfuck this entire time.

Did UNIX braindamage destroy your brain?

Batshit insane autistic shitposter / shiteater detected

This is pure cringe. In nearly all (or all; I just don't know) European languages an unkown person is "he".
No sexual intercourse clearly defined is putting your dick into a vagina faggot.
Law is a different matter and twist many words, so don't quote it.
You forgot to clean the shit of your dick btw.

Stallman is a fat kike who never did anything for Zig Forums but eat the shit from his toes.

Lol, what a LARPer. He did more than you without even programming, but I highly doubt you can do anything at all.
Watch out! The joos are behind you! Fast, press Alt+F4 to evacuate, but remember to update your Windows 10 first!


emacs, gcc, gdb, etc... He doesn't do much coding now, but his contributions are undeniable user, even though he's a fat autistic kike.

Haskell, or rather Judaism: The Programming Language.

Proof that if a shitty, unoriginal language is written by, named after or heavily uses cultural references to The Chosen Ones, then a small contingent of the internet will always pretend it's good.

Haskell Curry wasn't a Jew. Cabal stands for Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries. The word "cabal" did originate ultimately from Kabbalah, but it went through Latin and French before arriving in Englilsh, where it has not had any particular Jewish connotation for several hundred years. At any rate, Cabal is not Haskell, or even GHC. It's a package manager for GHC, an implementation of Haskell. CLISP does, indeed, display the kike candles when you start its REPL. CLISP is an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp, but is not, itself, ANSI Common Lisp. Consider suicide.

Counterpoint: Having an identity and caring about it being recognized is the cancer killing the internet (and real life). We don't need identities. It doesn't matter if someone who can't see you calls you by the wrong pronoun. Your opinion has no additional weight based on that. Sure, it would be easy if English had a neutral pronoun, but it really doesn't. "They" is the closest and it only works under some contexts... and that's ignoring that it's grammatically incorrect to use it as a singular pronoun.

Stallman generally has some wisdom in what he says, but he tends to get off-track musing about non-tech issues. He doesn't like having to worry about bureucracy and people crying because "muh pronouns". It's a pain. He's not saying pronouns matter, he's saying they don't and there should be an easier way to avoid the issue entirely.

Personally, I think the best solution is just to acknowledge that "he" is more gender-neutral and even in Latin languages the masculine form is the default if there is any ambiguity or within mixed groups. It's only SJWs who sperg when their preferred snowflake pronouns for each of the imaginary friends in their heads get used wrong or not at all. Some women are particular about being addressed as such but that's when you remind them that there are no girls on the internet.

CLISP is not the default REPL, it's just one of many implementations. The name stands for C Lisp, as in "A lisp implemented in C". Use SBCL, it's better in every way anyway.

Correct, the problem is that his type of solution is just giving more legitimacy to the problem. The proper way to deal with genderfaggots is to just ban them when they start making trouble, but if you did that they will call a witchhunt on your ass. It doesn't matter that they are 0.000001% of the "online community" (or whatever you want to call it), if that 0.000001% organizes through social media and starts calling your employer every few minutes you'll be out of your job in less than a day.